Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like... Oh man what is that?

So here are some shots of my very first Christmas tree. It is made up of a ton of hand me down ornaments and lights from my mother, baba and aunts.

Apparently it is tradition for Ukrainian women to offload all the tacky decorations in their collection when someone moves into a new place. Thus allowing them to shop for a ton of tacky new decorations.

If you look closely you will see some vintage bubblers (one of which broke and horribly and apparently permanently stained my white ceramic sink) and tinsel. It was almost impossible to find as tinsel has fallen out of vogue but i found some and now have enough for the next few years. At my parents place we couldn't have tinsel because the cats would eat it. I always promised myself that in my new place the tree would be full of the sparkle stuff.

Ooooo sparkly.
Roomie not so in love with teh xmas joy

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Christmas Miracle

Anne is one of my coworkers. Shes is a wonderful lady. One of those people who always has something funny or nice to say. To say she has been going through a rough patch the last few months is understating it.

Her husband of umpteen years went on a medical consult to see why he was experiencing dizziness. Within 5 days he was in the hospital with a near leathal brain infection in 7 locations throughout his brain some of which were diagnosed as tumors.

The last three months have been a been a roller coaster in hell for her as no one seems to know what he really has. He has been in the hospital on the brink of death and then he will get better for periods. Even now they are still unsure if it is tumors or the bacterial infection. Sometimes they will give a diagnosis that gives him days to live sometimes its something else entirely.

Anne has been a trooper. Her past as a nurse has given her a thicker skin than most. Still spending almost every evening and night at the hospital for the last 3 months is wearing her down. She has gotten to take him home the last few weekends. Its very difficult however as her old Jeep is impossible to get him into and it can not fit his wheelchair.

Last night she was in the tub and she heard the doorbell ring. She made her way downstairs in her robe to find an envelope attached to the door. In the envelope was a note:

Santa and his elves have left you a present. Just remember you can't ask where it came from or it will vanish into elf dust.

Further into the envelope she finds a set of keys. She made her way down the driveway to find a band new Chrysler Pacifica wrapped in a big red bow. Through the tears of joy she looked further into the envelope to find a bill of sale for the suv paid for in cash.

The Suv is perfect for her as she can now take her husband home hopefully for the holidays.

She had the biggest smile on her face today.

See folks there really is a Santa.

Monday, December 17, 2007

My adventures in the closet: Number 10023

It was a strange weekend. There was some drama with my straight friends (which never happens) but it is all sorted out I think.

Greg met the parkie crew and they all loved him which was great! He seemed to fit in really well.

I went to Haweli on Saturday and had the best Indian food ever! Sooo good!

On Sunday I went to my parent's place for supper and to shake my gifts (which happens to be one of my favorite parts of Christmas). My mom preceded to inform me that she had a hypothetical conversation with my Dad about the possibility of me being gay. It sounds like he is getting closer to being ready to hear the truth.

At supper he was asking me these hilariously awkward probing questions about who i was with on the weekend and where I went and weather it was mostly boys or girls. I felt uncomfortable in an annoyed way. Like i was under the microscope.

My mom and I both agree he isn't quite ready yet but it sounds like it will be happening soon.It can't happen soon enough!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Not a good sign

As some of you may know I manage an IT department for a small company. I have been with this company for over 6 years starting as a volunteer and slowly working my way up to management. I took over the IT department almost a year ago (right after finishing my business degree). I was basically brought in to use my management and training to bring the company out of the 1990's and into the new millennium.

This basically means revamping the way we do everything. Part of this revamp includes a huge software redevelopment project that will take our current software and rebuild it from the ground up. I am of course leading this redevelopment.

I started work on database structure and overall design today in preparation for my meeting with some developers tomorrow. Its a huge job and it needs to be done right because so much is riding on this software suite.

I thought I was on track and then I read this horoscope
Libra: Be extra careful not to make a mistake on a big project. The way you think it should be done may actually turn out to be slowing you down..
Now I am second guessing myself. I was already insecure due to the fact that I have never been involved (much less led) a project of this size and importance before.

Fucking astrologists...

I am going to go play some Wii boxing against a few co-workers so i can sort this out and clear my mind.

Thing you never want to hear from your roomate's trick

Friday I was enjoying a quiet night at home vegging out. At about 2 am the roomie and a man friend came in.

Roomie introduced us and then proceeded to give the man friend a tour of the place.

As Roomie was showing him the bathroom I heard the man friend say this(my reactions are in green):
"wow this is really nice" I smile broadly and congratulate myself on a renovation job well done " so did they run out of money after this and not do the rest of the place?" I pause surprised at the statement and the proceed to simultaneously try and psychically make the man friend's head explode and shoot daggers through the wall with my eyes.

Roomie perhaps sensing my psychic rage proceeds to usher the man friend into the back room well beyond my psychic head exploding power range.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

this is why i am so very very gay

Why is it when women are menstruating do they feel the need to
A. tell everyone and
B. Thrust their crotches at me menacingly

Well maybe its not all women.

I think I need new friends...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Stopping the Conservative's rediculous copyright reform bill C-60

Jim Prentice of the conservatives is trying to push through a reform to Canadian copyright law that will mirror the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act. This act was pushed through by large media holders in the US and generally takes away the rights of the Individual.

The Canadian bill would do much the same. The conservative reforms (removal of the groundbreaking and progressive digital media recording device levy) are both regressive and unnecessary for Canadians. This bill was created for large US based lobby groups without Canadian taxpayer's needs taken into consideration.

The good news is it may be dead. Based on this cbc story the public outcry against bill c-60 has caused the conservatives to reconsider the bill. Still it is never too late to make your concerns known. Please go to this link and send a letter to your MP. The site does all the work for you and even has a standard letter ready to email to your local MP. Its one of the easiest things you can do to protect your rights from this fascist conservative government.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The fragile state of heterosexuality

I totally ganked this from Boy culture. It is totally brilliant!


New Game: But is it Racist??

So last week I received a tasty care package from a friend in Australia. In it were a few tasty treats one of them being these:Now both the roomie and I were discussing this and we both agree there is something off about these candies. So my question is a chocolate candy in the shape of a little baby and named chicos racist? Does it matter that they are totally delicious?

Im siding on the offensive and possibly racist side but I think i may be oversensitive. My thought is they could have done a million other things with this candy and it would have avoided the subject all together. Like chocobear candy, dont you want a sweet bear in you?
I know I do.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

A lesson in design

The sad thing about the digital design software revolution is that it leads to armatures who cause disasters like this:
Lesson to the shmuck that created this: Thin white font on a neon green sales sign does not make a readable sign.

I almost called the realtor to offer him a replacement design that doesn't suck