Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like... Oh man what is that?

So here are some shots of my very first Christmas tree. It is made up of a ton of hand me down ornaments and lights from my mother, baba and aunts.

Apparently it is tradition for Ukrainian women to offload all the tacky decorations in their collection when someone moves into a new place. Thus allowing them to shop for a ton of tacky new decorations.

If you look closely you will see some vintage bubblers (one of which broke and horribly and apparently permanently stained my white ceramic sink) and tinsel. It was almost impossible to find as tinsel has fallen out of vogue but i found some and now have enough for the next few years. At my parents place we couldn't have tinsel because the cats would eat it. I always promised myself that in my new place the tree would be full of the sparkle stuff.

Ooooo sparkly.
Roomie not so in love with teh xmas joy

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Christmas Miracle

Anne is one of my coworkers. Shes is a wonderful lady. One of those people who always has something funny or nice to say. To say she has been going through a rough patch the last few months is understating it.

Her husband of umpteen years went on a medical consult to see why he was experiencing dizziness. Within 5 days he was in the hospital with a near leathal brain infection in 7 locations throughout his brain some of which were diagnosed as tumors.

The last three months have been a been a roller coaster in hell for her as no one seems to know what he really has. He has been in the hospital on the brink of death and then he will get better for periods. Even now they are still unsure if it is tumors or the bacterial infection. Sometimes they will give a diagnosis that gives him days to live sometimes its something else entirely.

Anne has been a trooper. Her past as a nurse has given her a thicker skin than most. Still spending almost every evening and night at the hospital for the last 3 months is wearing her down. She has gotten to take him home the last few weekends. Its very difficult however as her old Jeep is impossible to get him into and it can not fit his wheelchair.

Last night she was in the tub and she heard the doorbell ring. She made her way downstairs in her robe to find an envelope attached to the door. In the envelope was a note:

Santa and his elves have left you a present. Just remember you can't ask where it came from or it will vanish into elf dust.

Further into the envelope she finds a set of keys. She made her way down the driveway to find a band new Chrysler Pacifica wrapped in a big red bow. Through the tears of joy she looked further into the envelope to find a bill of sale for the suv paid for in cash.

The Suv is perfect for her as she can now take her husband home hopefully for the holidays.

She had the biggest smile on her face today.

See folks there really is a Santa.

Monday, December 17, 2007

My adventures in the closet: Number 10023

It was a strange weekend. There was some drama with my straight friends (which never happens) but it is all sorted out I think.

Greg met the parkie crew and they all loved him which was great! He seemed to fit in really well.

I went to Haweli on Saturday and had the best Indian food ever! Sooo good!

On Sunday I went to my parent's place for supper and to shake my gifts (which happens to be one of my favorite parts of Christmas). My mom preceded to inform me that she had a hypothetical conversation with my Dad about the possibility of me being gay. It sounds like he is getting closer to being ready to hear the truth.

At supper he was asking me these hilariously awkward probing questions about who i was with on the weekend and where I went and weather it was mostly boys or girls. I felt uncomfortable in an annoyed way. Like i was under the microscope.

My mom and I both agree he isn't quite ready yet but it sounds like it will be happening soon.It can't happen soon enough!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Not a good sign

As some of you may know I manage an IT department for a small company. I have been with this company for over 6 years starting as a volunteer and slowly working my way up to management. I took over the IT department almost a year ago (right after finishing my business degree). I was basically brought in to use my management and training to bring the company out of the 1990's and into the new millennium.

This basically means revamping the way we do everything. Part of this revamp includes a huge software redevelopment project that will take our current software and rebuild it from the ground up. I am of course leading this redevelopment.

I started work on database structure and overall design today in preparation for my meeting with some developers tomorrow. Its a huge job and it needs to be done right because so much is riding on this software suite.

I thought I was on track and then I read this horoscope
Libra: Be extra careful not to make a mistake on a big project. The way you think it should be done may actually turn out to be slowing you down..
Now I am second guessing myself. I was already insecure due to the fact that I have never been involved (much less led) a project of this size and importance before.

Fucking astrologists...

I am going to go play some Wii boxing against a few co-workers so i can sort this out and clear my mind.

Thing you never want to hear from your roomate's trick

Friday I was enjoying a quiet night at home vegging out. At about 2 am the roomie and a man friend came in.

Roomie introduced us and then proceeded to give the man friend a tour of the place.

As Roomie was showing him the bathroom I heard the man friend say this(my reactions are in green):
"wow this is really nice" I smile broadly and congratulate myself on a renovation job well done " so did they run out of money after this and not do the rest of the place?" I pause surprised at the statement and the proceed to simultaneously try and psychically make the man friend's head explode and shoot daggers through the wall with my eyes.

Roomie perhaps sensing my psychic rage proceeds to usher the man friend into the back room well beyond my psychic head exploding power range.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

this is why i am so very very gay

Why is it when women are menstruating do they feel the need to
A. tell everyone and
B. Thrust their crotches at me menacingly

Well maybe its not all women.

I think I need new friends...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Stopping the Conservative's rediculous copyright reform bill C-60

Jim Prentice of the conservatives is trying to push through a reform to Canadian copyright law that will mirror the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act. This act was pushed through by large media holders in the US and generally takes away the rights of the Individual.

The Canadian bill would do much the same. The conservative reforms (removal of the groundbreaking and progressive digital media recording device levy) are both regressive and unnecessary for Canadians. This bill was created for large US based lobby groups without Canadian taxpayer's needs taken into consideration.

The good news is it may be dead. Based on this cbc story the public outcry against bill c-60 has caused the conservatives to reconsider the bill. Still it is never too late to make your concerns known. Please go to this link and send a letter to your MP. The site does all the work for you and even has a standard letter ready to email to your local MP. Its one of the easiest things you can do to protect your rights from this fascist conservative government.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The fragile state of heterosexuality

I totally ganked this from Boy culture. It is totally brilliant!


New Game: But is it Racist??

So last week I received a tasty care package from a friend in Australia. In it were a few tasty treats one of them being these:Now both the roomie and I were discussing this and we both agree there is something off about these candies. So my question is a chocolate candy in the shape of a little baby and named chicos racist? Does it matter that they are totally delicious?

Im siding on the offensive and possibly racist side but I think i may be oversensitive. My thought is they could have done a million other things with this candy and it would have avoided the subject all together. Like chocobear candy, dont you want a sweet bear in you?
I know I do.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

A lesson in design

The sad thing about the digital design software revolution is that it leads to armatures who cause disasters like this:
Lesson to the shmuck that created this: Thin white font on a neon green sales sign does not make a readable sign.

I almost called the realtor to offer him a replacement design that doesn't suck

Friday, November 30, 2007

Weird feelings

I feel off today. I took today off of work in order to get a bunch of stuff done. I haven't been as productive as I had hoped.

