Friday, July 28, 2006

And the phones are silent finally

So the week from hell seems to be over, the tech support issues seem sorted out. I am happy to report that I don't totally blow at my job (surpassingly). The phones have stopped ringing. Silence has never been soo good.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hot hot heat , more like Wet wet cold but still amazingly awesome

So I had quite the adventure yesterday. After work I meandered downtown to Churchill square for the taste of Edmonton festival. It is where a whole bunch of Edmonton restaurants get together and provide small dishes. Had tandori chicken (awesome) teriaki chicken (horrible) Maki sushi (awesome) and 2 helping of green tea ice-cream (orgasmic).

Met up there with this wonderfully lass to prep for our concert:

This is Evelyn my future trophy wife and fellow indie/live music lover. Isn't she adorable!

We made our way to the Capital EX (formerly known as klondike days) for Ed Fest. We had tickets to see the Marble index, Controller.Controller and most importantly HOT HOT HEAT.

Pic of the Ed Fest stage

The first band the Marble Index was ok they need a few more songs the best part of the whole set was the eye candy that was there drummer pictured below mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

This is a pic of me and Ev just before controller.controller came on and it started to rain.
So C.C played a really solid set. This was the second time I have seen them, the First was in a very small venue with very bad acoustics. They rocked the cold wet crowd and nailed pretty much every song. The highlight for me was history and blackout. They did great but were lacking a the stage presence that they need to be a headliner (but they are getting there). Maybe next year and next record!

While it may appear to be a classic rock god pose, the guitarist is actually looking up at the rain falling down on him.

This is what two university students come up with when they are cold and wet. It really started pissing about 3/4 of the way through C.C.

This is a cool time lapse pic of the stage. You can see the rain pouring down in it pretty well.

Hot hot heat came out just as it was beginning to come down really hard. There is no question as to why these guys were the headliner. They came out said fuck the rain lets rock. For the next hour and 20 min we rocked out with our cocks out (figuratively of course) in the downpour. It really was a love fest. I really do admire them for playing in such conditions, They could have been electrocuted with the huge puddles of water that the crew was constantly wiping off the stage.

The set itself was great (however I could have used a few more of there earlier songs). As a thank you to the crowd who by this time had weathered 4 hours of rain and numbingly cold wind, they played three songs from there upcoming CD. The songs were a huge hit and it sounds like they are going back to a louder heavier sound. By the first three songs the next CD is gonna blow people away.

Check out the pics below that weren't ruined by lighting my cold shivering hand or water.

Wet wet cold!

My fav two pics of the night.

Next up peaches on the 11th.

Hey there is a lady in the water

So on Saturday I went to see lady in the water with Chels and Eoin. Chels is a huge puss when it comes to anything scary, in fact M. Night's signs may have ruined her from scary movies forever. So with a little subterfuge and some misdirection Eoin and I managed to corral her into the theater to watch his newest thriller.

I really did enjoy the movie. Paul Giamatti was amazing as usual. The thriller scenes were great, few people can make the inane banalities of life, like a sprinkler system, cause tremors of fear like M. Night Shyamalan.

Some of the writing was a little hamfisted and some of the secondary actors were more grating than they should have been. I think part of the problem is that M. Night knows he is talented and because of that he gets lazy or lost in his grand concept and forgets about implementation. Overall tho it was great and I can honestly say that it was unlike any of his previous movies and unlike anything you will see this summer.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

OMG Lance Bass is gay. Umm you just found out?

Is anyone surprised really? I saw pics of him cavorting with his reality star bf a while back however there had been hints from the beginning of his stardom of his poleriding tendencies. What bothers me is that he felt that he couldn't come out while he was a multi-platinum pop star because he was worried it would ruin the bands career. Why should it matter? He should have been judged on his talent (perhaps not the best measure for him LOL) not on what he sticks his dick in or who sticks one in him ( I am totally betting he is a bottom tho).

On the plus side I feel even more justified for calling N'sync gay for so many years. I knew my gaydar couldn't have been that far off. Yay me and yay Lance Bass for finally putting himself in a position where he can be happy and show the world. Now if only I could do the same.

Stupid Closet
grumble grumble

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Fate, Rolling Blackouts and tech support

So I am a little pissed off. Work has been hell my phone won't stop ringing. There is something wrong with the way one location connects to our server. The information dies at the residential gateway for shawcable our ISP. Shaw says it isn't there problem yet it started when they updated our IP address hmmmmmm. I feel like a detective in a film noir, hot on the trail of a suspect but finding nothing but dead ends. Except in this noir there is no hottie in need of my protection with a mysterious past and I don't smoke or carry a gun or own a trenchcoat for that matter, so I guess it is not really like a film noir, well except for the first part of course. Ahhh tech support is never exciting no matter how hard I try and spin it.

