Thursday, September 27, 2007

But I can't change time...

It's my 25th birthday coming up this Saturday. I have been working my ass off getting the condo ready for the big family party on Friday. We have decided to combine my birthday, housewarming and BCOM grad party, plus my cousin's birthday into one big event at my place. Having 20 of my family members in my place is sounding like its going to be more than a little daunting.

I am semi looking forward to it and semi dreading it. I mean there is only so much quality "family time" that I can take. Not to mention my family is like a carbon Ukrainian copy of the family from my big fat Greek wedding. It should be intense. More so now because of what happened on Monday.

There was a small get together for my Grandma Rose's birthday at her apartment. Of course there were about 10 of us crammed in there. Suspiciously absent was my Baba (Grandma in Ukrainian). Now Baba is in her 80's and is from what i can tell experiencing the early stages of cognitive decline. This is something that is fairly common when you get to that age its sad to see but to be expected.

She had forgotten about the birthday totally. Stuff like this has been happening with increased frequency for the last few years. Having worked with Alzheimer's and dementia victims for many years I had been noticing the signs of impairment and have been as understanding and supportive of her as i could.

The rest of the family is having trouble adjusting to or accepting the fact that she is experiencing this decline. This kind of came to a point when my Aunt (who is a fairly high strung OCD sufferer) flipped out at her for forgetting to come to the birthday (her and her partner Herman came about an hour late after my mom called her).

Now that pisses me off. My aunt had no right to flip out and yell at her for something that is not her fault. Yelling at Baba won't accomplish anything other than stressing her out. I understand that it is difficult to see a parent in decline but my Aunt has to find a better way to deal with her anxiety. The argument apparently ended with my aunt saying that she never wants to see my Baba again ( I live in a family of drama queens, add some glitter and disco music and we could take the show out on the road).

If my Aunt hasn't apologized by tomorrow i am calling her up and explaining why she is being a douche. I don't need extra family drama at this thing tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

He may be a joke but I am not laughing

The Edmonton civic election is coming up. It will be the first time I am able to vote for candidates since I Sherwood Park holds separate elections.
I came across an article in the Edmonton Sun today about a mayoral candidate named Bill Whatcott. He is a former gay prostitute and has since become a born again asshole. He is pretty much as anti gay as they come.

In fact I believe he was the lone protester at this years gay pride parade that I attended.
Here is my favorite quote from old Billy Boy.
"Homosexuality is killing young men with diseases like anal warts, anal gonorrhoea and anal cancer -- you're not going to get that living the lifestyle of a Ukrainian,"

Well Bill I hate to break it to you but I am living the lifestyle of a Ukrainian and I am not dying from any of those things. This guy can only be described as a total fucktard. He has distributed campaign information with a picture of current mayor Stephen Mandel sandwiched between two men. Seems kind of 3rd grade to me.

I found this self written article about him trying to crash a pride parade in Saskatchewan. Read it and you will see he is clearly delusional. Why isn't he being charged with spreading hate speech?

My theory is that one of 2 things are happening; he caught a case of the syphilis when he was a prostitute and now has gone batshit crazy or he hasn't had a good lay in so long that all that pent up cum has put pressure on his brain causing him to go batshit crazy.

Only those two things could explain why any homosexual like Bill would be wearing that fannypack.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Q of the Week: Would the world be a better place if anyone who was rude and belligerently butted into a lineup was immediately tackled and taserd?

** Please read the updated comments below**
I want to welcome all the new readers that have come in the last week. I will try and keep things interesting for you. Also a warm thank you goes out to the many people that have been posting comments and advice on coming out. Your kind words are appreciated!

Now on to my question:

Would the world be a better place if anyone who was rude and belligerently butted into a lineup was immediately tackled and tasered?

My thoughts: What we would gain is far less than what we would loose. I think part of the reason so many people have flipped and are now blaming the victim for the recent tasering incident at the Kerry speech are doing so because at some point we have all had to deal with that asshole who shoves his/her way in line and we have all wanted to throw something heavy at them but didn't. This guy, while he may be an asshole (I don't know either way) did not deserve to be tasered.

Also belligerently butted may be my new favorite word combination replacing the now classic Tits McGee.


m00nchild said...

Hiyas A. I've written on this subject. Not sure if you may have read it. I really think we need to be reaching beyond the surfaces of right/wrong, fair/unfair and ask ourselves how is it that this mess came to be in the first place. Namely:

Why would someone be so belligerent in butting?
Why would an elected politician have responded they way he did?
Why do campus police carry tasers?
Why do crowds cheer public punishment?