Heres a wicked cool weirdly awesome music vid by Bats for Lashes that i stole from ...that's fucking dynamite

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sound the trumpets. Tear down the walls

The CBC just released an article saying what a lot of us had known for quite some time. That HIV is on the rise in gay men in developed countries. Now they point to a lot of things as the cause for this rapid increase:
- Complacency about the mortality of HIV due to a large number of treatments
- The decline of the activist queer culture
- The fact that many do not know their current HIV status
- The fact that the safe sex campaigns are stale and no longer resonate as they used to

I think all of these things are pretty valid I think however they have missed two big things that are contributing to the increase.

1. The fact that many new infections are occurring in the younger gay males have no experience with the tragedy that comes with HIV. I am a part of this group of young gays who likely have not even (knowingly) met someone who is battling it. I know what I know through reading some of the many gay blogs out there. and mOOnchild come to mind. Check them out they both write passionately and emotionally on the subject.

This contributes to a general sense of invincibility that "that couldn't happen to me" mentality that is so common in youth. Without a personal experience to induce fear risky behaviour is increasingly likely.

2. The most dangerous cause however is the proliferation of Bareback/unsafe pornography. The fetishising of dangerous behaviour by porn companies has made it seem "hot" or somehow more intimate to engage in unsafe sex. The fact that this type of porn is becoming increasingly popular and available indicates that there is big business machinery that is profiting off of this (I argue however that there has always been businesses profiting off of HIV). Even in the few years since i have come out there seems to be an increasing amounts of arguments (all of them pretty bad) for unsafe sex.

What is to be done? I would like to say that the new generation of gay men should become more active in the promotion of safe sex both in their personal sex lives and in the lives of others. I know this won't happen only because I know that people are unlikely to get involved unless it directly affects them. Unfortunately is see a future where the incidents of HIV infection increase slowly year by year until there is a tipping point where the collective tragedy of what is occurring to our patchwork community starts to directly affect the younger generation as it did in the 80's with our predecessors.

I think this may be a horrifically cyclical process that will continue on as long as there is a separation be it cultural or shallow between the older and the younger generation of gay men. For some reason the chasm between these two groups seems so large due to a lack of communication and the youth centric culture that is eating the soul from mainstream queer culture.

My solution is tear down the generational walls. Get emotionally involved and listen to what the people who came before us lived through and are living through now. Without knowing our history we are doomed to repeat it.

Mmmm Mixed Nuts

Thanks everyone for the hangover cure tips. I will for sure be using them this Sunday when I am recovering from Darcy's gigantic birthday bash. Expect debauchery galore. I do find however the best solution for my hangovers always seems to be a big mac and some chicken nuggets. If find that weird because McDonald's always seems to make me sick any other time (which is why i avoid it like I avoid that one LRT train that always smells like urine).

The Edmonton Exposure Festival is underway this week. Yay for queer culture! I am definitely going to the gay improv/festival mixer at the roost on Thursday and the gallery for the Bent art show on the weekend sometime.

Is anyone else bothered by how the Christmas season seemed to start 3 weeks ago? In my opinion the season should start on December 1st. Maybe its just in my family but I have noticed that I am already feeling burnt out by it. Damn that burning log/Xmas carol channel.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Shake your groove thang!

Man this song fucking rocks:
Shinichi Osawa(Feat. Au Revoir Simone) | Star Guitar

Still young enough to do something young and stupid

After putting up my Baba's Christmas decorations Ryan, Anna, Nathan and I went out for some pints.

We got home late.

I was still drunk when i woke up this morning.

Work has been brutal.

That is all

Monday, November 19, 2007

Trying to stop associating with my disassociation

I don't know why but the few months I have been feeling strangely disassociated from myself and from others. Sometimes its as if I feel like I am looking in or looking down on myself. I can see myself slipping further away from things and people that should be in my life. Its nothing extreme.

I am not in some sort of depressed spiral. I just for whatever reason am not feeling things as intensely as I used to. I used to get so stressed out about work, relationships and boys. After the last batch of disappointing men and work stress I somehow managed to shut off the little obsessive compulsive voice in my head that stressed me out.

I sometimes wonder if i shut everything else down with it.

I need to rekindle the fire that makes me me.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Now thats a tragedy

I don't know when or why it happend but somehow in the last few months i became a reality TV manbitch.

Between :
"A shot at love" (exploitative and horrible)
"America's next top model" (repetitive, staged and horrible)
"Project Runway Canada" (repetive and horrific, Iman is the worst host ever)

I really need to get a life.

In other news I am managing to work out and not pig out so I am feeling better about myself as a whole.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

mmmm bush

Went up to Darren's home in the middle of nowhere this weekend for a BBQ/ hottub party. He owns 80 acres and a beutiful log cabin. We ate (Darren is a kick ass cook), we drank we partied in the hottub, there was random nudity, quads and people hooking up.

Thats pretty much a checklist for a good party.
I did see somethings that I had never even fathomed was possible.

I saw not one but TWO people snort Jack Daniels up their nose.
I saw a naked twink wear a very confused scottish terrier as a shawl/scarf.
People doing shots of absyinthe at 9 am.

It was all fucked up in the best way.


Friday, November 09, 2007

History of an addict

My name is Aaron and I am a food addict.

I am not entirely sure how it happend. I don't remeber being like ny whole life. Even up to a few years ago I was able to easily regiment my diet.

I suppose I had all the precursers in place to set up my addiction. A large Ukrainian family whos soical activities surrounded food. Heaping plates of perogies, cabbage rolls, potatoes and chicken all drenched in thick farm cream. Constant complaints from relatives that I "looked skinny and should eat, eat EAT!" (said with a thick slavic accent to boot). I was also always taught never to leave food on my plate to go to waste. Even when I was stuffed I remeber shoving down more more more.

With all these environmental factors I could easily blame others for my current situation. Ultimately the blame rests clearly on my chubby little shoulders. Three little words that started my spiral into food addiction:
"I Deserve It"

This includes all the other variations and permutations of that statement. I suppose that using it started during my lengthy university studies. Stressed and looking for some way to motivate myself I started to use food as rewards. This evolved into stress eating, which begat celebratory eating, which begat depressed eating.

I turn to food now regardless of my emotional state. I watch the food network all the time now. Not just for the recipes but somehow just watching the delicious food gives me some sort of psychic joy.

Last night after 3 days of sensible eating and almost a week of pseudo dieting i gorged myself on nacho chips. I wasn't even hungry. The binge made me feel icky all night.

I have to rediscover my self control or else I am going to end up like my uncle who is almost 300 pounds and on his second heart.

I'm going to start saying "i don't need it" more.
I hope.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Thank you George Bush, no really i mean it

Well i know people bad mouth the guy a lot and he deserves it. I would like to thank good Ole bushy for cratering the US economy soo bad. The plunging greenback combined with a hot Canadian economy has caused the Canadian dollar to increase in value over 60% in the last few years.

