Thursday, June 29, 2006

PRIDE 2006 photos

Chelsea my amazing best friend before the parade.

By FAR the cutest pride float in the parade. You almost couldn't see the poor things legs move he was walking so fast!

After seeing these guys my inner Baba (and every Ukrainian boy has one) wanted to take them home and feed them pizza pyrogies and chicken in cream till they put a couple of pounds on. I'm surprised the wind didn't blow them and their size 22 jeans away!

Here is Chels moments after breaking her deep cover in gay land by taking a condom. The Lesbian that was handing them out had this sad look of dejection when Chels reached for one, signaling that she doesn't play for the team in pink.

Us marching in the parade, oh if only our mothers could see us now (I would probably shat myself right then and there if that happened).

If your wondering what I'm looking at like that scroll down a bit.

holy DINAH that was the scariest drag queen ever. It takes a special man who dresses like a woman to pull off the chest stubble and bar fight attitude soo daintily. I know I wouldn't want to piss her off.

Final one of me mugging for the camera in front of the beer gardens.

Happenings and Fat

Well lots has been going down lately. Work has been pretty intense, I am getting tired of working for people that have no sense of design. I made a really cool brochure last week exactly the specifications I was given. The douchebag sales guy who requested the brochure and was the one that gave me the specs told me that the layout wasn't what he wanted (even though it was exactly what he asked for). I started from scratch, it looks good however I am missing the creative fufillment that comes with creating something that has real artistic merit. I think I'm going to start working again on the site.

I have been condo shopping haven't found a place to call home yet, and I am still not sure if I could afford it. I would love to buy my Baba's place from her, as she is considering moving to a seniors condo. It would be great living in the house that my Gido built plus I would be saving it from goddamn developers that a tearing down all the cute little bungalows in her area.

I am officially the heaviest I have ever been in my life at 163 pounds. I need to do something about this gut of mine before it starts adversely affecting my health. You know what the real kick in the pants is that everyone is asking me if I'm working out or telling me I look great. Can they not see the fact that my tummy is beginning to block my view of my feet. I guess that is what happens when you hang around with bears and cubs (not that I really mind).

Ryan is officially going to be coming to the uni in the fall! It is going to be nice to have some new blood there considering how many of my friends graduated in the spring.

I may have a big announcement coming on Monday but I do not want to jinx anything. Also I am going to be posting a ton of pics tonight from pride and some other parties.

Monday, June 26, 2006

An open letter to my alarm clock,

So you really have to stop allowing me to sleep in. I know my work has relaxed rules about the times people have to come in, but 2 hours late!?!? Come on we both know you can do a better job than that. Yes I know I bought you for 4 dollars at a garage sale and yes I know your from 1970 but being old and barely working is hardly an excuse to not do your job. The 80 year old lady at McDonalds doesn't use it as an excuse so why should you and she is ancient! You smarten up and stop making me look bad.


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Stuff to make you shake yur asses!

So I am going to switch gears from my Edmonton city police bashing and move to a happier subject. I have finally listened to M.I.A.'s CD Arular. I was surprised at how good it was. Had some great beats that made me want to shake my ass. I had a pretty high expectations after hearing the mashup of her and Madonna, which in my opinion is probably the best Madonna song ever and one of my favorite songs of the last few years (not that I'm even a Madonna fan, I can barely tolerate her ususally, which says a lot about this songs awesomeness). You can DL the mashup here. It may take a few tries.

Additionally Nelly Furtado's CD Loose came out this week. The CD was a lot of fun! I still stand by the fact that "maneater" is still the standout track (and my new anthem, seriously I humm it to myself as I walk, how sad is that) and will be thee dance song of the summer. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't a song with the emotional impact that "try" had from her Folklore CD. All in all a good effort however.

Now go out in the world and shake yur groove thangs.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

If you don't like it here you can go to stanlinist Russia! The cops are probably nicer there than the Edmonton City Police..

So more news reports are coming out about the human rights violations perpetrated by the Edmonton City Police Services (EPS) on whyte avenue on Saturday. Here are some articles from the Edmonton Journal on the subject. So far a couple of people have come forward with claims of rights violations, One being a 50 year old man from BC who was on whyte avenue with his 15 year old niece. Realizing the Ave was no place for his niece to be he quickly crossed to road with her to their car where he was promptly beaten (yes you heard me correctly the beat up a 50 year old man) and arrested by officers. Incidentally they left the 15 year old girl to fend for herself in the throng of thousands with no way home even after being requested for help. That's similar to their treatment of a 17 year old they took into custody (along with 400 others) for jumping over a trash can. Early in the morning they let him go after keeping him in a holding cell downtown and separating him from his older escorts who had taken him to the avenue. So there was this 17 year old stuck downtown at like 5 am in the morning with no way to contact anyone to pick him up.

