Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The end of an era.

One would think this post is about Ralph Klien finally tendering his long overdue resignation. But in fact this isn't about that egomaniacle drunken lout and the incredibly negative affect that he had on Alberta. As a side note a monkey with an abacus could have gotten Alberta out of debt with the resources we have so please don't consider its elimination an accomplishment of his.

Alas I digress. No this post is about something far more relevant to my life. Did anyone else know that Alpha Flight is dead?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Like seriously how the fuck did I not know that most of them were killed off in "New Avengers #16".

For those of you who have never heard of Alpha flight I shall give you a brief history. They were Canada's number 1 superhero team that routinely saved the world from various menaces in the Marvel universe. The original series was very popular lasting more than 100 issues and was known for the groundbreaking inclusion of one of the first openly gay superheros (Northstar). The second series never quite caught on mostly due to lack of promotion and erratic artists. One got the feeling that Marvel was never really behind the comic at all. Then the third series came out last year. It was a critical darling and by all accounts of the 12 people who read it monthly was definitely one of the most hilarious comics I have ever read. Again marvel never really supported the series and I don't think it even made it to 10 issues.

Now I find out that most of the characters were just killed off in Avengers. Not only did I totally miss the issue it happened in but I didn't even hear mention of it on the grapevine. This kind of confirms for me that Marvel never really got the potential of what Alpha flight could be. Part of the problem was they rarely ever had Canadians working on the book. Invariably it was always a foreign take on what a Canadian super team could be and as such it never really got the tone right or the environment. I think years of mishandeling has caused the team to turn into a big joke among non-fans.

There is hope however it is dim at this point. Marvel has announced that the creative team of Mike Oeming and Scott Kolins will relaunch a new team as Omega Flight in 2007. The Picture below is a teaser for it.

All in all I am concerned that US Agent is on a Canadian team. But it sounds like in this interview that Oeming wants to make OF a big player in the Marvel universe. I only hope he doesn't fuck things up. My question is why can't we get a Canadian writer on this book?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Trucking along

Well I had a great weekend one of the best I have had in a long time. I managed to survive my 16 hour day yesterday. I had an hour and a half break from 5 to 6:30. Perfect for going to RATT for a beer and a burger. So I went and had my first burger in almost a month. The burger was awesome I missed real food so much! Damn Wisdom teeth!!!

It was kind of sad though no one was around to have a drink with. Last year I could always count on someone I knew there. Its really bringing it home that this is my last 4 months of school.

stepping back I realize I m looking at the sunset of my academic career and in many ways the end of my irresponsible youth. Until then however I am going to savor the few moments I have left.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The nature of life...

I often find myself amazed by the spectacular interconnectedness of the details of life.

wondrous things approach

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What was Supernova thinking?!?!?!

So Lukas Rossi is the next Rockstar. Unbelievable those fucking 12 year old emo wanabee schoolgirls have ruined what could have been a good band by voting all night long for the skunk haired Hawksley Workman wannabe. My reasons for disliking him can be found here and here.
I am too depressed that they did not pick Dilana to blog about this right now instead I will tell you crazy kids a story.

So last Friday we were celebrating the beginning of classes at the campus bar RATT. People came and went as I held court in my ususal spot. Towards 8 Eoin (pronounced Owen) Melissa and I decided to head to Whyte ave to continue partying. The only problem was we had no ride and Mellisa's seemingly 12 inch heals were not "built for walking". So she calls up her friend a former bar manager to pick us up and come out partying. This seemed like a perfect plan as Eoin was looking for a bar job and Mellisa's friend was very well connected in the bar scene and could get him a job easily. Little did I know connected should have been the "connected" wink wink stab stab sort of way.

She pulls up in this sketchy sunfire with what looks like a taped up punched out window on the side and promptly informs us that Eoin and I have to squish in the backseat as she has her luggage in the back because she may need to go somewhere quickly. Eoin and I kind of glanced at eachother from across this mammoth piece of luggage.
So it turns out she was late to pick us up because she had some customers she had to meet. So she is tearing through the streets and Melissa asks if she could find Eoin a job. She turns around and turns on the light (all while driving really fast) and says lets see your face. Eoin terrified smiles his most "I'm trying to look not scared smile" and she says what I think is the best line ever
"so do you want to deal drugs or work in a bar?"
Eoin sheepishly mumbles out Bar and in seconds she is on her phone and has him a job working Thursdays. Like I take pisses longer than the amount of time it took her to get him a job.
At this point my bum clenches in terror as she rips around a corner and Eoin and I look at eachother again and I whisper "is she for real?".