I actually had a sociology professor predict this waaay back in 2001 yet still I never really believed i would see the Canadian dollar rise to $1.10 US.

On Friday i reaped the benefits of this economic situation.

I sauntered up to the till of my local comic book store with a large stack in my hand. Now normally this would set me back about 30 to 40 bucks. I was shocked when the bill came to 23 bucks and change. Apparently now they are selling comics and books at the much lower US price.

This timing is perfect because I was just about to have to cut back on my monthly reading list due to budgetary constraints. So thank you George for being such a royal fuck up.

I'm gonna go geek out now.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


After a great weekend with the Fella I felt it was time to start being more active. My eyes are better my nose is not drippy and my throat is only kind of sore. Time to start building up my strength and immunity.

Lucas got me down to the Kinsmen leasiure center today for some working out. We met up with Myckie and Mark (who i have not seen in forever). We had a great time.

Lucas was a huge help in getting me motivated and in the right spot to start working out. Its wierd talking to him now he is so calm clear and focused. Its like talking to a zen master.

I guess living in the bush in a camp reading spirtual books and self help stuff really can be good for the soul.

I am definitly going to commit to being healthier. I feel like I can do it this time.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Anyone have the number of that truck

Last week i got home from shopping and noticed my eyes were dry. This temporary annoyance has turned into a full blown case of conjunctivitis also known ever soo classily as pink eye. I want to scrape out my eyes out with spoons at this point. They are soo itchy and red.

It feels like my body is rejecting me the last while as my throat is still sore from a cold i got a few weeks ago.

Other things like work are running me down but rather than bore you allw ith the details i shall sum it up with this:


There i feel better somehow. Plus 30 Rock is on tonight and Greg is coming to visit me tommorow. YAY

Monday, October 29, 2007

"Because I REALLY can't go to jail dressed like this"

It was a hell of a good weekend. Like most North American gay men i spent this last weekend doing Halloween type activities. This was the first year in a long time however that I did not go to the gaybar (which is almost always a huge disappointment anyway).

This year I went with Greg to the annual Halloween season premier of Oh Susanna! at the varscona! Oh Susanna! is a talk show run by Edmonton's sassiest and most lovable drag queen.

The show was great. I laughed till I cried. My favorite line happened at the beginning when Susanna asked the audience to please not drink if they were underage "Because I REALLY can't go to jail dressed like this" and she gestures down to her outrageous dominatrix outfit complete with gigantic bare plastic cleavage.

Of course no Halloween would be complete without some sort of socially awkward situation. My ex was there with his partner Wes. I am still not sure why things were awkward but they still are. At least there wasn't a repeat of his performance on Halloween a few years ago where Geoff almost had to restrain him.

Progress and regression the story of my life.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Well it is a start

I went to my parent's place today for dinner. My Mom took me shopping after.

Mom starts christmas ornament shopping in mid septemeber. She took me to get some ornaments for my hand me down tree. I think at this point things between my mother and I are good. I am a bit worried however that the only way she can relate to me since coming out is when she is shopping with me. Its almost like when we are doing that she can forget about the rest of whats going on.

Its a start and I'm not going to complain about the getting of free stuff. I just wish she could move past this awkward phase that she is in.

Microsoft can go fist itself

A few months ago my computer did one of those wonderful automatic windows updates (despite the fact that I have them set to ask to be installed). This update somehow makes it so that microsft applications like Office 2003, Office 2007 and others could not open up links if the default browser was Firefox. Leave it to mirosoft to purposley try and prevent people from using other non-shitty software on a windows system. Makes me yearn for a more user friendly linux system (depsite claims that these systems exist I have yet to find one that doesn't require some command line bullshit).
The links would occasionally open but not until after an error message pops up.
General failure. The URL was: "". The system cannot find the file specified.
This error would also occasionally crash my outlook or explorer.exe. Searches on google turned up some standard fixes. Reinstall firefox, office and even windows xp.

None of these things work. I know because I tried it. Eventually after digging through the comments section on another blog I found this link to a knowledgebase article that fixes the problem. Ill post the fix here as well for those lazy clinkers.

File Types edit

(In Windows XP and Windows 2000)

  1. Open Windows Explorer (or My Computer).
  2. Go to Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types
  3. Select Extension: "(NONE)" File Type: "URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol"
  4. Click "Advanced". In the "Edit File Type" window, select "open" and click "Edit"
  5. Uncheck "Use DDE" (the dialog should then hide the lower part).
  6. Click OK for that dialog and the next one (afterwards, the "Use DDE" box is still checked but the "DDE Message" box will be cleared, as shown here)
  7. Repeat for Extension: "(NONE)" File Type: "URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol with Privacy" (and any other protocols you want to fix)
  8. Repeat for Extension: "(NONE)" File Type: "Firefox URL"
  9. Repeat for Extension: "HTM" (or "HTML") File Type: "Firefox Document"

Monday, October 22, 2007

Goodbye sun hello moon

For Canadians living through winter is a right of passage (less so for those in BC but whatever). Every fall we gear up and prepare ourselves physically and mentally for the coming 6 months of icy cold.

For the most part I can handle the cold and the snow and the icy roads. For me the hardest part about winter is the lack of sun. It gets so bad at points that its pitch black when you wake up to go to work and pitch black when you head home. There were semesters in University that I didn't see the sun all week except in passing glances through hallway windows.

The past few weeks I have been waking up to the most glorious skies of pink and purple. Today however it was dark. I am going to miss the sunrises.

I guess I am thinking about this more than usual because Greg and I went and saw "0 days of night". It was scary, gory, fun and well written. Probably the best vampire movie i have seen.

The story is about an isolated town in Alaska that for 30 days out of they year there is no sun. Vampires figure this is a pretty good deal for them and proceed to massacre the town. It was a dark movie and damn did it feel cold with all the snow.

I am not ready for winter.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It won't get easier...

This has been a bit of a crazy week. On monday it was my brother's birthday and yesterday it was my Mom's. She classically pulled the ultimate guilt trip on me by saying that all she wanted for her birthday was for her son to come home and have dinner with her.

Now normally I am all over a free meal. But for Mom's birthday she gets Kentucky fried chicken. I think KFC belongs on the list of things better served to dogs or small rodents. It does have its uses however there have been a few hangovers in my lifetime that have required the dirty bird medicine. These thankfully are few and far between.

I did go last night and I am currently still suffering from it. Oh lord why couldn't i be a vegetarian?! It isn't helping that i am suffering from a hell bad cold right now either.

We went shopping just the two of us afterwards. It was the first time we have really been able to talk face to face about me being gay since i have come out. She started out reminiscing about when we were all young and things were simpler. She said its been a tough year for her with Vanessa (my brothers girlfriend) moving to Europe for 8 months, me moving out and then coming out and Justin's cats making a mess of the place. I was trying to be sympathetic she kept talking about how hard it has been. For me however it has been a great year filled with positive changes and learning experiences.