The last story I read yesterday in the journal is the one that bothers me the most however. Apparently a lawyer was on whyte Ave taking photos of what was happening. A female officer took offense to his photo taking and proceeded to taser him after he did not comply to stop taking photos and giver her the film. She then proceeded to threaten to send him to an insane asylum for an assessment. I can't even begin to state what a horrific abuse of power this was where do you even begin? The assault? The threats? What makes it scary however is that I have an acquaintance who had a similar thing happen to them on whyte. They were not even sure why but a cop came up to them (this was sometime last year I believe) and told them to delete the images on the camera or he would be forced to take it and arrest them.

What I guess all this says to me is the Culture of entitlement that exists within the Edmonton police service has been a problem for a long long time. Not only has it been a persistent feature of many officers attitudes but it seems to be degrading into random disregard for the public they are here to protect. Those of us in certain age groups, and ethnicities have felt the heavy (and seemingly random) hand of the EPS brand of justice pretty much every time we go out. Now finally with some photographic evidence the questionable behavior of the EPS is it starting to rear its ugly head to the parts of the population that do not see them on a regular basis. Those people who have been affected by this have always been in a place of weakness. You can not fight the cops, you can not disagree with them. What's an 18 year old going to be able to say or do to protect themselves from a corrupt police force. It is my hope that all of those detained but not charged join up for there is strength in numbers like that and do something that will enact some change in the EPS (because we can clearly see that a new police chief and a new mayor have not be able to do so).

Hurray for class action lawsuits?

Shouldn't I be more worried about getting punched in the head by a random drunk at the bar then by being punched in the head randomly by an Officer... You know just a thought.

You know I have a great idea. Why don't we send the tapes that EPS keeps from the cameras that are all along Whyte Ave and send them to an independent tribunal. The videos were intended to catch hooliganism assaults and other crimes. I this case I think those tapes would come in handy for a review of what is really happening on Wyte.

Monday, June 19, 2006

An open letter to Stephen Mandel (Edmonton's Mayor)

Mr. Mandel,

I have never been more disappointed in you after reading your comments in the paper about the horrific actions of the Edmonton city police force over the weekend. What that office did was wrong and you try and justify it by saying it was an isolated incident. You ignorant fool. This happened to be the only incident captured on film but I assure you hundreds more were occurring that night. The disgusting human rights violations occurring right under your nose are not just a product of isolated incidents and crowd control issues.

For a long time the Edmonton city police have felt that they were somehow entitled to step beyond the areas of there mandate. This was happening before that officer beat up that poor defenseless woman and long before the overtime scandal. To justify there actions by saying they work hard and long hours with people yelling at them all the time is ludicrous. While it may not have been part of the recruitment brochure all of those things are inherently part of the job of being a police officer. We as a community have given them the power to protect us. As the old adage goes with this power comes great responsibility.

That very same day that this all occurred I saw you grand Marshall our pride parade. Pride to me was all about standing up for your rights and not letting anyone take away what is inherently ours. By siding with the police in this situation and not the community that elected you indicates that you are far more concerned with spinning this situation appropriately rather than get to the root of the problem.

The Edmonton city police have a a lot of issues. The new chief was supposed to be addressing them. I think he is missing part of the problem here. It seems to me to be a problem with the basic culture prevalent within the force. We have to move away from the entitlement and more towards a community policing plan, where the officers that we have are there to ensure our rights are being upheld not the EPS's marketing departments.

I expected more from you and from EPS. Tonight after the oilers game remember who voted you in and what your responsibilities are.


Monday, June 12, 2006

Weekends in leather...

Had a great weekend! It is nice being social and actually getting out of the house. With so many people gone to Europe and Calgary I was getting worried that my social life was going to whither away. I met up with Blake on Saturday and we went to the kink market in old strathcona. The kink market is part of MEL the mister Edmonton leather contest. I was kind of hoping for a cornucopia of kinky stuff but there were only a couple of booths. I really wanted tot get a harness but there was only one there and it wasn't my kinky style. Blake was a little worried at first but we met some nice people and he managed to pick something up that he really liked. I myself got a leather jock to make up for my lack of harness action.

