Thursday, May 31, 2007

Down the dusty road

Still blah, I did a cool personality quiz today. I'm not sure if this is how i want to present myself or who i actually am tho.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

COW LAKE pictures

I had a great night last night. Yet i still feel off. Hopefully this weekend will be better. Here are some pics from my trip to cow lake on may long.
Just when i thought Jorge and Erin couldn't pack more stuff in the back seat they managed to shove a little more in the rear.
The official cow lake udder pinata mascot. Filled with some awesome and delicious treats of the alcoholic variety.

This is the classiest pic of Erin i could find. In all the other ones she seems to have white stuff all over her face.

Let me at them boozy treats!

Why am I doing pushups at 1 am ? Because my friends are evil bastards and drinking jenga is a game full of peril.

Why is Chelsea doing double the pushups I am? Because Erin is an evil brilliant woman.

Cow Lake is a magical place . If you wish for something hard enough it appears. Like the "gift" in the above picture. Best steak I ever had!

Chelsea is importing Eoin into Canada. This picture is the perfect reason why shes putting in the effort. True story.

Cuz sometimes grown men need to teeter totter!

Another story. Young man goes camping. Young man flies his kite. After much fun flying his fancy kite young man flies kite into a very tall tree. Young man looses kite, comes back to camp horribly dejected, drinks half a bottle of tequila in an hour and then proceeds to show everyone how his yoga headstands are wicked cool. Young man spends rest of night puking just outside the tent. COW LAKE COW LAKE COW LAKE

Charming as always

The aftermath.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Another butch boyscout badge for this Munkey

I never expected it to happen. Even after embarking on this rather epic condo renovation it never dawned on me. I suppose an outside observer could come to the spontaneous conclusion that it was an inevitability but never in a million years did i think I was capable of it.

Yes ladies and Gentlemen I have an opinion on grout.

Scary isn't it. I have really learned a heck of a lot on this project. Last night after some impulse purchases at home depot (which included some premixed non-sanded grout). I went home and figured despite the late hour I would try out the new pre-mixed grout I had bought. Now normally you buy grout in a bag and mix it with a drill in a large bucket. This process is kind of messy and you usually have to throw away the bucket after. I figure pre-mixed grout would make the job a million times easier.

I was very very wrong. The stuff does not dry evenly and is almost impossible to work with and achieve smooth grout-lines. I even let it dry for an extra 20 min and it was still a total mess. If that wasn't bad enough I wake up this morning to find that it had contracted over the night leaving huge cracks in the middle of 90% of the joints.

Now if this was my first time grouting tile i would pass it off on inexperience but this is certainly not the case.

So take my advice always mix your own grout it will save you time in the long run.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Farewell Veronica Mars

Well I was clearly out of the loop this weekend on my epic camping trip to cow lake (pictures to follow soon). I came home to find that Veronica Mars has officially been canceled. This is heartbreaking and further evidence of the cultural decay of TV. I just hope Kristen Bell fares better than Claire Danes after "my so called life" was canceled. Career tip from Aaron: stay away from movie remakes of lame 70's shows.

Lets take a moment to remember and thank the cast and crew for creating such a well written show.

Now lets take another moment to send an email to the fools at the CW for not promoting or supporting the show like they should have. You can reach them here.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Worst name for a lake ever

I am going camping this weekend to the wondrous cow lake. Doesn't that sound totally great? I have to admit I am not really pumped about going. The weather this weekend is supposed to be pretty awful with a threat of snow on Monday . The last thing i want to do with my weekend is freeze my ass off in a cold wet tent especially when there is so much work left to do on the condo.

Hopefully we will have a good time though. I should be posting pics on Monday.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tying things up or is that getting tied up

It has taken a ton of work but the rubber site is finally up and running. You all can visit it at . Yes I did model for some of the photos that I mentioned in this post but unfortunately I can not lay claim to the really naughty ones.

On Monday Chris flew home and yesterday Jon flew home and Ryan flew to Toronto for vacation which means for the first time since i have moved in. It was great meeting Jon and Chris I had a really great time showing them around town. Ill be posting some of their pics soon. With the house guests gone and Ryan on vacation the condo seems pretty quiet and empty. It will be nice to have the place to my self for a bit tho.

The hardwood is all in and the tiles are all laid in the kitchen and dining room. The floor looks great. I can not belive how awsome those tiles look with the bamboo floor. I should be able to put up a video tour tommorow :D.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

A night at the Grindhouse where the crazies thrive and i almost died!!