She told me that I couldn't come out to the family yet as they were not ready. I explained to her that 1. They will never really be ready 2. I set my own time lines and will do it when I am ready 3. I am done investing my time in worrying about what others think about me being gay and if they have issue with it that is there issue.

She asked if i would want to go back to simpler times and i emphatically said no. Sure it is more work now but there are so many rewards for it. I didn't stop to think for a moment that she probably meant going back to before I was out to her. She hoped things would get easier. I immediately said that they wouldn't.

Thats just not the way the world works.

I probably should have lied and told her it would.

Friday, October 12, 2007

I just witnessed Wii mania

Edmonton has been sold out of Wii's for a while now. The adorable little machines are harder to find than the pair of glasses i lost on my birthday.

The Wal Mart's here received a shipment of them in today. (You know its desperate when I am willing to shop at a soul sucking Wal Mart I haven't been in one for over a year).

I called at 12:30 and one about 20 min away had four. I hopped in my VP's car and madly drove over. I get there in less than 20 minutes. There are two left. One is being held by an associate who is talking to this old woman who isn't sure it is what she wants. I ask the associate for a Wii he hands me the one he is holding and continues to talk to the woman.

I rush to the till with my Wii and as I am paying 4 separate people come in and try and take the Wii from the old lady. I thought for a bit they were going to have to call security as people started arguing. I quietly slipped out with my prize in hand.

It is about time!

Last night my dreams were calm and forgettable. Thank goodness!

I found out today that Edmonton is having a Queer art and culture festival at the end of November.

Exposure: Edmonton's Queer Arts and Culture Festival
is something I have been waiting for in this city for a looong time. Edmonton has such a vibrant arts scene that I am surprised something like this hasn't happened sooner. For a while now I have been quietly bemoaning the lack of gay socialization options that didn't involve the bar or support groups.

I can't wait to check this all out! Gay improv should be fucking awesome.

On an unrelated note I am so damn excited about this weekend it is not even funny!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I stand corrected

I am bad at math.
Horrible at math in fact. Math was the only subject in highschool that I did not get honours in. I have failed every single math final i have written since 1997. Usually my in class work was good enough to get me through. Honestly however I thought that once I graduated highschool i would be done with the subject forever.

Flash forward 5 glorious math free years. I am smugly comfortable in my anti math world. This happy place is shattered however when i find out that in order to get my second degree I need to take calculus.

I am placed in a class of 300 18 year olds fresh out of highschool who have taken a more advanced curriculum than I did 5 years ago. The odds to say the least were stacked against me accomplishing anything but an embarrassment in the class.

The course to say the least was a massacre. It becomes the first class I have ever taken that I fail. I vividly remember walking into the final (worth 60% of my mark) and having a complete black out. I sat for the required hour filling in the odd place where i could remember some morsel of numeric bullshit. Part marks was my motto!

I took the course again the next semester. This time the teacher was much better, as was my lab instructor. I bombed the final again but this time to a much lesser extent. I survive with a c- (the only c- i have ever gotten).

Math was my one real academic stressor and since I finished university in December it periodically haunts me just to remind me of its power.

As some of you know I have been having really random sometimes scary dreams the last week or so. I previously thought the most scary thing a man can dream of is loosing one's penis (see the post below). I was wrong
So very very wrong.

For the third time since I have received my degree i have had a vivid dream about having to go back to University because I have never really finished my math class and thus can not graduate. Last night's version of this dream was the worst one yet.

Its funny how nightmares can play on the smallest tidbits of insecurity and anxiety from your past. I would settle for the boogey man or Freddy Krueger just so long as it isn't related to math.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Minus 1 penis

Last night i i had a dream where I went to the Doctor for some minor surgery. I woke up to find that he had given me a sex change operation instead. Walking around for a bit with a vagjayjay was very wierd.
Needless to say a lawsuit ensued...

After that I didn't really sleep well, go figure that loosing one's penis is one of the scariest dreams one can have.

I need to really stop snacking before going to bed

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Feeling human

It took a week but i finally feel like real people again. It's amazing how long a hangover can really last. My birthday party was excellent. Lots of people everyone who went said they had a blast from what they could remember...

I orginally was going to have a handful of people over at the condo for those that didn't feel comfortable partying at the gay bar. That however turned into 35 people in the condo and never making it to the roost (which pissed off a bunch of people but I had my reasons for missing it).

This was my first real unified birthday party. In years before I would do my straighter group of friends on Friday and the more alternative group on Saturday at the roost. While the two party system lead to twice the party time, It also meant that Saturday i was usually grumpy and hungover from the night before.

Having everyone at one big bash was a ton of fun. There was randomness and moments galore. I think it was educational for both groups of friends that came.

The last group left the condo around 11:30 to head to the bar. We stopped at "Boots" which is an older gay bar that a friend used to work at. After numerous free shots from the owners i decided to go out the back door for "some air". I admit i was drunk and distracted and I failed to notice the bottom step on the concrete stairs was half broken off. I remember that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you step into thin air.

That feeling is the last thing I recall clearly.

Based on others fuzzy recollections of the night apparently Greg found me in the alley flat on my face bleeding profusely from a cut on my chin.

After some alone time behind a dumpster where i decided to get rid of what my body deemed to be excess tequila. We decided it was time to go back to the condo.

I woke up the next day and my face hurt and everything was covered in blood. I was lucky i didn't break my jaw or my nose.
I wonder how much longer i can use the excuse that I am young and stupid....

Here are some photos from the night plus one from my family party the night before:

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What Darkness lurks...

Today was supposed to be the day for sharing birthday pictures and stories. More pressing things have come up however. I just found out that a acquaintance from my university days committed suicide last week.

We met initially in my days at Grant McEwan. He was in my philosophy class and I had a gigantic crush on him. There was something about his curly hair and wit that made him by far the most interesting thing to come out of a philosophy class. Over the years we bumped into each other fairly frequently as we shared some mutual friends through the fraternity. We shared a common love of mocking frat boys and as it turns out we shared a love of men as well. He was one of the few people I could openly talk about sexuality and being gay before I could even tell my closest friends. But R. was like that he had a way of getting to the truths of things. I will always remember him making his rounds at the powerplant sliding up beside my very straight friend Tim whom he loved making feel awkward.

R. was someone I looked up to, and laughed with for years. He was everything I wasn't; tall, mature, independent, literate, trendy and damn cool. He lived his life with this hunger for experience that I will never forget. It seems unthinkable now that someone who left such a positive mark on so many people.

I will always wonder what private pain what personal turmoil existed behind that well put together mask that made up R.? What did i really know of him? What could have led him off that bridge?