Yesterday we had a huge power blackout at about 4 pm. The whole block was affected so everyone in our office tower went down to the parkade to go home early (or so we thought). So I get down to the first floor of the parkade to find that cars are already lined up idling, not a good sign. I meandered up to the parkade door to find the lone security guy trying to lift it all on his own. Now the security guy is like 5 foot and I am a ginormous 5'4 (I got called a "pocket gay" about 2 weeks ago much to my dismay so that gives you an idea of the scale that I exist on).

So we quickly realize that there is an emergency release cord for the door. Of course it is at the top of the track and far out of our hobbits like arms. So we both take turns trying to jump for it for a while till this 6'7 giant walks up behind us blocking the light from the lone flashlight with his massive frame. He reaches up and grasps the chain and tugs on it to no avail.

This goes on for about 5 min as the fumes from the idling cars begin to build up in our enclosed parkade. After about a half hour longer they managed to remove the support arm that holds the release mechanism totally by beating the hell out of the bolts that hold it. I thought to myself what would have happened if there had been a fire . There we would have been in the dark, packed like sardines, high on exhaust fumes desperately trying to get out. So much for there being an emergency release lever.

So I have come to the conclusion that unexpected blackouts are not so fun. Nevermind trying to get out of downtown during rush hour with all the intersection lights being out.

On unrelated matters; it appears that this geography issues between Scott and I are much bigger than I had initially anticipated. Basically the only thing for either of us in the opposite city is eachother. It is funny how I finally meet the guy of my dreams and he ends up living in a place I never want to go. Damn you fate! Why couldn't you make him fall in love with Edmonton too! It is not fair sometimes the way things work out.

I am still confidant that we will be able to make things work somehow, I just think we both have to consider what we are willing to sacrifice. The last thing I want is him being unhappy here and resenting me and vice versa. Only time will tell I guess.

Friday, July 21, 2006

My adventures in the closet part 2

Well I had a really shitty day at work yesterday (and today is not turning out much better). I get home exhausted really just wanting a combination of the 3 B's (beer, backrub and a blowjob). I get home and sit down to dinner with my folks and brother and my beer. My dad starts rambling about his crazy biking buddy Leo.

As he is chatting away he brings up that Leo has a daughter named Erin that is 24. He narrows his eyes and looks at me and starts telling us how she just got back from Australia and how much fun she supposedly is.

Now I beginning to get an inkling about where this is going, I look over at my brother who has this shiteating grin of his (he knew what was coming) and then to my mom who looks confused as to where this story is going. Dad then proceeds to whip out a 9 by 5 glossy of the girl and then walks over and plops it on my dinner plate as if she were the main course.

"Huh what do ya thing? Hmm??" he said.

Now don't get me wrong she was an attractive girl, hot even by most standards, blond blue eyed great figure and funky hair. In a parallel universe where I love to taste the hairy Taco I'm sure I would have been all over her like stink on a rigpig. Incidentally this is also the same parallel universe where I can actually dance, know how to match patterns and colours, and own a pair of hip hugger jeans, oh and this is also the same parallel universe where sheep eat people (I am not sure what is freakyer me in the hip huggers or ferocious sheep).

Back to the story:
I reply politlely and truthfully "Nah she is not my type."

My dad looked as if I had mercilessly killed his puppy. "Oh ok then, it was just a thought. It would have been convenient for me and Leo."

Now I'm not sure if he was really upset about not getting to spend more of his time with Leo or if he was down about the fact that his first born had turned down a regulation hottie. I think they are beginning to suspect...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

So I promised a big announcement.

Its funny I have been meeting some really great guys the last couple of months. Went on some really good dinners and movies ect.

As of Canada day long weekend (yes I know I am slow but I wanted some pics of him to show) I am officially seeing a great stud from Calgary named Scott.
He is cute he is sweet and he is mine.

isn't he adorable!

We hung out at the Calgary stampede had a great time the pics below are from the trip and Scott's birthday party. His friends turned out to be soo much fun!

Random skyline pic
Random partiers
This is Scott in his awesome new Bear shirt about a half hour before he started to vom it was quite the party.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

An open letter to Microsoft about PowerPoint

Before I get to the open letter, which is geeky goodness by the way, there are going to big posts tomorrow and Friday so check back soon.

Dear Microsoft,

I have worked with you "wonderful" software suite for many years and I have a few questions and comments about it.

