Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Im the man!

So i just finished an 2 hour presentation on the new website that I am creating for my work. I have been working on it for a couple of months and considering that when I started I had no idea how to use dreamweaver php or html I think it has turned out great.

The presentation went really well. All the bosses and managers were incredibly impressed with what I had been able to do overall. There is really nothing better then some positive feedback from people you respect.

Save Invasion!

Ok so I like Invasion. Yes its true. Granted it isn't the global mindfuck that is Lost (what is up with the statue with 4 toes!!?!??!) but you know it really did have a great way of pulling out twists that you never saw coming. Part of the reason it was so enjoyable is because it would play along with the usual formulaic si-fi story telling and then out of the blue you would get bitch slapped by an emotional cliffhanger that came out of nowhere. Nothing shows this better than the finale. Originally I was irked that the huge build up to the second hurricane ended in a pretty lame gunfight, then WHAM Larkin gets shot and then possibly turned into a hybrid by the sheriff in order to save her and her unborn child's life. It came out of nowhere and didn't really have anything to do with the big action story that was going on around them.

You may have noticed that I am speaking of Invasion in the past tense. Well that is because the brilliant minds at ABC have decided not to renew it for a second season. This is a show that would have benefited greatly form DVD sales of season 1 over the summer which would have

So please check out this link and help save what could have been a great Si-Fi show. Don't do it just for me though, the show also stared two great Canadian actors Kari Matchett whom I have loved since she played a bitchy control freak in power play, and one of my big boy crushes Tyler Labine (pictured below).
My GOD isn't he dreamy. I have had a major crush on this stud since I saw him years ago on breaker high (yes I am aware of the fact that I just admitted I watched breaker high and I have instantly pissed on whatever coolness credibility I have ever had but you know what he was hot and it was worth it). He's super talented and funny so I'm not worried at all I am certain we will be seeing him in something new soon (preferably naked).

Monday, May 29, 2006

An Open Letter to: Brett Ratner

So it’s time for round 2 of the open letter series. This week's instalment will be dedicated to Brett Ratner director of X-men: the last stand a.k.a. X3. I was really looking forward to this movie more so than any other in the last two years as such the inner geek in me has to say something.

Mr. Ratner,

Now first of I would like to say that I enjoyed your movie rush hour starring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. For this reason I stayed out of the "Ratner is going to ruin the x-men" club. I figured you deserved the opportunity to prove yourself. After seeing the trailer for X3 I admit I was so excited, it gave me Goosebumps and admittedly a bit of a chubby. It looked to me like you had a grip on what made the X-men so awesome. The flashes of the scene where Angel was about to take the mutation cure was boner worthy all on its’ own. It was emotional, griping and really got to the core of what the x-men were all about (being proud of being different).

Then there’s the actual movie that I witnessed on Saturday. First of all I would like to say that your direction of this movie showed the same level of subtlety as Chris Tucker's comedy: Straightforward, painful and loud. Where do I start on hating what was done with this movie? Was it the awful characterization of pretty much every person in the movie (the worst being the semi psychotic proffessor x)? The hamfisted dialog that sounded like George Lucas wrote it? Was it the abandonment of the human drama that made you give a fuck about anything these characters did (remember the scene in X2 where Bobby "comes out" to his family)? How about the introduction and abandonment of characters like they were nothing more than plot devices, Juggernaught, Arclight, random spiky guy and worst of all Angel. He had the potential to be the heart and soul of this film just like Rogue was in the first film. Never mind the fact (spoiler alert move down to next paragraph) you didn’t include what could have been the most touching part of the film with her actually taking the vial).

When a character dies we all should feel something about them. Not a single death in this film affected me at all. By the time people died I couldn't have cared less about them. They were not the people from the first two films just some sort of cartoony beings prancing around in leather getting mad at each other for no reason.

Granted you had some cool action scenes and actually made Kitty Pride seem like an offensive threat. Any moron with a computer and some money can do cool action like that (this means you George Lucas). I am certain it was not entirely your fault; the script writers, actors and even Brian Singer (for abandoning this movie for the craptacular looking superman) all should share some of the blame.

So Brett I implore you to stick to the vapid, obvious comedies they are much more you forte. Leave what should be human drama to those people with some sort of understanding of it (Joss Whedon comes to mind). I look forward to your next rush hour movie.