I will miss our random encounters and adventures dude. I hope you are happy wherever you land.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

But I can't change time...

It's my 25th birthday coming up this Saturday. I have been working my ass off getting the condo ready for the big family party on Friday. We have decided to combine my birthday, housewarming and BCOM grad party, plus my cousin's birthday into one big event at my place. Having 20 of my family members in my place is sounding like its going to be more than a little daunting.

I am semi looking forward to it and semi dreading it. I mean there is only so much quality "family time" that I can take. Not to mention my family is like a carbon Ukrainian copy of the family from my big fat Greek wedding. It should be intense. More so now because of what happened on Monday.

There was a small get together for my Grandma Rose's birthday at her apartment. Of course there were about 10 of us crammed in there. Suspiciously absent was my Baba (Grandma in Ukrainian). Now Baba is in her 80's and is from what i can tell experiencing the early stages of cognitive decline. This is something that is fairly common when you get to that age its sad to see but to be expected.

She had forgotten about the birthday totally. Stuff like this has been happening with increased frequency for the last few years. Having worked with Alzheimer's and dementia victims for many years I had been noticing the signs of impairment and have been as understanding and supportive of her as i could.

The rest of the family is having trouble adjusting to or accepting the fact that she is experiencing this decline. This kind of came to a point when my Aunt (who is a fairly high strung OCD sufferer) flipped out at her for forgetting to come to the birthday (her and her partner Herman came about an hour late after my mom called her).

Now that pisses me off. My aunt had no right to flip out and yell at her for something that is not her fault. Yelling at Baba won't accomplish anything other than stressing her out. I understand that it is difficult to see a parent in decline but my Aunt has to find a better way to deal with her anxiety. The argument apparently ended with my aunt saying that she never wants to see my Baba again ( I live in a family of drama queens, add some glitter and disco music and we could take the show out on the road).

If my Aunt hasn't apologized by tomorrow i am calling her up and explaining why she is being a douche. I don't need extra family drama at this thing tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

He may be a joke but I am not laughing

The Edmonton civic election is coming up. It will be the first time I am able to vote for candidates since I Sherwood Park holds separate elections.
I came across an article in the Edmonton Sun today about a mayoral candidate named Bill Whatcott. He is a former gay prostitute and has since become a born again asshole. He is pretty much as anti gay as they come.

In fact I believe he was the lone protester at this years gay pride parade that I attended.
Here is my favorite quote from old Billy Boy.
"Homosexuality is killing young men with diseases like anal warts, anal gonorrhoea and anal cancer -- you're not going to get that living the lifestyle of a Ukrainian,"

Well Bill I hate to break it to you but I am living the lifestyle of a Ukrainian and I am not dying from any of those things. This guy can only be described as a total fucktard. He has distributed campaign information with a picture of current mayor Stephen Mandel sandwiched between two men. Seems kind of 3rd grade to me.

I found this self written article about him trying to crash a pride parade in Saskatchewan. Read it and you will see he is clearly delusional. Why isn't he being charged with spreading hate speech?

My theory is that one of 2 things are happening; he caught a case of the syphilis when he was a prostitute and now has gone batshit crazy or he hasn't had a good lay in so long that all that pent up cum has put pressure on his brain causing him to go batshit crazy.

Only those two things could explain why any homosexual like Bill would be wearing that fannypack.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Q of the Week: Would the world be a better place if anyone who was rude and belligerently butted into a lineup was immediately tackled and taserd?

** Please read the updated comments below**
I want to welcome all the new readers that have come in the last week. I will try and keep things interesting for you. Also a warm thank you goes out to the many people that have been posting comments and advice on coming out. Your kind words are appreciated!

Now on to my question:

Would the world be a better place if anyone who was rude and belligerently butted into a lineup was immediately tackled and tasered?

My thoughts: What we would gain is far less than what we would loose. I think part of the reason so many people have flipped and are now blaming the victim for the recent tasering incident at the Kerry speech are doing so because at some point we have all had to deal with that asshole who shoves his/her way in line and we have all wanted to throw something heavy at them but didn't. This guy, while he may be an asshole (I don't know either way) did not deserve to be tasered.

Also belligerently butted may be my new favorite word combination replacing the now classic Tits McGee.


m00nchild said...

Hiyas A. I've written on this subject. Not sure if you may have read it. I really think we need to be reaching beyond the surfaces of right/wrong, fair/unfair and ask ourselves how is it that this mess came to be in the first place. Namely:

Why would someone be so belligerent in butting?
Why would an elected politician have responded they way he did?
Why do campus police carry tasers?
Why do crowds cheer public punishment?

These are my questions. And when treated individually, I bet you would discover just how related they are.

And that somewhere in the mix is the all important phrase: "Access To Power"

4:11 PM
Aaron said...

Oh I agree totally that there are some much bigger issues at stake here. I have blogged about access to power and the abuse of it specifically in regards to the morally corrupt Edmonton City Police department.

Reading your blog post is actually what got me thinking about the subject as a whole. I was reading a lot of things about some of those macro level issues in yours and a few other blogs. I just find that sometimes pulling back that far can muddy the direct issue.

I have always thought that ultimately the Crime should fit the punishment.

When i look at it not at the macro level but at the micro to the direct behavioral antecedents to the tasering it seems absurd that he would be tasered for his activities.

With that firmly established I think its great to move on to the bigger macro level questions which as a total outsider I feel unworthy to tackle.

6:52 PM

Thursday, September 20, 2007

What happens when bombs don't go off?

Things have been kind of weird for me and parents since I came out to my Mom a couple of weeks ago.

She is still adapting and other than a few unintentionally offensive comments (being gay is NOT like having a near deadly case of bacterial meningitis or other deadly ailment) things have been very uneventful.

Granted we still haven't talked to my Dad about it and those long time readers of mine will know that he is the one that is going to pose most of the problem as things have been rather restrained since our confrontation at the family reunion a few years ago.

Somehow though i feel like i am perpetually on the defensive even though at this point I have no reason to be. Every time they call I tense up and feel slightly uncomfortable. I have spent the last 10 years preparing myself for the worst case scenario. Winding myself up, gearing up for war and now that it seems that war is not going to happen I almost don't know what to do with myself.

I feel like a sprinter waiting on the blocks for the gun to go off and it never does.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How ugly do you have to be that you are stealing my photos

So about 8 months ago this guy messaged me on msn. Normally i don't talk to people who randomly add me to msn without previously knowing who they are.

Against my better judgment I messaged him back and we got to chatting. Eventually he sent me a link to a picture of himself. He was cute and pretty much exactly my type. He was also a guy who had recently added me to his Bigmusclebears "I like" list. Thinking that this was pretty cool we continued chatting exchanging pics and engaging in various other forms of computer sluttery. We even talked on skype (charming irish accents are suuper sexy).

