Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Spookyness in the snow

Happy Halloween everyone!

As you may know Halloween is probably my favorite holiday. This years spooktacular festivities have been a little more laid back that most years. Vanessa and I went to the Roost on Saturday to meet up with Ryan, Blake and a few other people. Usually the roost has the best costume show in town. You can say a lot of negative things about gay bars but man they usually do costume parties right! The best costume had to be the streaker with the faux 15 inch penis or the two guys who went as the women from absolutely fabulous and stayed in role all night. I went as a cowboy after some last min lack of costume-itis. I was going to go as a hula girl but my coconuts went missing. I hear that happens a lot as you age though so I had better get used to it. The costume went over well with one issue i was sweating like a virgin bottom at a gang bang. I don't know how you leather aficionados do it but wearing chaps over jeans in the bar is ridiculously warm. Plus side I look hot in chaps.

We ended up heading home early that night as we had a really bad snow storm and the roads were fucked up.

I went shopping to Canadian Tire today. It is officially my favorite store as it seems to be filled with beefy man candy and cheaply priced hardware two of my favorite things. Tonight I intend on watching monster squad it is way too cold to go outside to do much (halloween in alberta sucks sometimes). Monster squad is perhaps the cheesiest most awsomest movie from the 80's other then the Goonies. I have worn out the ancient vhs copy we had but luckily it is out on dvd now. Do yourself a favour and check it out there are so many awsome lines in it.

I leave you with pics of my pumpkin:

I tried some cool exposure tricks with vanessa's pumpkin looks cool doesn't it?This is my pumpkin from last year by far the best one I have ever done.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Well this is going perfectly

So far today i have slept in, missed a meeting, and lost my pocket PC and one gig memory card all before 10:30.

Things can only get better.

The pocket pc has been found. We ended up getting 91% on our presentation which was the highest in the class. The proff had some really great things to say about our performace as a group which really made me happy.
So things did get better, yay me.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cheap and Nasty, just the way I like it

So Saturday Erin had one of the best parties I have ever been to. The theme was Cheap and Nasty. Whatever you brought to drink had to be either cheap and nasty or both. Also you had to dress as cheap and nasty as possible (I dressed up as my buddy Tim because he fit the theme perfectly lol). The party was nuts we got home at around 5 am drunk as hell.
Here are some pics:

Erin with her evil concoction. Notice the insane amount of shot glasses

OMG Myckie where did you get those shoes! Doesn't she look nastay!

The cutie in this picture with the penis is my boyfriend Kyle just after he had been molested by the cutie with the ovaries Lauren. As you can see neither of them was having any fun.

Self explanatory.

Isn't he too cute for words!

So Kyle ended up staying at my place that night. Its weird in high school i never snuck anyone in to my house to fool around with. I guess I am making up for it now. He met my folks (who knew i would be having Friends over) but i still think they don't suspect anything. Who knows maybe I am underestimating them; regardless I am coming out to them soon anyway.

In unrelated news did anyone see battelstar Galactica on Saturday that had to be the best hour of television i have seen in a long time. So many jaw dropping moments and HOLY SHit did they just do that! I am officially totally in love with that show again.

Heroes has been impressing me as well. At first i though the artist that paints the future thing was cheesy but now its all starting to tie in together I love it!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

hmmmm maybe I dont suck.

S0 as some of you may or may not know i am math retarded. I don't deal with numbers well (which is why i took math 113 two times). Because of my apparent disability I am pretty bad at most card games with the exception of asshole and crib. I was playing poker tonight at Frank's and while i have managed to win once i generally am pretty crappy at the game so i expect to lose.

I came within 1 card of winning the whole pot tonight. Alas he cards were against me and I only got second place which is 10 dollars (the same amount as the buy in). I may be getting not horrible at poker....sooooo scary!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Just when you thought you had a shitty day at work...

So my cousin called me yesterday. We were really close going up almost like brother and sister. We don't talk too much anymore mostly because her job takes her all over Alberta where she is usually unavailable. She works as a surveyor for a road laying company. Now her job has always been rough and tumble. She leads up a crew of men on a work site of men who aren't used to listening to a woman much less a 23 year old one. She excels at her job though and doesn't take shit from anyone. As a self proclaimed uber bitch she was always proud that she could hold her own around the rig pigs and roughnecks and we are all proud of her. Now it used to be that I didn't really worry about her being in work camps with 100% guys out in the middle of nowhere in fact we used to joke that the guys had better watch out; but after her phone call I am beginning to wonder.

I knew it was something pretty important for her to call out of the blue. We chatted for a bit and she asked me how work was going (i proceeded to bitch endlessly about somethings that were pissing me off). Then she proceeds to tell me that some guy was murdered on her work site. Needless to say it made my day seem a hell of a lot better.
Apparently the guy was a gravel truck driver called "whiskey" and she worked with him off and on all year. It seems that some other gravel truck driver got into some dispute with Whiskey because he was cut in front of in the line to the gravel pit. The dispute escalated and Whiskey (who from what i hear was a pretty decent guy) ended up getting stabbed ( I will leave the gory details out but there was rumoured to be a sign post involved at some point, very csi). So ya the guy died and the other guy escaped into the woods for a while.