On sunday Ryan and I went and saw the Grindhouse by Rodriguez and Tarantino. It was only playing in one place in Edmonton which sucks because it deserves a much better fate than being relegated to the sketchy empire theater on calgary trail. I figure though what better way to see an old school movie than in an old school theater with those plush faux velvet seats.

We get there and the place is deserted. We were early so we were chilling in the lobby at one of the tables. I decided to go get a drink to go with my super salty popcorn. As I am walking to the concession stand this twitchy man walks in right ahead of me and gets in front of me at the till. He asks the worker if he can give him change. The worker pops open the till and the twitchy guy dives over the till and starts grabbing the money. So here i am standing dumbfounded with a 20 dollar bill in my hand while there is a robbery going on not 5 feet from me. I quietly shove the 20 in my pocket and start to back away. No one else in the theater seems to notice what is going on.

It's weird i actually had a debate about if it was worth it to try and stop the guy. I decided that it definitely was not. The guy promptly ran out the door and the young worker kid ran into the back. I quietly meandered back to my table to regale Ryan with how i almost died or not so much.

The movie was good. Hard to watch at times and i litteraly yelled out at shock during one of the fake previews. It was kind of long though and Death Proof seemed to take forever to get going. I would definitely watch it again tho.

Monday, May 07, 2007

The slippery slope to becoming a porn star...

** Sorry for the delay in posting as i was writing this post on Monday our companies network basically decided to implode and things seem to have just gone down hill from there**

Saturday was quite an experience. As some of you may know i was contracted out a while ago to do a website revamp for a gay rubber fetish store. I'll be posting the link in a day or so once i have things properly configured. The owner of the store wanted some models for some new gear pics and wanted to know if I knew anyone. Of course with the amount of kinky friends I have this really wasn't an issue. So i hooked him and my buddy Geoff up for a photo shoot on Saturday. I went along partially to give the owner a quick tutorial on the new store and partially to laugh my ass off at Geoff.

I don't think i have laughed so much in a long time. Unfortunately Geoff has been weight training and as such his shoulders wouldn't fit in some of the Lycra full body suits. They kind of looked like spiderman outfits. So being a good sport I threw on two for some shots. One that made me look like the silver surfer and another one that was half silver and half black.

Let me tell you if you don't already have serious body issues a skin tight lycra body suit can fix that. If it wasn't the shine coming off my gut or the moose knuckles from an improperly placed zipper it was one of a million other flaws that stood out. On the plus side my ass looked great!

It was a little awkward but I had a ton of fun. I may even do it again sometime once I am in better shape.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Dreamland not so much

I had absolutely bizzar dreams last night. I'm not sure if it was my really stressful day at work, the disappointing new LG 8500 chocolate phone i have or the fact that I watched the big lebowskie last night but my whole night was totally fucked up.

The first dream was like I was watching a movie from inside the main characters head. But I had little control over the character herself (ya it was a she). She was a heroine of a couple of zombie movies who had just returned from her last horrifying survival tale with her nebbish but charming boyfriend in tow. They are unpacking their beat up car when they find a worn rubbermaid container that did not belong to either of them. Being a heroine of many of these movies she knows that they shouldn't open the container. Alas her boyfriend does and is immediately chopped down by an evil dead/army of darkness zombie dwarf with a circulating saw for a hand. She/me proceed to battle this thing for a while till she/me finishes it off with and ax. Only to find that her boyfriend has turned into a zombie killer himself and has begun to raise an army of killer zombies. The rest of the dream goes in double or triple time almost like flashes in a strobe light detailing her/my fight to keep from being infected to finding out that the reason she/me keeps getting into the zombie situations is that she is the source of the infection.

The weird thing was at no point was a I really scared or anything it was if i was involved but not in personal peril at any point.

The next dream involved me going back home after being away for some time to find my family falling apart. My mom and dad on the verge of divorce the house had been sold and I was basically being blamed for it all. The whole extended family was there it was insane. So after being yelled at for a while I end up flipping out and telling them all to go fuck themselves and that I was never coming back. This leads into me having an almost total breakdown (can you have a breakdown in a dream?) filled with interesting guest stars like some ex's and others i haven't dreamed of in a long, long time.

The last dream I think I understand at least in that I know i have trouble with change and issues with my family and that kind of is just an extreme manifestation of it. The first dream however is still throwing me for a curve. I should have listened to Ruby and taken that dream analysis class.