He went MIA a while back. I didn't put much thought into it until monday when my buddy Fred pointed out a guy from the UK who was using my profile pics on The username bravepuppy was the same as the one he had gone by originally on msn.

I went back and checked out that original link to his face pic he sent me and went up a level to find that in his webfolder were a bunch of my pics.

I know its not a big deal but how pathetic is this guy that he is using my pics to con people? Plus he probably conned me with some other guys pics. I should probably feel happy that someone finds me that attractive but i don't. I just hope that was the only profile he had with my stuff.

Some people out there are such fucktards.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Lets set a new precident

Went to my parents house yesterday for dinner. I have to admit i was a little anxious about going after the email conversations I had been having with my mother last week about being gay. Things went fairly well though. I know she is just being curious when she asks offensive things because she is trying to understand. I just don't know if i have the energy to invest in being a tour guide.

I have to wonder how much of my current personality is due to my attempts to make up for the fact that I am gay to my family. I have never thought about it too much but on the drive down yesterday it kind of popped into my head.

In Highschool and University I was always the overacheiver, the hardworker, the one who helped everyone, the one who visted (the only one actually) the grandparents. I just wonder would i have tried so hard had i not perceived myself as somehow letting them down by being gay.

Looking at things like that now I find it kind of laughable but to a scared 14 year old i think it would make sense.

I have always thought of my sexuality as a secondary or tertiary trait but I have to wonder, how much of who i am is because of that initial fear of disappointing the people I love? Theres no real answer and at this point it does not really matter, I just thought it was an interesting question.

The weekend was pretty uneventful otherwise. Tim's going away party was a semi bust as the keggers didn't last long enough and so people left early.

In other news I started my new weight loss plan today. Which means no more snacking aand I am going to hop on that rowing machine that has been collecting dust in my storage closet.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Coming out of the closet

Thank you so much to all the people who have contacted me to wish me well on this whole coming out of the closet thing. Its great to have so many well wishers around with me on this.

My mom has not been taking it as well as I had hoped.
First she blamed herself and made it all about her (which I expected).
Then she innocently equated my being gay with her being deathly ill when she was a child (that pissed me off a lot).
Then she asked me i hated them for bringing me into the world.

Now i know if i ever become a drama queen i can blame genetics

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

that was far easier than i thought it would be

So i know i have not blogged in a long time but today was pretty monumental. I came out to my mom today.
She took it really well and was really supportive.
Now all i have to do is come out to my Dad which is something neither of us is looking forward to.

At least i know she has my back.

Yay me i feel so adult

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

One step forward...

The Western Canadian Pride Camp out was great. I am still recovering I will do full post on it later this week when i have my pics downloaded from my camera.

I recently read an article on the cbc website about how the city council of Turo is refusing to fly the gay pride flag. The council initially gives out the excuse that the request came in too late however that is clearly just spin. I think this quote says it all:
"If I have a group of people that says pedophiles should have rights, do we raise their flag too? I don't want to lump them in with homosexuals, but that's the point, the issues, and that's my feeling.
It is amazing that in 2007 in a progressive country like Canada gays still have to fight to get official recognition. In Edmonton we experienced the same problems under Mayor Bill Smith's regime. He too used God as excuse to promote his homophobia and then demonstrate it clearly with his administration's actions. Often it takes a regime change in order to get past this conservative bullshit (which thankfully happened here).

Here is another quote from the clearly brilliant Mayor Bill Mills:

"God says I'm not in favour of that and I have to look at it and say, I guess I'm not either," Mills said.
I really wonder when mister Mills had the chance to sit down and talk with god about homosexuality and his/her feelings about it. This is one of the many reasons I think organized religion should be abolished its just used too much to justify bullshit.

Friday, July 27, 2007

so thats why it does not fit

I went to my Baba's this week to pick up a Ukrainian food care package. I try to weigh myself every time i go there as she si the only person I know that actually has a scale.

The results are bad. They almost had to call a forklift in to carry my fat ass out of there. Not only have i gained back the 10 pounds I lost while renovating but i have packed on a few more pounds on top of it.

So much for starving on my own. I am now just under 170 pounds. Luckily My folks have dropped off my rowing machine so soon i should be fit again.
I hope

My pants are all tight!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Argra Gay rodeo 2007

Last weekend on w him I went to the Gay rodeo even run by the Alberta Rockies Gay rodeo association. I went down by myself not really sure if i would know anyone. It was a big thing for me to just pack up and go without planning or knowing who i was going to hang with. I figured I would make friends.

I think it was by far the best 3 days of my whole life. I met so many great people. i was really taken aback by how friendly everyone was. I ended up meeting people from all over the world some of whom i hope to keep in contact with. I am going again next year for sure.

It did a lot for me i think going down. I feel different somehow im not sure how though.

My fav pic of the whole trip

A contestant from the wild drag event

Me in my borrowed western gear. Thanks David and Chris!! BTW no one say anything about the rolled up jeans i was just doing as i was told!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Seriously why are you still here??

I went and saw transformers last night with Eoin. It was cheesy, loud, nostalgic, funny and ultimately sextacular. Stop reading this blog post and go see it. Last time i was this blown away by a movie was Jurassic Park. Go See it the 8 year old in you will thank you for it! Seriously stop reading and go!

Right now!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Further proof that people need to be told the obvious

This was on the CBC website today. Damn just as i was going to smoke while lighting candles and playing with matches in bed. There goes my plans for Friday night!

Tips to prevent mattress fires

1. Don't smoke in bed.
2. Keep burning candles and portable heaters away from bedding and anything else that can ignite.
3. Keep matches, lighters, and burning candles out of the reach of children.
Source: Health Canada

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Textbook Gong show

Well i partied like a rockstar on Friday for Jorge's birthday. We used to call him the Beer santa or evil dad so i should have been better prepared for the gong show that went down. I can tell I am getting old as I paid for it for 2 days after. It was so bad i actually had to go get mc donalds which is something i have not had in like 4 months. It was soo bad and soo good at the same time.

This technically happened b4 the bday party. Check out Anna's weirdly dilated eye!

The birthday boy and Erin and I. Its a wuv fest!

Me feeding Jorge his birthday shot

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Queer Images: Edmonton's GLBT Film Fest

I went to the Queer Images: Edmonton's GLBT Film Fest yesterday at the citadel theater. It was a great time. I have never really gotten to do a lot of gay events that didn't involve drinking. It was definitely a different crowd than the bar stars. The friend that i was with called them the intellectual gays which seemed fairly appropriate. I definitely need to go to more events like that.

Movie reviews:
Rock Pockets
- Cute and funny short film by a cute and funny guy ( just wish he would shave off the hipster mustache).

- It was funny, vapid movie about vapid, straight boys working at one of the hottest gay bars in Australia

Body Talk
- A brilliant hilarious short about picking up at a lesbian bar. With closed captioning for the lesbian impaired.