This combined with other incidents reminds me of "Deadwood" the superb hbo show. Its about a gold boom town's early days of lawlessness and debauchery. Alberta is booming right now lots of workers are coming in and in many ways the law can't keep up in the work camps and rigs up north. Even in the big cities we are feeling the crunch in many ways it is like the wild west all over again except fewer pairs of chaps (which is unfortunate).

Which brings me back to my cousin. I can't help but worry about her now i know she is a tough chick but there are so many fucked up transients out there these days. I told her to buy some mace to keep around just in case.

Here is a link to the full news story: Trucker charged with murder in Alberta roadside dispute.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It just gave me chills.

Now I admit the majority of what Hollywood puts out is trash. Sometimes however you can find something with true art in it. You must see the trailer for Frank Miller's 300 that just went up on apple trailers. I really did not know what to expect after seeing the studio diary that was posted on apple months ago with out any of the digital effects applied and it looked pretty unimpressive. The trailer sent a tingle up my spine. This is what digital effects should be all about. I just hope the acting doesn't fuck things up.

Coolest website ever

I found this really cool site yesterday in my mediation class. If you are ever bored go to www.allfg.org and watch one of hundereds of your favorite tv shows streamed over the internet at lightening speed. I am going to be spending a lot of time in class on this site. Check it out and you wont regret it.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

So I am Kinda not so bright

So after switching to Blogger beta I found out that I had a whole shwack of comments from posts that I needed to approve. For whatever reason I did not get the emails for these comments and as such they were not approved so to Mikey, Ryan, Trefor, Ian, Christopher and the handfull of others who posted thank you kindly for your comments. I promise they will be approved a million times faster with this new blogger system.

Well that could have ended poorly

So yesterday I went and had supper with Kyle's family. I am still adjusting to meeting the folks. It's just wired being around them knowing that they know. I guess I was just so used to hiding when I was with Phil ( I mean I dated him for a year and a half and I wouldn't even know what his parents look like). The dinner went as well as things could be expected I was really nervous.

After dinner Kyle and I went to see Open season. It was ok, Over the hedge was far more memorable and had fewer boring spots. I can't stress enough how amazing it is to be able to walk around in public holding hands with a guy you really like. Coming out is sounding like its coming sooner and sooner. I want to be able to share who I am with my redneck family. Today everyone was here for my brothers Birthday and it was so hard sitting around them without saying something.

Friday, October 13, 2006

SCARY MOVIES on Friday the 13th oooooooooooooo

So I went over to Torrie's friend's house tonight for her group of friends annual Friday the 13th scary/cheesy movie night. On the marquee for the night was "Slaughter High" An insanely b-movie Canadian production about a nerd who gets revenge on the people who humiliated him in highschool at there 10 year reunion. It was by far the most enjoyable. The other movies were the hills have eyes (horrible movie) and Population/436 whose only redeeming feature was the decent use of Fred Durst as a sheriff. Its pretty sad when Fred Durst is the redeeming feature of a show. I'm embarrassed to admit he was hot in his sheriff uniform though. The best part of the whole night came during Slaughter High as one could has adulterous sex the woman demands of the man "talk dirty to me!"
He replies: "ummmmm titties." At which point I burst out in delirious laughter at his almost disinterested delivery. True comic brilliance.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Gremlins attack.

So I would much rather be blogging about how awesome Avatar the last airbender the cartoon is or how mind blowing Battlestar Galactica's season premier was or even how much I'm missing Kyle. No no this post is about the gremlins that are going out of their way to fuck with me. On Friday after a horriffically long day at work my laptop died on me. For a while the receptacle where the power cord plugs into my laptop has been loose meaning that it is very hard to charge the laptop. On Friday it came loose entirely. Apparently many averatec 3200 laptops have this problem along with multiple other power issues such as overheating all because the internal power board isn't really soldered at all. Luckily I found this site to walk me through the dismantling. I soldered it but I think I need some new parts because it still only charges 20% of the time. Fixing it allowed me to move my files to my main tower as a precaution. Yesterday my main tower went totally dead I think the power supply or the motherboard is toast. So all of my important files are inaccessible. I'm kinda pissed off about this like what are the fucking odds of both dying within 6 days of eachother.
I hate computers.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Things I am totally loving right now

So I went out with the parkies tonight to watch the oilers game. It was the first time we were all together in a long time (except Tim who is in Europe). Needless to say after tonight I realize I love these things:
1. Emotional honesty
2. Friends who seem to know me better than I know myself sometimes
3. Being a bit of a douchebag (in a charming way of course)
4. 4 liter team pitchers from Boston pizza
5. Reunions
6. The second season of Veronica mars

That is all now go about your business.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Epic shopping with the Ma