She proceeds to inform us that not only does she deal drugs ( I am assuming coke from what I could tell) but that she had a fight with her boyfriend and it stressed her out. So she smoked a joint before picking us up. Well that explained her driving at least. Eoin and I share another terrified look before she pulls up in the alley behind the bar and drops us off so she can go drop some things off for more customers.

The whole car ride took maybe 10 min but my bum was clenched the whole time so much so that my bum was sore the next day and I didn't even have any action to show for it.

Sketchyest car ride of my life.
I did learn a lesson however do not get into strange cars with drug dealers. Words to live by.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Aaron is a media whore: Deadwood, Battlestar Galactica and the Venture Bros

So How did I not know that Battelstar Galactica was doing teaser episodes in preparation for the season premier in October. I would normally just give you the link to the sifi website but those dochebags won't allow people who are outside the United States to view the episodes which is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. What the hell is the point of the WORLD wide web if it is limited to the US? So here is a big FUCK YOU SiFi channel you can enjoy the webisodes by downloading these torrent files:
The Resistance
Webisode 1

Download Battlestar Galactica The Resistance Webisode 01

Webisode 2

Download Battlestar Galactica The Resistance Webisode 02

The episodes themselves are so so. I am totally pumped about the mindfuck that the new season is going to be!

I am totally addicted to the cartoon called the Venture Bros Teletoon has been rebroadcasting the first season nightly during weeknights so if you get a chance check it out once you figure out what is going on you will love it! The second season has been pretty damn solid so far. I am totally shocked that more people are not watching it. If anyone would like the torrent files posted for those episodes (because unless you have the cartoon network you won't be seeing the second season for a while) let me know and I can make them available.

Lastly I have been watching deadwood non stop the last few days. I am not sure if I like it yet I am waiting for it to really blow my mind and it hasn't. Such is life in the old west I guess.

Additonaly if anyone has seen my glasses and knows where they are let me know I am currently wearing my old ones from highschool and I look silly.

What a writer!

So while perusing some profiles online I come to an older gentleman's profile that contains thee most horrific thing I have ever read. Those of you with weak stomachs please do not read the line below.

"My love star is wide open for your wand or magic finger."

Seriously like wow.

Monday, September 11, 2006

So I guess I am officially in the system.

Last Friday while partaking in beginning of the semester beverages at my favorite campus hangout RATT and I get a call from capital city savings. Now just before I went in to get my wisdom teeth removed by my butcherrrrr I mean dentist I found this beautiful place that just came on the market. Unfortunately due to the severity of my reaction to the surgery I was only able to see it doped up heavily on the Saturday after it came on the market. Now you may not know that the Edmonton realestate market is currently one of the hottest around and houses are selling like crazy fast. The place was wonderful perfect for what I need and affordable if I was able to have two roommates. Unfortunates it had an offer on it already. I decided to apply for a mortgage consultation to see what amount I could get preaproved for so that next time I find a place I really like I could make an offer asap. Which brings me back to the phone call I got.

Earlier in the week during the application process things did not look so good for me even with my parents cosigning on the loan however I was informed by a very friendly woman that I did indeed get approved for the mortgage!!

Now I just need to save up a little bit more for the downpayment and then find a place and I will be totally set to move out.

I fee so adult it is ridiculous.

In other news my face and jaw are feeling a little better, i still can not open it all the way but at least my gums hurt less and I can kind of chew. Baby steps...

Friday, September 08, 2006

The things I would do for a sandwich right now...

So Yesterday my parents bought some subway subs. My Mom ranted and raved about hers and insisted I try some. Doubtfull that my ravaged jaw could accommodate such a feat I declined initially. With further prodding however I did give it a go. The sub smelled amazing and as I brought it to my lips lightening strikes of pain went through my mouth. Totally dejected I put the sub down and go back to eating my plain brown rice.