Small town gay bar
- A film about the truly epic struggles of running gay bars in the bible belt of the united states. The film was hilarious and heartbreaking all at the same time. It really is a great piece. My only complaint is that it could have used some editing as it went on for about 10 min too long and had some sloppy cuts.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Teh gays come out to play: Pride 2007

This last weekend was the kick off to the Edmonton Pride week. I know there is a ton of debate going on in the gay community about whether pride and the parade should be revamped changed and toned down. Some have been wondering if there is even a place for it at all anymore and others (i like to call them the bitter gays) seem to hate everything it stands for.

I recently had a straight friend as me why it was that we should get a pride parade. Why was it so important and why he shouldn't get a parade too. After my immediate "every day is straight pride day" response i was left without any other reason. The question kind of caught me off guard and kind of made me re-evaluate what pride meant to me. Yes its a great party and a great show and thats all he was seeing from it. I remember my first pride parade, I was nervous and didn't know what to expect, pride had just started being officially sanctioned by city hall and things in this backwards little city of ours were starting to liberalize. The parade was short and after the last float the watchers along the sidelines followed behind it as the parade made its route to city hall.

I remember walking hand in hand with my bf at the time. I remember the rain and how it still didn't manage to ruin the drag queen's hair and makeup as the stalked up and down the route posing fiercely for anyone who wanted a picture. I remember the small band very cold but very cheerful leather enthusiasts. I also remember the sad lonely group of about 10 protesters trying to get us to repent (there were only 3 this year, hows that for progress!!). I think a for a casual straight observer this is pretty much the extent of what they see blinded by the glitter and chains.

What I remember most however is seeing thousands of us proud and strong united walking down jasper ave following the parade. Filling the street between the towering buildings we marched together laughing dancing and holding hand for the world to see. For the first time in a very long time I had felt like I was normal in being abnormal, that I was part of a community and that I was safe. This is why pride is important and shouldn't be toned down or eliminated. It is also why a most straight people don't get why we need one.

This was my third pride and by far the best one so far it seems to be getting bigger every year here. The Parkies came with me this year which was fun as I had never had them all there before. There was some rain but nothing tragic and for the most part the weather was great as was the company.

Here are some pictures of the event.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Convocation 2007 I am offically done

This should have been posted last Thursday but I needed time to upload my pics.

It is really nice being done. Even nicer to know i wont have to stand in line at the university of
Alberta bookstore anymore.

I missed my first convocation for Psychology I went this year more for my Mom and Dad than for myself. I guess I was against how impersonal and random the whole process was. You don't even get your degree on stage you get it the night before from the bookstore. Basically it just them announcing your name and then you shaking some hands on stage.

In the end however I am really glad I went. The speech by Indira was worth the 2 hours or boredom. It was all about having courage and taking chances to achieve greatness. She is such a great speaker and a good person, she even bothers to remember your name. Hunter Harrison the CEO for CN received an honorary degree at the event. This was kind of cool as Hunter is mentioned in pretty much every single management class for his unique management style and the success that it has caused for CN. Hunter himself was a bit of a disappointment. His speech was ok but it seemed like he was feeling uncomfortable or out of his element. Still cool to see him.

Ran into my ex Phil. I was nice we got along better than we have in years. He even introduced me to his parents (who were far less scary than i pictured them when we were dating). I also managed to bump into a few other people from business which was awesome.

After my Mom took me and my bro to Ikea for shopping fun while we waited for my Dad (who could not come because he had meetings all day at work). We all went for supper to Mikado, an awesome sushi place and I pigged out.

Here are some pics from the event.

Monday, June 18, 2007

"guilty feet got no rhythm" Gossip style

The new song by the gossip effin rocks. An unrecognizable remake of "careless whisper" by George Michael. Sooo damn hot I love it. This video sucks just listen to the muzak!

Big things have been happening. Updates are a comin!

Monday, June 11, 2007

leslie feist i love you

Let me count the ways...

who doesn't love a kitschy dance number with multi-coloured outfits. If only Emily Haine's videos could be this unpretentious. As a bonus here is the video for my fav new song "My moon my man".

I love her!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Heaven has arrived

My folks bought me a TV today for convocation. Just when i thought things couldn't get any better i saw this. How did i not know about this sooner!! A festival of beer in my own town!!?!?

Consider me there.
Like soon!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sweaty nuts, amongst other things

As most of you living in Alberta well know it has been god damn hot lately. The past 2 years i have been in a basement enjoying the relative coolness of being underground. The condo is the polar opposite of the basement. It have never had such trouble sleeping in my whole life, its like one unending fever dream.

I bought a slightly used air conditioner from a co-workers brother for 600. I can't help but feel a little ripped off as it does not make the bedrooms and cooler. Im hoping since it was on all day today that tonight will be better

Bad influences

My roommate may indeed be the devil. Or some evil spirt sent to this world to get me to go out drinking on a Monday night not even 28 hours after we had both promised we would give our bodies a break till Friday.

I am sooo weak :P

Monday, June 04, 2007

A not so slow decent into alchoholism

Things have been interesting.
There were a lot of firsts for me last week.
I am finally feeling better.
The condo is starting to look liveable.
I wish my cell would ring.
The condo is so hot. I was never this hot in the Dominican or even at my parents old place. Last night was particularly brutal with no breeze at all coming through the place.
I am so excited about buying an air conditioner today I may be mildly aroused.
I don't know anything about the 4 foot by 3 foot people sized hole in the wall in a particular gay bar in town. In fact I know nothing about what your talking about so stop asking.

I had a margarita party for some old friends who I have been neglecting during the renovations. The party was a girly drink drunk party and i have to admit i make kick ass margaritas which made up for my lame daiquiris. The party kind of capped off a week that was high on debauchery of all sorts.

This has led me to the conclusion that I need to slow down a bit and save my resources up for the impending gay pride debauchery.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Men can be such pigs

Against my better judgment I went with Ryan to Boots last night. For those of you who don't know boots is a slightly seedy gay establishment that tends to cater towards older clientel (which is a nice way to say its an old guy bar). Im not a huge fan of the place but i figured I could use the night out.

We ended up having a great time with Darcy and his roomate Dicky but that is not the reason I am blogging.

As I am standing at the urinal this large old man comes in and says this:
"Well at least that is one thing..."
His statement hung in the air. Me being the ever polite person I am says: "Oh?"
He grunts then replies: "At least I don't have to die to see what rigor mortise feels like"
Not liking where this is going i pee harder and attempt to get out of there, before I manage to finish he says: "You know because I am feeling a little stiff"
Thats when I realize he isn't peeing and I rapidly tucked in my junk and got the hell out of there.