We then meandered around whyte Ave looking for a place to eat. Settled on Julios Barrio which was delicious and I got to pop Blake's Bulldog cherry (sounds much more scandalous than it is, Bulldogs are a unique and tasty drink that julio's serves).

After that we meandered around a bit more. It was really strange I kept running into random people I knew (made me look like mister popular tho arn't I a stud). Got a bunch of people to come down to the Billiard club for the hockey game. We had awful seats but the oilers totally won!

Whyte Ave wasn't all that bad very tame compared to last time I was there. Blake and I made our way to Boots bar where the MEL party was going to start. Now I have never been to anything that could even be remotely considered a kinky/leather event so I had no idea what to expect. It was much more fun than I thought it was going to be. The stripper was hilariously bad but there were a ton of hotties in leather (made me even more jealous that I didn't have a harness). Blake who had never been to a gay bar before was in heaven, I thought for a while there he was just going to go start humping some random bare asses.

All in all it was a very "educational" night.

Friday, June 09, 2006

So I totally missed the Gooch bus

Ok this is one of the first signs of my apparent decent into uncoolness. I was talking with my brother his girlfriend and a bunch of their friends. During a random conversation the word "gooch" came up. Perplexed and mystified by this word I was forced to ask.

What the hell is a gooch. This led to the obligatory laughs an mocking that comes when a single person in a group of people doesn't know something that everyone else does. The little squishy shits didn't even tell me what it meant. I had to look it up on the urban dictionary site.

Now my main concern is how did I not know about this? How did I miss this? Vanessa my brother's girlfriend was shocked that I could know so much about fucked up sex stuff and not know something simple like gooch. Now I'm thinking that its a generational thing (I hope). We called it the taint or chode but never the gooch which sounds more like something that belongs in a ridiculously obese woman's groin area than between the balls and ass.

Bah stupid kids and there silly words for taint.... And damn there loud rap music too! *continues mubling like an octogenarian the day before pension day.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Well that's just poor brand management

So driving to work this morning I pulled up beside a silhouette. Now the name conjures up images of a sleek sexy sports car or a lithe two door touring machine with chrome and a sunroof so that you can get a sunburn on your midlife crisis bald spot. But no unfortunately the silhouette is a hulking behemoth of a minivan. Who was the genius that thought that Silhouette was a good name for a van like come on people show some sense.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


So on Monday I walk out the door of my house in the middle of suburbia hell to find this on my doorstep.

It was really cool we kinda shared a moment. Had such wonderful and intelligent eyes. I am so glad I carry my cam with me or I would have missed it.

To my Oilers who lost again tonight do not worry! Change is coming!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Does anyone else find it incredibly difficult to get up after a huge oilers loss like last night's? Strange things are happening I went to the Roost to watch the oilers game with Josh and David. I was hoping that the game would bring out a bunch of cute masculine gay guys. In truth all it seems to attract is masculine lesbians. While they may be muscular and hairy and all, pussy you know its just not my thang.

To make matters worse one of the guys that works at the roost started to like mack on me hard core. The problem being that he is like 50 and I think he may either have a history of drug abuse or recently had a stroke or something because we couldn't understand the poor guy. He gave us dead roses and gave me a second place badge (for what? No one seems to know).... Gee thanks don't I feel effin special now.

Its back to Oscar's pub for the oilers games for me now.

So David says that I type to much and the my open letters are too long. Is he just lazy or should I just write less? hmmmmm

Monday, June 05, 2006

An open letter to the Edmonton City Police

Dear Officers,

On the eve of the Stanley cup final I am here to ask you to do a few things. Please ignore the fear mongering occurring in the national media about the Edmonton riots.

I have taken enough classes in sociology and psychology to know that in situations such as the one that is routinely occurring on Whyte ave (aka the oil slick) after the oilers win, are very dangerous. Please go in there with level heads and a stern resolve. Remember this if you go in expecting a fight then one will likely break out.

Police aggression is an important factor in mob aggression levels. This is not to say that the mobs themselves are not responsible at least partially for what goes on just remember a firm hand and a closed fist are two very different ways of going about things.

Cooler heads will always prevail.