Thursday, November 30, 2006

Im no Steve Irwin, which I guess in this case is a good thing

I had my final bug presentation today. It was supposed to be a "creative" presentation on co-operative strategy. The rules were you could not use PowerPoint or other traditional methods. So I ended up acting as a crocodile hunter type guy who was following the partnering habits of a company. Not only was I acting in it but I also did up some really intensive animations in flash of the company/creature going about its day meeting with other company's and making babies. The animations were a total hit I was worried at first that people wouldn't get it but they were laughing there assess off and got the message.

The downside is my other group project is not going so smoothly. I suspected as much would happen. There are 3 group members that I am just not getting along with and the fourth is a cute cubbish guy that gives a metro/mo/sexual vibe who seems to know what he is talking about. I have had a hella busy week and the one girl who I can't decide if she is purposely an evil control freak (look up Martha Stuart in the big evil dictionary of evil (yes the dictionary of evil is evil too, it was not a mistype) or if she is just socially retarded. The reason i think she may be kinda retarded is that she keeps picking her nose in front of everyone. Now i think it may be because of her nose piercing but it is like every time i look at her a finger is up her nose. Ahh soon all this silly school work will all be over. At the behest of Ms. Evilnosepickfuckbitch I have to get my portion of the paper due on Tuesday done tonight instead of hanging with my boy.

On unrelated notes I have my downpayment for my place and now i need final mortgage approval.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

So i guess that makes me all grown up.

Looking back a few years from now it probably won't seem significant however Monday was still a huge step in my life. I probably won't remember how bad the roads were (i keep thinking they can't get any worse but then the next day I am proven wrong) or that giant accordion bus trapped comically spinning it's wheels in the middle of one of Edmonton's busiest intersections or the fact that I totally backed into a cement pole scuffing the hell out of my bumper. No Monday will be remembered as the day I took the biggest step of my life and bought real estate.

Up until this point the most expensive thing I think I have ever bought would have to be my laptop at a whopping $ 1300 and that I paid cash for. I have never really been in debt at any point in my life. During school i worked two jobs to pay for my tuition and my family helped with textbooks so I am going to be convocating with 0 debt (which is more than many students can say). The thought of being 190 thousand in the hole though is kind of disconcerting. I am going to be paying this off for almost 35 years (hopefully sooner than that).

At first I kind of was in a panicked daze (hence me smoking that cement pole with my bumper) after i signed the papers. That feeling went away and now all i have is this feeling of excitement. This is really going to be a chance to wipe the slate clean and develop an Aaron separate from his family and old routines. I really can't wait!

The deal is still pending a few things but it shouldn't be anything too serious to overcome.

In other news does anyone else know how the hell a hate mongering, ultra conservative, bigot like Ted Morton could have possibly be in a position to take the Alberta PC leadership. Now i know there have been rumours of religious fundamentalist groups in the states backing him with wads and wads of cash but can Alberta rural people really be that ignorant. I am totally embarrassed for my province.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Adventures in Christmas town

Things are really begining to wind down at school. This week is going to suck however because I have 2 presentations and papers due. It is funny being so consumed with classes and work i never really notice that Christmas is coming up. That is until that day in late Novemeber when I go to my Baba's (Grandma's) house to put up her decorations. I have been doing this every year for as long as I can remeber. We spend the day listening to Bing Crosby and putting up my Baba's insane amount of decorations here is some pictures of the final result. It really does feel like Christmas town.
The VillageThe Tacky nicknack repository and my uncle's head

The tree

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Jasper pictures!

My term paper is in which leaves me with 1 more paper and 2 more presentations and I am all done school.

As promised here are some pictures from my ski trip:
The always lovely Erin before we left Sherwood Park.

Jorge's insanely tightly packed jeep and my home for the next 5 hours.

It is a good thing I am tiny and fit into most places there was no room when the seat is leaned back.

Gotta love the big Albertan sky.