Seriously that is the grossest most inappropriate pickup line ever. Old men can be so disgusting.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Down the dusty road

Still blah, I did a cool personality quiz today. I'm not sure if this is how i want to present myself or who i actually am tho.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

COW LAKE pictures

I had a great night last night. Yet i still feel off. Hopefully this weekend will be better. Here are some pics from my trip to cow lake on may long.
Just when i thought Jorge and Erin couldn't pack more stuff in the back seat they managed to shove a little more in the rear.
The official cow lake udder pinata mascot. Filled with some awesome and delicious treats of the alcoholic variety.

This is the classiest pic of Erin i could find. In all the other ones she seems to have white stuff all over her face.

Let me at them boozy treats!

Why am I doing pushups at 1 am ? Because my friends are evil bastards and drinking jenga is a game full of peril.

Why is Chelsea doing double the pushups I am? Because Erin is an evil brilliant woman.

Cow Lake is a magical place . If you wish for something hard enough it appears. Like the "gift" in the above picture. Best steak I ever had!

Chelsea is importing Eoin into Canada. This picture is the perfect reason why shes putting in the effort. True story.

Cuz sometimes grown men need to teeter totter!

Another story. Young man goes camping. Young man flies his kite. After much fun flying his fancy kite young man flies kite into a very tall tree. Young man looses kite, comes back to camp horribly dejected, drinks half a bottle of tequila in an hour and then proceeds to show everyone how his yoga headstands are wicked cool. Young man spends rest of night puking just outside the tent. COW LAKE COW LAKE COW LAKE

Charming as always

The aftermath.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Another butch boyscout badge for this Munkey

I never expected it to happen. Even after embarking on this rather epic condo renovation it never dawned on me. I suppose an outside observer could come to the spontaneous conclusion that it was an inevitability but never in a million years did i think I was capable of it.

Yes ladies and Gentlemen I have an opinion on grout.

Scary isn't it. I have really learned a heck of a lot on this project. Last night after some impulse purchases at home depot (which included some premixed non-sanded grout). I went home and figured despite the late hour I would try out the new pre-mixed grout I had bought. Now normally you buy grout in a bag and mix it with a drill in a large bucket. This process is kind of messy and you usually have to throw away the bucket after. I figure pre-mixed grout would make the job a million times easier.

I was very very wrong. The stuff does not dry evenly and is almost impossible to work with and achieve smooth grout-lines. I even let it dry for an extra 20 min and it was still a total mess. If that wasn't bad enough I wake up this morning to find that it had contracted over the night leaving huge cracks in the middle of 90% of the joints.

Now if this was my first time grouting tile i would pass it off on inexperience but this is certainly not the case.

So take my advice always mix your own grout it will save you time in the long run.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Farewell Veronica Mars

Well I was clearly out of the loop this weekend on my epic camping trip to cow lake (pictures to follow soon). I came home to find that Veronica Mars has officially been canceled. This is heartbreaking and further evidence of the cultural decay of TV. I just hope Kristen Bell fares better than Claire Danes after "my so called life" was canceled. Career tip from Aaron: stay away from movie remakes of lame 70's shows.

Lets take a moment to remember and thank the cast and crew for creating such a well written show.

Now lets take another moment to send an email to the fools at the CW for not promoting or supporting the show like they should have. You can reach them here.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Worst name for a lake ever

I am going camping this weekend to the wondrous cow lake. Doesn't that sound totally great? I have to admit I am not really pumped about going. The weather this weekend is supposed to be pretty awful with a threat of snow on Monday . The last thing i want to do with my weekend is freeze my ass off in a cold wet tent especially when there is so much work left to do on the condo.

Hopefully we will have a good time though. I should be posting pics on Monday.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tying things up or is that getting tied up

It has taken a ton of work but the rubber site is finally up and running. You all can visit it at . Yes I did model for some of the photos that I mentioned in this post but unfortunately I can not lay claim to the really naughty ones.

On Monday Chris flew home and yesterday Jon flew home and Ryan flew to Toronto for vacation which means for the first time since i have moved in. It was great meeting Jon and Chris I had a really great time showing them around town. Ill be posting some of their pics soon. With the house guests gone and Ryan on vacation the condo seems pretty quiet and empty. It will be nice to have the place to my self for a bit tho.

The hardwood is all in and the tiles are all laid in the kitchen and dining room. The floor looks great. I can not belive how awsome those tiles look with the bamboo floor. I should be able to put up a video tour tommorow :D.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

A night at the Grindhouse where the crazies thrive and i almost died!!

On sunday Ryan and I went and saw the Grindhouse by Rodriguez and Tarantino. It was only playing in one place in Edmonton which sucks because it deserves a much better fate than being relegated to the sketchy empire theater on calgary trail. I figure though what better way to see an old school movie than in an old school theater with those plush faux velvet seats.

We get there and the place is deserted. We were early so we were chilling in the lobby at one of the tables. I decided to go get a drink to go with my super salty popcorn. As I am walking to the concession stand this twitchy man walks in right ahead of me and gets in front of me at the till. He asks the worker if he can give him change. The worker pops open the till and the twitchy guy dives over the till and starts grabbing the money. So here i am standing dumbfounded with a 20 dollar bill in my hand while there is a robbery going on not 5 feet from me. I quietly shove the 20 in my pocket and start to back away. No one else in the theater seems to notice what is going on.

It's weird i actually had a debate about if it was worth it to try and stop the guy. I decided that it definitely was not. The guy promptly ran out the door and the young worker kid ran into the back. I quietly meandered back to my table to regale Ryan with how i almost died or not so much.

The movie was good. Hard to watch at times and i litteraly yelled out at shock during one of the fake previews. It was kind of long though and Death Proof seemed to take forever to get going. I would definitely watch it again tho.

Monday, May 07, 2007

The slippery slope to becoming a porn star...

** Sorry for the delay in posting as i was writing this post on Monday our companies network basically decided to implode and things seem to have just gone down hill from there**

Saturday was quite an experience. As some of you may know i was contracted out a while ago to do a website revamp for a gay rubber fetish store. I'll be posting the link in a day or so once i have things properly configured. The owner of the store wanted some models for some new gear pics and wanted to know if I knew anyone. Of course with the amount of kinky friends I have this really wasn't an issue. So i hooked him and my buddy Geoff up for a photo shoot on Saturday. I went along partially to give the owner a quick tutorial on the new store and partially to laugh my ass off at Geoff.

I don't think i have laughed so much in a long time. Unfortunately Geoff has been weight training and as such his shoulders wouldn't fit in some of the Lycra full body suits. They kind of looked like spiderman outfits. So being a good sport I threw on two for some shots. One that made me look like the silver surfer and another one that was half silver and half black.

Let me tell you if you don't already have serious body issues a skin tight lycra body suit can fix that. If it wasn't the shine coming off my gut or the moose knuckles from an improperly placed zipper it was one of a million other flaws that stood out. On the plus side my ass looked great!

It was a little awkward but I had a ton of fun. I may even do it again sometime once I am in better shape.