This is my relationship with food these days. I am getting soo frustrated that I can not eat what I want or enjoy. The booster Juice has stopped being a treat and is now a chore. I find that I am hungry all the time because I can never eat anything with any substance because if I open my jaw more than an inch I get excruciating pain. Yawning is thee most painful act in the world right now. The bonus of this is I apparently look like I'm losing weight or so I was told at the phi delt frat party last night by Chelsea's ex.

I really miss food, I didn't realize how much I enjoy it till now. So go out and eat something big and sumptuous today for me, just don't tell me how good it was.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Rockstars: supernova is like crack part 3

So Storm got booted tonight. I dont care i still think she is awsome and had more swaggar than all three of the male guys left (yes toby this includes you channeling Billy Idol does not count as swaggar).

I cant wait to see what she comes out with next.

Could the world finnally be seeing that lukas Rossi is a tallentless hack!?!? Stay tuned next week for more info!

Since I am far to lazy to type today here in point form is what is happenin:
applied for a mortgage so i can make an offer on a really funky condo!
-Eating solid food in small amounts!
-Wanting to castrate my evil dentist
-First day of school tommorow yay me!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Moving on to semi solid food

So it is becoming fairly obvious that my surgery did not go well at all. I went to Paul's birthday last night and had a pretty good time but I am paying for doing so much talking today. The surgury was on thursday and I still can not close my mouth entirely or open it more than half an inch. I look like one of those retarded mishapen villains from Dick Tracy (at least according to my little bro).

I had real food today granted it was mushed up potatoes carrots and cream but it was really good to have real food in my belly.

I just hope tommorow is better.

Friday, September 01, 2006

My horrific dentist wisdom tooth adventure

So yesterday I had an appointment to get all four of my wisdom teeth out. I have been putting this off for like 4 years because the timing was never right. The dentist said he could do all four in an hour under local anesthetic.

I was wary about the anesthetic because when I was like 10 I went to get a filling done and it hurt like hell and everytime I would stop the dentist because of the shooting pains in my jaw he would just tell me that I was faking it. It turns out that a later and infinitely better dentist discovered that I have an abnormal nerve structure in my mouth which is why I did not get frozen that time. Needless to say this made me avoid dentists for quite a while.

So yesterday knowing this he freezes the hell out of my mouth hoping to get everything. Then he gets to work on my bottom left tooth the deepest one. As he is working I routineley have to stop him due to massive shooting pains in my jaw. The tooth takes 45 min to rill apart and tear out piece by piece. The pain was so bad I almost got out of the chair a few times. Apparently the root of the tooth was near another nerve in my jaw that freezing couldn't reach. By the end of that tooth I was visibly shaking like a leaf. I told him I didn't want any more teeth pulled. He promises me that the top one on the left will be much easier and faster and only take like 3 min. He is right and the top one pops out whole. He then sends me on my way stating with the amount of pain I am feeling I must be mildly immune to the freezing (which uber sucks). So next time I come in I am supposed to take a mild sedative so I wont care so much about the pain. Like that's fucking going to happen I'm done with that dentist. IF I go back to get the other side done they are going to knock me the hell out.

So on the way home my whole face and neck begin to hurt like he pulled some muscles while I was spasming due to the pain. I get home and take my first ever percacet. An hour later I am beginning to realize that the percacet is not even making me drowsy nevermind killing any pain. At this point I cant swallow or spit without stabbing pains running through me. We call the dentists office they tell me to take two advil in addition to the percacet and wait a half an hour. 40 min of pain later and I am not a happy camper. We call the dentist office again and they want me to come back in for more freezing to be put in. At this point I cant even imagine opening my jaw the wide without breaking into hysterical tears. So that is a no go. So they then suggest I take two percacets at a time which I do. They don't really do much but at this point I am getting tired so I fall asleep around 1230 am on the TV room couch so ppl can come in to check on me. Needless to say I don't sleep well.

So here I am now the pain isn't as bad today and I can almost swallow yay me. You can totally see the swelling though on my left. I'm eating some booster juice right now so hopefully that will perk me up.

I am never going to the dentist again ever.