Friday, July 27, 2007

so thats why it does not fit

I went to my Baba's this week to pick up a Ukrainian food care package. I try to weigh myself every time i go there as she si the only person I know that actually has a scale.

The results are bad. They almost had to call a forklift in to carry my fat ass out of there. Not only have i gained back the 10 pounds I lost while renovating but i have packed on a few more pounds on top of it.

So much for starving on my own. I am now just under 170 pounds. Luckily My folks have dropped off my rowing machine so soon i should be fit again.
I hope

My pants are all tight!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Argra Gay rodeo 2007

Last weekend on w him I went to the Gay rodeo even run by the Alberta Rockies Gay rodeo association. I went down by myself not really sure if i would know anyone. It was a big thing for me to just pack up and go without planning or knowing who i was going to hang with. I figured I would make friends.

I think it was by far the best 3 days of my whole life. I met so many great people. i was really taken aback by how friendly everyone was. I ended up meeting people from all over the world some of whom i hope to keep in contact with. I am going again next year for sure.

It did a lot for me i think going down. I feel different somehow im not sure how though.

My fav pic of the whole trip

A contestant from the wild drag event

Me in my borrowed western gear. Thanks David and Chris!! BTW no one say anything about the rolled up jeans i was just doing as i was told!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Seriously why are you still here??

I went and saw transformers last night with Eoin. It was cheesy, loud, nostalgic, funny and ultimately sextacular. Stop reading this blog post and go see it. Last time i was this blown away by a movie was Jurassic Park. Go See it the 8 year old in you will thank you for it! Seriously stop reading and go!

Right now!