So as some of you know one of my best friends Tim has been traveling Europe for the last 5 months. Over the last few weeks he has been sending emails that he is falling for a Spanish woman and may stay in Europe for even longer than he had planed, not making it home by the end of December as planed. As Erin and Jorge and I were opening the hotel room door Tim comes strolling around the corner with a big stupid grin on his face. The whole story was a lie and he and Chelsea orchestrated this whole trip so that he could surprise us. It totally worked as we were all blown away. It is great to have him back! Lesson learned from this: my friends are wonderfully devious bastards who are not to be trusted.

Eoin drinking from his Irish "pint" glass.

So someone had the bright idea that we should all try to drink from someone pouring from the pitcher into our mouths. I was the third fool coaxed into it.

The prep (me trying to come up with excuses not to do this).

It is critical to use the proper protective equipment when performing this.

The pour.

The very damp results.

Me before bed. Remember folks always wear protection!

The ride out to Marmot Basin.

The top of eagle ridge soooo pretty the conditions were amazing!

Me on the lift with the knob in the background. Thank god that lift wasn't open! Just look at all the rocks and stuff!

One sore and tired monkey!
This is my "rub me" face.

Overall the hill was great. It was opening weekend so the lineups were non existent. I also skied for the first time with real powder. I have to say it is a totally different experience one that I don't really like. The previous two times I went skiing the snow was fairly well packed and easy to maneuver on the powder however was much more difficult to deal with. I am sure it will just take some getting used to. I did manage to ski for the whole day though with only one major spill. I can't wait for my next trip.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

He's baaaack

I am officially home from Jasper and Marmot basin. Tons of crazy shit happened buut I am currently far too tired to "give you the deets" (which apparently is how all the cool kids are abbreviating "details" now a days, because you know... details is such a long word anyway). I just finished writing a term paper that is due in 12 hours and I am sore and exhausted from skiing and traveling.

Stories and pictures to follow tomorrow i promise!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Gone to Jasper

Well I am off for the weekend. My longjohns and touque are packed and I am pumped about going to jasper. I heard that they had a ton of snow at marmot so conditions should be pretty good :D YAY.
Pictures to follow on sunday.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

So the count down begins.

It is official in exactly a month until I am tottaly done university. It has been a long but really rewarding 7 years.

Now is the time to savour the moment. Which is exactly what I am going to do this weekend go out and live it up in Jasper.

I am soo pumped about skiing it isn't even funny. Pictures to follow soon!

Monday, November 13, 2006

And so it begins

Gaaaa I just started the negotiations process for my condo. It sounded like I will get possession around Feb 22.

I am kinda panicking right now. Debt responsibility and risk here I come.

Does this make me an adult?
Does this make me a sellout? When i was younger I always promised myself i would never live in a condo. I think however that this is the most socially and eco friendly option for me as I can literally walk everywhere and it is not one of those stucco monstrosities that are popping up all over the place. My ex Phil lives in one of those and it was sooo totally soulless, worse than the god forsaken suburb I currently live in. Still the little indie rocker dork in me feels like this is some sort of sell out. I am reminded of the lyrics from an awesome Shout out out out out song "they tear down houses don't they"

They tear down houses don't they?
There building tombs instead of homes...
They come with bulldozers to build there condominiums.

The song itself is about Edmonton's insane growth and how the developers are destroying all of these beautiful historic buildings. Edmonton is known for its "tear down the old" mentality and many worry that there is not enough protection for older structures that are critical to our cities heritage. This is really evident in the Grandin and Oliver areas (which happen to be filled with artists). The city has allowed much of the zoning of these areas filled with historic buildings to allow for multi-level condos. So the developers are snapping them up and tearing down really classic buildings in favour of giant stuccoed beasts that do not even fit with the neighbourhood.
I have avoided supporting this as the condo I am negotiating on was built in the 70's in an area that used to be rail yards. So i guess none of this applies to me but I still feel by doing this I am becoming part of the problem even though I am doing this to solve numerous other ones.

At least that's what I tell myself.