Originally powerpoint was a great way to make an impressive text presentations for meeting and classes. In its basic form it works more than adequately at sequentially presenting text on screens across the world. As a young child in school we used your software to provide that wow factor to get that extra gold star (or to hide the fact that we didn't read the book/play/poem that the presentation was on); because you know no one cares about what your saying if there is a .gif of a dancing monkey on the screen. I mean seriously back then dancing monkeys were gold star material.

However over the years presentations have evolved from dreary text based presentations to full fledged media productions. No longer is a tacky dancing monkey .gif and swoosh sound effect enough to wow media savvy audiences. Though I have to say I still find dancing monkeys hilarious but only when they are wearing amusing hats.

The problem is your software never evolved with the needs of it's users. How many times have you seen a presentation go tragically wrong due to some sort of technical difficulty related to the powerpoint. I myself have felt the nervous anxiety of what happens when powerpoint goes wrong. In the 7 years I have spent in post secondary education not a single presentation day in a class has gone without some sort of technical issue with someone's presentation.

Now this wouldn't be so bad if it was a people problem. Being the head of an IT department I know how stupid people can be when dealing with software. No the problem lay directly on the programming behind powerpoint.

Powerpoint is not a multimedia friendly application. It uses the MCI player (not the windows media player) to play videos and as such often videos that run smoothly on one machine do not run at all on others (for a more in depth reason as to why read here). This problem is almost random and far beyond the standard abilities of most users to fix. The question is why is it still done this way? A company with Microsoft's resources could surely afford to rewrite the software from the ground up with a multimedia perspective.

additionally Microsoft has had a sketchy relationship at best with Macromedia's (now Adobe) Flash player. Lack of flash incorporation is really a critical oversight on Microsoft's part. Flash is an exciting tool and really does open up the possibilities that full fledged multimedia presentation could provide.

Imagine this: You walk into an auditorium of people confidently holding a CD/USB drive/ memory stick and you stroll up to the projector computer having never tested your presentation on it and knowing with full confidence that your presentation will run smoothly. You copy the single file onto the computers harddrive and start up the file inside Powerpoint MultiMedia (or Live Presentation to fit with the new branding) just as it is your turn to present. Videos music and flash tools all work smoothly and not a glitch or technical problem is to be found.. The crowd erupts in applause, little did they know that you didn't read the book/play/poem that the presentation was on. Gold stars for everyone!

That is how your software should work the only stress a person should feel when presenting is about their performance not about the performance of the software suite running the slides.
Let me know when you catch up with the times.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lofty ambitions

So as some of you may know I have been searching for a place to buy. The Edmonton realestate market is pretty insane these days however and as such finding places that I can afford has been very difficult. Most places I have seen get sold for more than asking price and are sold the day they get listed.

Yesterday I went to go look at this place. I immediately fell in love with it, this is definitely a place where I could live quite happily for quite some time. Unfortunately it is about 50 thousand dollars more than I can afford reasonably with my current pay. Being the business student I am however I have a magical excel sheet that shows exactly what I can afford and 249000 is just too much.

Work was hellish today and is only going to be worse tomorrow. I have to change my attitude however if I am going to survive the tech support portion of my job. No more super enthusiastic anal retentiveness that was just stressing me out. I have to realize that there is always going to be some crisis some issue that needs immediate attention and that I have to be a little less stressed unless I want a heart attack ulcer and stroke (the trifecta!) by the time I am 25.

Man am I glad I'm going to Calgary on Friday (PARKIE ROADTRIP) this years theme (yes we have themes) is "like a rhinestone cowboy" it should be hilarious.

My closing thoughts are that I need to make 10 thousand dollars more a year and tomorrow is going to suck.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Whatta weekend! NEW DIET DAY

I had an absolute blast this weekend. First I went and looked at some condos (didn't find anything that I liked) then my folks took me and Toddy out to lunch to earls. Saw Phil the ex walking down jasper Ave while we were eating. He was with a boy and for some reason I just couldn't build up the effort to holler a hello at him. Its funny that you can spend a year and a half of your life with someone and then not be able so say hi to them on the street (exs are a strange species).

Hung out with Lucas and Allison the rest of the day on Saturday. We went swimming at Oliver pool downtown. It was pretty deserted and we had the deep end pretty much to ourselves which led to a rousing game of pig in the middle. I started out doing really well but after an hour of it I think got fatigued and ended up the little piggy in the middle for much of the next hour.

There was the cutest gay couple there. One guy was beefy in his early 40's with his hubby a 35 year old muscle guy with an adorable 4 year old. They seemed so happy and content, made me really take note of how much I want a family like that when I get older.