In other news:
I had an awsome weekend. Friday was Tim's going away Kegger party at his place. I did my first second and third kegstands ever! Apparenlty I have a talent for drinking fluid upside down (pics to come soom). Saturday was a write off due to the oilers game and everyone being really hungover. But the Oilers won and are now on the way to the stanley cup!!!! GO OILERS

Friday, May 26, 2006

Mmmmm Mixed Nuts

So Tuesday I am desperately fighting through traffic to get home in time to pick up my jersey and make it to the pub to get decent seats for to watch the oilers game. Traffic is bumper to bumper on the highway and everyone is in a rush for the same reason I am.

So as I am driving with my new speakers pumping the great mash up of daftpunk and Queen "Another one bites the dust and da phunk" (Side note: I am now officially one of those douche bag drivers with a car stereo that goes "thump thump". The funny thing being I don’t even really like my music loud and have no need for such penis extensions as subwoofers and tweeters.) As I am driving about to hit the cloverleaf that lets you merge off of baseline onto highway 16 this dark blob drifts in front of my face. I pull my head back only to see the biggest effin spider dangling mere inches from my face. Discarding what little semblance of being butch that I had, in my surprised state I almost swerved off the road. I flailed at my arachnid assailant like an 8 year old girl throwing a temper tantrum.

I think I hit it on my first swat towards my open window; however I couldn't be certain that it actually went out the window. I was almost certain that it was still in the car and still possibly on me so for the next 20 min every sensation on my body caused a minor freak out. It was a stressful ride home.

In other Aaron related news, the oilers playoff run is killing my body. I have been out almost every second night since the run began. Eating greasy bar food and drinking pints all the time. I think I have gained like 1o pounds in the last month additionally I feel really gross. We better win this cup soon or imma gonna need new pants.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

An Open letter

So I have decided to include a weekly item in this blog. Every Monday I will write an open letter to someone or something. I have never done a weekly "collum/post before so I am thinking we will have to see how it turns out. If all else fails I will just start posting close up shots of penises that I have come across on the net (if that isn’t classy I don’t know what is).

Now today’s letter was originally intended to be to Steve Staios and Jaroslav Spacek of the Edmonton Oilers. Since they haven’t been as horrifically shitty lately I am sparing them from my rapier like wit and disjointed prose . While watching the Oilers game on Sunday at Overtime, a great little sports bar downtown my other brain (you know that resides near the “no no spot”) got to thinking. There was a rediculously hot dj working the booth there. This letter is for him.

To the DJ at Overtime on Sunday:

Ok you sexy piece of manhunkery, I think you’re adorable. I always said that I don’t really have a type but thats all forgoten now mister because you are it. 6’2, 210 with a 100 watt smile, a killer goatee in a backwards ball cap and a Chris Pronger jersey.

How dare you distract me so blatantly from my beloved Oilers. Instead of noticing how Steve Staois couldn’t hit the net if his life depended on it, I was thinking about clever ways to introduce myself to you and maybe get your number. Of course that would be dependent on you being at least curious about dick and single… oh ya and me not being a total coward. I mean statistically speaking there are a lot of gay DJs around and you didn’t seem to be checking out the skanky girls that seem to proliferate where ever hockey/hockey-boys can be found.

This all wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t have such impeccable taste in music. The Bravery!! Scissor sisters!! What are you trying to do, drive me wild with lust? Hey isn’t it just gay DJ’s that play scissor sisters? This boy can only hope.

So after spending two hours trying to devise a scheme to chat you up, and imagining how we would live happily ever after in a trendy downtown condo where you could spin your tunes for our oh so trendy friends, your buddy shows up. Now I am not sure if he was just your friend, lover or some random dude but seriously stud you could do better, namely me being the better thing you should be doing. I mean I am certain he is a nice guy and all but seriously wouldn’t you have rather been talking to the cute boy at the table to the right, who was endearingly making everyone at his table laugh uproariously at his romantic ineptitude?

Alas I am betting you didn’t even notice. You seemed to be too into the game. Damn you like hockey too! Maybe we will get the chance to talk about it next time I am there.


The Cute short boy in the Oilers 3rd jersey at table 12.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Roadtrip.... Cancelled :(

So its official I will not be going to Jasper for the long weekend. This is like the third time that a roadtrip has been cancelled due to people pulling out at the last minute. Not only is pulling out at the last minute an ineffective method of birth control its also a really shitty way to keep friends grrrrrrrrrrr. Not too impressed right now.

On the plus side that means I can watch the game tonight. I know Ron won a limo package for rum jungle but I have waited 16 years to see the oilers get this far in the playoffs so I will likely be chilling with the parkies tonight. Plus my folks are gone so I can finally have some space to myself its going to be nice to be able to take a shower without rushing. Lately with 5 people in the house and one shower we have needed like an air traffic controller organizing everyone in and out.