Oh my god! Did anyone else just pee a little? New spiderman 3 trailer

Seriously this looks soo fucking awesome.
Check out this exclusive IFilm Trailer for spider man three and tell me it doesn't make your inner or outer dork pop a chubby... you know it will.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Things are falling into place

Yesterday I had a bit of a scare. As most of you know Klye and I have been in a grey area and that has been weighing heavily on my mind. Of course whenever something is weighing on me I end up not sleeping well. Yesterday was supposed to be the day we were going to sort things out.

yesterday I woke up to find that he had been taken to the hospital. Apparently he was almost crushed to death by a load of cement on Friday while at work. He was OK luckily he had his head up and was able to avoid most of it. They took him in to check an make sure that his hip was not broken which is wasn't thank god. Meanwhile I am worrying even more about him combined with my worries about us.

We did talk a lot yesterday and sorted things out. It was really good to finally be able to chat like we used to. Unfortunately make up lovin is going to have to wait for him to heal up.

I went to Buddy's with Ryan on Friday. It was a random night but I has an OK time.
I watched Nacho Libre and th Da Vinci code yesterday with my folks i enjoyed the code far more than I thought I would but Nacho was hugely disappointing. Hopefully tenacious d and the pick of destiny will be better!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Twas a Rockin good time

It was the year 1999. I was a short incredibly awkward kid with a lack of style. Now before those smart Alec's out there ask what has changed since then you really don't understand the totality of my awkward dorkiness. Imagine a boy with heavily gelled yet unspiked hair wearing a no-fear shirt and ill fitting uber baggy jeans. I was a prize i tell ya. I did well in high school, had a great group of friends from varied cliques and I did pretty well in school.
The highlight of my high school academic career had to be Mister MacDonald's social class. I had him for both grade 11 and grade 12 and it was by far the most enjoyable class i have ever taken.

We had a small class that year under 20. It seemed the school had put the leftover kids that they couldn't fit into social studies AP (advanced), social studies 23 (for the football players and stoners) and social studies 20 (normal folk like me) all into one place. Mister Mac would walk around this hodge podge of young potential and would simultaneously teach and mock. He was one of the most sarcastic people i had ever met. We all idolized him.

So in between our re-enactment of world war 1 through a snowball fight (how that got approved I will never know) and the easiest multiple choice tests I have ever taken we would have jeopardy style quizzes with two teams. Now i loved quizzes because I was amazing at them, I don't think my team lost once the whole year.

Quizzes were the one time i felt confident with myself, I knew the answers I knew I was the best. I was king of my little social studies castle and for those 10 minutes twice a week I was comfortable in my skin.

After one particularly heated round Mister Mac decided to give the winning team a quick break. As i was walking out he yelled my name and tossed me some money saying to buy some candy from the machine for the team. That's when it happened. An outburst of joy burst from my lips before I could stop it. Pure awkward nerdy unadulterated joy. For the next two years people would giggle about it and to this day I still haven't lived it down. I went from king to dork with one word. "ROCKIN" It echoed in the class as i said it. I don't think it was just the word but the mannerisms and exuberance at which i bounded off down the hall to collect my candy reward.

Ahh the cruelties of youth.

Looking back it really wasn't a big deal but i was mortified for a while about it. But now i can look back and laugh at how trivial it was. I was reminded by all this today while i was at work. Things are really coming together. After a year of edits and a handful of complete code rewrites the new DriveABLE website is up and running and I love it. It still needs a bit of work but overall I am really pleased. I am feeling again like I am king of my own little castle everything is coming together at work. It was definitely a ROCKIN day!

It is beginning to look a lot like christmas

I spent much of last night glued to the TV watching the US election. Being very Canadian and an outsider to the whole process I always find US elections a fascinating three ring circus. Perhaps circus is not the right word for it; Us elections are definitely far more like a freak show, or amature strip night at the peeler bar. Yes is is usually disgusting and costs far too much buut you cant stop watching.

I have to say I am pretty happy with the results. Gay hating homophobe Rick Santorum was ousted and If that wasn't enough of a present to all liberals in the world just today I see that Donald Rumsfeld has resigned his position. Poor old rummy allowing himself to be set up as a scapegoat for the Republican's woes is a mighty big show of character (or devious evil planning by neo conservatives). I am betting the latter is more likely.