Flash back to last March. Chelsea's long distance boyfriend Eoin whom she met in Europe had flown in to meet her family and friends for the first time. The parkie crew decided that in honour of him and the approaching St. Patricks day we would do an Irish themed Bar Golf excursion. Now for those of you that don't know. Bar Golf which was created during one of our boozy nights at the powerplant is epic drinking at it's finest. 9 bars each bar is like a hole in golf meaning that you have to finish your drink at said bar with a certain number of sips. So each bar has a par for how many sips it should take. Ultimately the goal is to have the least number of sips (or strokes) by the end of the night. The way to win it is to finish your drinks in one gulp at each bar (a hole in one). Now this may sound easy but it really is not. There are numerous rules:
1. You have to drink with your non dominant hand.
2. You have to yell FORE before ordering a drink.
3. If you are drinking highballs they must be doubles in tall glasses.
4. No bottled beer is allowed pints only.
5. Additional theme rules may be added as necessary (for example we also had to yell "you'll never catch me lucky charms as we ordered and we had to call the other people by there Irish names, incidentally I was Paddy O'Sheamus).
Penalty for not doing these things is the person who catches you gets to decide what your penalty drink is. These rules are what makes Bar Golf the best drinking game ever!

So yes we were partying it up Irish style and we were all pretty drunk. In all my enthusiasm I began to give the girls piggy back rides after the first bar. Fast forward 3 bars later and its begining to snow after some unseasonably warm weather. This warm weather had created a thin film of ice on many of the sidewalks which was now covered in a dusting of snow. Allsion feeling left out from the piggybacking decides its her turn so she hops on my back and I proceed in all my wisdom to start jogging ahead. Three steps later and I am face down in the snow with all of Allison's weight on top of me. She gets up and dusts herself off telling me that she is ok. I however am not.
I broke the weight our fall awkwardly to protect my face (cuz who wouldn't want to save something as pretty as me) causing my one shoulder to flip up at a really weird angle. Had I not been so drunk I would have been in excruciating pain. The worst part however was that my super sweet vintage 70'2 leather jacket was had a foot long tear under my one arm. I was heartbroken as the jacket was totally unfixable. The moral of this story is don't run on an icy sidewalk with a girl on you back while drunk (seems kinda obvious now doesn't it!).

That brings me to today. I went shopping with my mom to find a new winter leather jacket for me. We went to the life sucking hole that is "south Edmonton common" and tried to find something. The main problem is because north Americans are so fat I am too small for most adult jackets being produced out there. One store laughed when I even asked for a small size saying they do not even ship them any. Dejected we went for sushi at this great place called Mikado. Then on the way home we stopped at a salvation army where I found not one but 3 great jackets. I got all three for like 80 bucks yay me! I am going to be soo pimping this winter and fall!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Bash'd the gay rap opera!

So me and Ryan went and saw Bash'd
the gay rap opera at the roost tonight. I didn't know what to expect really, the last show i saw at a gay bar was years ago and it was fairly unimpressive. This one tottaly blew me away. It was funny touching and powerful. Plus i have a tiny crush on one of the leads Christopher Craddock (scroll down to see a bad pic of him). What can i say uber talented funny stocky guys catch my eye. I put my name down for the mailing list for the cd cuz it was too funny not to listen too again. If your gay or not it doesn't matter go see this show! The last night is tommorow at the roost. Doors open at 7.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Can I get the number of that Mac truck

So I am officially feeling really gross. This cold is kicking my ass. I suppose I should be thankful that I did not catch the Norwalk virus like those 200 kids from lister on the university of Alberta campus. I am being extra careful not to touch anything at school when I go though. The Norwalk virus is the last thing I need I hear its pretty awful.

So a while back I promised to give you all a link to my edit of the alexisonfire song "this could be anywhere in the world". If you love Dallas Green (he is so dreamy;) but hate the screaming in ALexisonfire this version I like to call Dallasisonfire has edited or removed all the scremo bits so all you get is a solid rock song with a great singer. Please be kind this is my first attempt playing with an mp3 like this and as always if you like the song go out and buy the rest of the CD.
Download the song here.
If you like it let me know I may try and do this with a few more of their songs.

In other news. I am officially 24. I will post pictures as soon as my friend Erin emails them to me. Friday was a blast everyone met Kyle and things overall were perfect. Saturday at the roost was less successful but I expected that.

Due to this cold I have been watching a lot of TV and this is what I have to say:
1. The second episode of NBC's Heroes was far less impressive that the first episode but I think I will give it a few more episodes. What I couldn't deal with was the 10 min of recap at the beginning of the episode. The guy doing the recap sounded like a constipated James Earl Jones. It was hilariously painful to listen to. I hope they get the professor guy to do the recaps from now on he is the narrator after all!
2.I finished the first season of Veronica mars and all I can say is wow! It's not Buffy but it will do!
3. The season premier of lost was good. The pyschology student in me giggled when I saw what the Others were doing with Sawyer and the others. I am concerned that they are giving too much away to please people however. I have to say Wednesdays just are not the same without Invasion and alias to watch as well *sigh*.

Expect more posts in the coming days as I am finally feeling verbose again.