These are my questions. And when treated individually, I bet you would discover just how related they are.

And that somewhere in the mix is the all important phrase: "Access To Power"

4:11 PM
Aaron said...

Oh I agree totally that there are some much bigger issues at stake here. I have blogged about access to power and the abuse of it specifically in regards to the morally corrupt Edmonton City Police department.

Reading your blog post is actually what got me thinking about the subject as a whole. I was reading a lot of things about some of those macro level issues in yours and a few other blogs. I just find that sometimes pulling back that far can muddy the direct issue.

I have always thought that ultimately the Crime should fit the punishment.

When i look at it not at the macro level but at the micro to the direct behavioral antecedents to the tasering it seems absurd that he would be tasered for his activities.

With that firmly established I think its great to move on to the bigger macro level questions which as a total outsider I feel unworthy to tackle.

6:52 PM

Thursday, September 20, 2007

What happens when bombs don't go off?

Things have been kind of weird for me and parents since I came out to my Mom a couple of weeks ago.

She is still adapting and other than a few unintentionally offensive comments (being gay is NOT like having a near deadly case of bacterial meningitis or other deadly ailment) things have been very uneventful.

Granted we still haven't talked to my Dad about it and those long time readers of mine will know that he is the one that is going to pose most of the problem as things have been rather restrained since our confrontation at the family reunion a few years ago.

Somehow though i feel like i am perpetually on the defensive even though at this point I have no reason to be. Every time they call I tense up and feel slightly uncomfortable. I have spent the last 10 years preparing myself for the worst case scenario. Winding myself up, gearing up for war and now that it seems that war is not going to happen I almost don't know what to do with myself.

I feel like a sprinter waiting on the blocks for the gun to go off and it never does.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How ugly do you have to be that you are stealing my photos

So about 8 months ago this guy messaged me on msn. Normally i don't talk to people who randomly add me to msn without previously knowing who they are.

Against my better judgment I messaged him back and we got to chatting. Eventually he sent me a link to a picture of himself. He was cute and pretty much exactly my type. He was also a guy who had recently added me to his Bigmusclebears "I like" list. Thinking that this was pretty cool we continued chatting exchanging pics and engaging in various other forms of computer sluttery. We even talked on skype (charming irish accents are suuper sexy).

He went MIA a while back. I didn't put much thought into it until monday when my buddy Fred pointed out a guy from the UK who was using my profile pics on The username bravepuppy was the same as the one he had gone by originally on msn.

I went back and checked out that original link to his face pic he sent me and went up a level to find that in his webfolder were a bunch of my pics.

I know its not a big deal but how pathetic is this guy that he is using my pics to con people? Plus he probably conned me with some other guys pics. I should probably feel happy that someone finds me that attractive but i don't. I just hope that was the only profile he had with my stuff.

Some people out there are such fucktards.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Lets set a new precident

Went to my parents house yesterday for dinner. I have to admit i was a little anxious about going after the email conversations I had been having with my mother last week about being gay. Things went fairly well though. I know she is just being curious when she asks offensive things because she is trying to understand. I just don't know if i have the energy to invest in being a tour guide.

I have to wonder how much of my current personality is due to my attempts to make up for the fact that I am gay to my family. I have never thought about it too much but on the drive down yesterday it kind of popped into my head.

In Highschool and University I was always the overacheiver, the hardworker, the one who helped everyone, the one who visted (the only one actually) the grandparents. I just wonder would i have tried so hard had i not perceived myself as somehow letting them down by being gay.

Looking at things like that now I find it kind of laughable but to a scared 14 year old i think it would make sense.

I have always thought of my sexuality as a secondary or tertiary trait but I have to wonder, how much of who i am is because of that initial fear of disappointing the people I love? Theres no real answer and at this point it does not really matter, I just thought it was an interesting question.

The weekend was pretty uneventful otherwise. Tim's going away party was a semi bust as the keggers didn't last long enough and so people left early.

In other news I started my new weight loss plan today. Which means no more snacking aand I am going to hop on that rowing machine that has been collecting dust in my storage closet.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Coming out of the closet

Thank you so much to all the people who have contacted me to wish me well on this whole coming out of the closet thing. Its great to have so many well wishers around with me on this.

My mom has not been taking it as well as I had hoped.
First she blamed herself and made it all about her (which I expected).
Then she innocently equated my being gay with her being deathly ill when she was a child (that pissed me off a lot).
Then she asked me i hated them for bringing me into the world.

Now i know if i ever become a drama queen i can blame genetics