Now i just wish we could get rid of Stephen Harper and Rona Ambrose here and I would be happy. By the way Rona, I know your throwing a bit of a fit that environmental activists are making sexist comments about the amount of time you spend on your hair versus planning environmental policy but really honestly my dear, your hair is the only interesting thing you have put forth since you were elected. Now had they called you a stupid bitch or something like that i would have felt it was offensive.

In other news I totally nailed my new business presentation for class. I can't believe how well school is going this semester. I just wish things with kyle would get sorted out.
Oh well I guess I cant have everything.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Let my nipples free!

I had a pretty great day at school. Received 95% on a paper I thought I slacked off on and we had a guest speaker in my business ethics class. He is the lead crown prosecutor for Alberta and all around a pretty cool guy. He shed some light on the legal process of taking cases to court that was really cool (I will expand on this in a future post).

I also wore my new vintage shirt that i proudly bought for 3 bucks at the salvation army. It is probably the loudest most hideous shirt i own and I totally love it!
Here is a picture of the print:
As you can see it looks like some sort of curtain fabric from a swingers orgy room circa 1976. The fabric is really weird too. Which is why I am not wearing the shirt in the picture. The shirt is fine in most situations but halfway through the day i was in a drafty room and caught a serious case of HNS (btw did you know HNS can also mean slang for homosexual national services? weird) that stuck with me till i got home. The shirt's unique rough fabric was like sandpaper on my nipples. Every shift and step i took was like some sort of non-hot nipple torture (i didn't know that even existed) that went on for 6 hours. I am now luxuriating in my 100% cotton shirt and my nipples could not be happier.
Ahhh freedom.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Get ready shake you booties ladies and gents

In hopes of lightening the tone of the blog (and in lightening my mood) get ready for some rump grooving tunes.
I have been obsessed with this duo MSTRKRFT for the last few months. Made up of one half of the insanely awesome Death from above 1979, MSTRKRFT's existence has softened the blow from DFA1979's tragic demise.
I thought there remix of Metric'c Monster hospital was great but I have finally found a video for "easy love" which is by far a superior tune.

So hop into your dancing clothes (you know something that shows off the goods) and shake that thang. There is no way you can't bust your hump to this.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Is it sad that astrology and Margaret Cho are helping feel better?

First of all I would like to thank everyone for the kinds words they have sent my way since my last post its good to know I have back-up out there!

My horoscope said this today: Happiness, in itself, is a shifty proposition. That's why attemptin' to manage it is like tryin' to hold as much sand for as long as you can in your little hands. the tighter your grip, the more that'll slip through your fingers while the more you remain calm and can keep open your palm, the more of it that'll linger!

Cheesy? Yes!
Applicable to my current situation? Yes!
Soothing in a weird way? Yes!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I am an idiot

So i have done something stupid. It was random irrational and stupid. The worst part is I don't know why it happened or why I did what I did. Things have got to change soon or else I am going to fall apart.

I lived the last 6 years like I was wobbling precariously on top of an over filled water balloon. Never quite on solid ground but never quite out of control. Part of this is because I have had to be two people. One in the closet and the other out. Much of this stems with me being comfortable with myself and reaching that point where the self loathing goes away.

Now that balloon is starting to wear thin. In the next few months I will be finishing university after 7 and a half years. In will be taking a full time job. I will be moving out and buying a condo and lastly and most importantly I am going to come out to my folks.

I don't know at this point what will happen when the thin piece of rubber that's keeping me where I am finally gives way. Will the thin film just slowly give way and lower me to solid ground or will it pop spectacularly sending my flying into places unknown. After what has just occurred I realize now that what that balloon does is affected directly by me. I have two paths right now and my actions directly relate to what path I stumble down.

What occurred on Friday was a step in the wrong direction and I fear it has fucked things up in the one area of my life i was doing well in. It has come back to haunt me. I only hope that things work out.