On the subject of hockey, why is it that every player with a playoff beard suddenly went and got all sexy? Even previously fugly ugos (pronouced "ugh" like the sound your soul makes when you see Lindsay Lohan on TV bitching about how hard done by she is, UGH with an O's attached to it ) are now all of a sudden regulation hotties. Something about a reddish beard that drives this boy wild all of a sudden.

Additionaly my tummy hurts. As a public health warning please do not eat 5 day old BBQ, apparently its really really not worth it.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

New Nelly Furtado

So one of my fav Canadian artists Nelly Furtado has a new CD coming out called loose. Its billed as a R&B departure for the spunky canuck (coincidently spunky canuck is like the best gay Canadian superhero sidekick name ever! Too bad Alpha flight was canceled).

The first single promiscuous is already out in North America but what really got my ample booty shakin is the first euro single "maneater" check out the video here. The audio isn't great but those of you more technically inclined can easily torrent/download both new singles on .

If you download the songs buy her CD she's uber talented and deserves it!

Check out my old blog here

Ok I figure I should put up an obvious link to my old blog. I am updating it currently with the posts I do here partially because of the fact that I have had it forever and it breaks my heart to see it slip away. I have however had to face reality and see that tripod's blogging system is archaic and there is no community there, which is why I am testing out Blogger and LJ.

Also here are some recent pics of me so you all can figure out what I look like as I type (exciting isn't it!). If you want to find out more about me check out my homepage I built it myself in flash so please be kind.

Old blog:

Recent Pics from my trip to Punta Cana in the dominican republic:

This last one is a perfect example of what happens when an albertan goes to a tropical location in February. I am sooooooooo burnt here however I am overjoyed (clearly) just to have seen the sun!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Riots on Whyte ave? I think not.

Had a hella busy weekend. Partied like I was 18 on Friday for Erin and Allison's birthday party. We hung out at o'byrns this great pub on whyte ave. The oilers/san Jose game was on on Friday as well. So of course by 6'O'Clock all of whyte ave was packed. I walked into O'byrns and was shocked because it wasn't so bad. Strutting through the first half of the bar I couldn’t believe my luck, there were spots everywhere. But then I noticed something was not right. Looking around I realized there were no TV's that’s why it was so empty. Frantically I made my way to the rear desperately searching for the hockey game. As I approached the secondary bar area in the back (which is about 1/4 the size of the rest of the bar) I was greeted by a throng of people. Everyone was crammed into the back half watching the game on this 30 inch TV. Needless to say that it was totally packed in the back end. Hmmm totally packed in the back end sounds like a dirty gay song. Luckily as my hobbit like form easily slipped through the inebriated throng I found Erin and Jorge had reserved a huge table in the back for us wooo me! We shared the table of course met some interesting folk (with even more interesting moustaches) from buffalo.

Now you may have heard reports about rioting on whyte ave after the oilers won (woooo oilers btw). I walked up and down that street and while it was packed with joyous drunken revelry (and about a billion hot cops mmmmmmmm something about a man in uniform) there was no riot atmosphere. Everyone was so happy and friendly even the cops were smiling and in good moods (which is exceedingly rare on whyte).

Yes 2 guys got stabbed just off whyte that night. When you think about it though considering there was over 10 thousand people in the streets and those were the only injuries its amazing how controlled the crowd was. Now don’t get me wrong there was some stupididity but in any crowd you are going to get a couple of meathead douchebags who want to do something stupid. Given how those retards are usually on whyte ave anyway on a Friday night I am amazed that there wasn't anything worse than two possible gangbangers poking each other with sharp things.

The media portrayal of whyte after the game was totally blown out of proportion, please do not believe anything you heard from the news media it was 90% sensationalist trash. I was there I know.

Saturday I went to the roost with Vanessa for her birthday. It was her first time there and she seemed to have fun. I had an OK time. Apparently tho boys don't hit on me because I put off a "vibe" (so says Vanessa and Ev) which is true and which I'm OK with because when I go to the bar I don't go to pick up, I go to dance and have fun. I must admit however the vain little bastard in me would love to have a drink bought for him just once by a guy who was interested, hell I would settle for a wink or you know a vigorous gangbang in the bathroom.... well maybe not the last one.

Is there a school I can go to learn how to bar flirt? Even if there was I bet the bathrooms there would be filthy!