We then went to the marble slab and had some of the best icecream ever. We finished off the night at Allison's for her family's BBQ party. Lucas and I then proceeded to get our asses kicked at cranium (partially because it was Lucas first time playing so he sucked royaly.

It really was one of those perfect summer days. I want to do that more often.

One thing playing pig in the middle made very clear is how our of shape I am in. So today starts my new diet. No more chips or sweets only healthy alternatives for this boy oh and no more greasy take out food for lunch. I am also going to start doing situps and pushups everyday. Hopefully once I get back into some sort of shape that isn't pearlike I will start doing some weight training.

Friday, July 07, 2006

My adventures in the closet

So this weekend Scott came up from Calgary to hang out. It was great getting to see him, and the chemistry was surprisingly awesome. Anyhoo he stayed over at my place on Canada day (because my folks were at the cabin and my brother and his girlfriend were at a birthday party). So for the first time in a very long time I could have a boy stay over without there being a chance of my folks walking in on some hot manluvin.

For those of you that don't know I am still not out to my parents and basically anyone in my family over the age of 30. Being in the closet and trying to carry on a relationship of any kind is pretty darn hard there is a lot of half truthin going on. Usually I am pretty diligent about keeping signs of my enjoyment of poleridin out of sight (at least until I move out) and my folks don't ask a lot of questions. Yesterday however I totally got busted.

Note to self: when having a boy over who is 6'2 and a 80 pounds more than you make sure that you don't accidentally put his underwear in the family's laundry pile.

So my mom asks me where the giant undies came from in front of everyone after supper. She seemed genuinely perplexed by how these big man ginch ended up in her laundry basket. So I grabbed them and looked at them, quickly realizing that I may have been busted. As I put them to my waist I realized there was no way I could pass these off as my own, unless...

I have gained some weight the past few months much to the horror of my pants and the delight of my brother (who keeps tapping my tummy and asking when the baby is due, the little shit). Herein I found my escape.
"Well Mom, they look like mine but it looks like the elastic totally went in them (knowing full well this was an opening for a fat joke for my brother who would hopefully distract everyone from Scottie's undies)."

Much mocking at my expense was had by everyone at the table as my mom threw the undies in the garbage and I waddled downstairs to stress eat.

I don't know what's sadder the fact that I had to lie about being a fatty or the fact that everyone believed it so easily.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


So no open letter yesterday due to the long weekend. Today is just an update day because lots is happening in my life (or at least I like delude myself into thinking so).

Friday I went and saw Superman returns with Blake. We get to silver city in west Edmonton mall. Theater and it is totally packed at like 6 pm. The smell of sweaty geek was in the air as the 30 year old virgins stood in line for tickets. I really wanted to see the movie in IMAX 3d however after standing in line for 20 min we get to the express checkout (what is express about it I am still uncertain about) and try and order our tickets through the terminal. As we order two for the 10:15 showing of Superman it says that only one ticket is left. Sonofa! So we try to use the same terminal to purchase tickets to the regular show only to find that the terminal we were using doesn't work. A hush falls through the lineup behind us as we tell everyone that the terminal is busted and we all have to stand in another lengthy line.

The sweaty nerds sweat even more with a desperation in there eyes as they search the crowd for a lineup that won't take another 20 min. Meanwhile this desperate nerd with Blake falling closely behind had weaved his way through the crowd of comic book shirts and pocket protectors to the other side of the theatre where the express ticket terminals were.

This line seemed to be moving swiftly and after a few min we are there ordering out tickets. Disaster strikes yet again as Blake's credit cards don't seem to be working at all. As he fumbles with them I keep an eye on the status of the 10:30 show to ensure that it doesn't sell out. After getting some help from an equally desperate looking woman behind us with a plastic bag, we gave up on Blake's cards and used my debit.

It worked and we got tickets minutes before the show sold out, it wasn't in IMAX but it would still be Superman. We went and got some dinner while we waited for the show, then came back and an hour and a half early and ended up being the first people in line by like 5 seconds(which pissed off a whole bunch of people who had been lounging nearby waiting for them to put up the lineup ropes, chew on that you lazy buggers).

The movie theater itself was airconditioned wonderfully and the movie was awesome. Far better than I expected. Kevin Spacy and Parker Posey (one of my favorite actresses since I saw her play the uber bitch in dazed and confused) were pretty funny. Routh and Bosworth also did a great job.

Seeing this movie made me wish even more that Bryan Singer had stayed to direct X-Men 3. Everything that was done poorly (read my rant here)in that movie Singer absolutely nailed it all, from characterization to dialog to acting. They got it right and this nerd couldn't be happier.