Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink

At about 10:00 last night epcor turned off our streets water. No warning, no heads up, they say it was because of a water main break but I find that hard to believe because they shut the water off after the epcor trucks had left our alley. There was no water in the toilet (which is how we discovered the water had been shut off) and we definitely didn't have any survival rations.

At one point I resorted to sucking icecubes.

Luckily the supermarket nearby was open to 11 so the roomie and I picked up a few flats of bottles. When we got home we started scooping snow from the front area for some desperately needed flushing water.

Flash forward 2 hours and I am still slaving over 3 stove burners and pots filled with snow.

Needless to say I did not get to sleep at a decent hour last night. With no shower today I feel like I am camping but not in a fun way. When I woke up the place was a disaster pots and coolers and bottles all over the place. We did manage to fill about half of huge rubbermaid container with water.

Already late for work i realize my keys got lost in the melee last night. I tore apart the place and outside where we were scooping snow. After about 30 min of panic I found them behind some bottles in the kitchen.

Not a good start to the day...

Friday, February 22, 2008

Harder better faster stronger

So its official. I have gone down 3 belt loops (almost 4) since I started working out regularly about a month ago. The best part is I am not really loosing weight. This last 2 weeks I have dropped about 5 pounds to 165. The last time i was on these belt loops was in the summer during the condo renovations and i was weighing 147-150. That means I am building some good muscle up.

Just in time for the beef party!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bringing home the bacon

Hot off the release of my companie's website it looks like I have not 1 but 3 new freelance website projects on the go.

The money could not come at a better time. It just means my evenings will be filled with more partime work than anything else for the next couple of weeks. I think I am offically going to start up a company that does joomla, zencart and flash design. I need to get that site done as well.

Big things are a comin.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

In the muck and loving it.: The gateway purity test 2008

Once a year around valentines day the university of alberta student paper releases the purity test. In my group of friends it has become a group thing to get together and see how eachother has done compared to last year.

This year being the one that I moved out was bound to be a big one in terms of my score.

I just didn't realize how big. My score jumped almost 200 points from last year's 315 to 513. My score has been fairly stable in the 310-320 range for the last 3-4 years so I guess moving out on my own has provided ample chance to become dirtayyyyy. All in all i am shocked and pleased with myself.

No if you will excuse me I am going to go scrub myself down.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Today's lesson on something most people already know

I have been doing kick ass awesome on my workouts the last few weeks. I havent lost a single pound but i have dropped a belt notch (almost 2). I feel a lot better as well tighter somehow (I just know that last scentance is going to be cannon fodder for all you dirty minded boys out there) like my body is getting rid of this fat that has engulfed me and turning it into muscle.

Today after a lovely pita pizza supper I started working out. Towards the end of the workout I was doing reverse situps.

I was at number 14 when i realized something wasn't right. In fact something was very wrong.

I totally almost resurfaced my newly mopped floor.

So todays lesson (which also happens to be similar to this lesson). Everything in moderation Aaron, that is going to be my motto this year. Also don't eat immediatly before a workout.

Coming out of the closet: Update number 1003

Things have been quiet. I have been swamped with work. I think my parents think I am avoiding them. As so delicatly put by the subject (and content) of my mother's email to me today "are you still alive!?!?!?!?".

Yes I think I am.

Parents can be so needy. Perhaps I should be more supportive. They do seem to be beating themselves up a lot about this. But then I think "Man where was all my support when I was a horribly depressed, closeted, obsessive compulsive, colledge student??".

Am I trying to punish them somehow?
Am I being an asshole?
Is this some immature revenge?

I have to admit there is a part of me that wants them to have to come to a resolution on their own and come to terms with it on their own. I feel like I have already put in the time the sweat and the tears; that I shouldn't have to deal with their emotional turmoil.

The quote "burn baby burn!" keeps coming to mind and I am not sure why. Is this some sort of sadisitic, cathartic release for me?

Ultimatly I don't think i am trying to do anything. I am just trying to live my life and let the other stuff float on by or fall into place. Besides I am waaay to busy with work to worry.

Yes I am alive and no I can't be bothered to worry about that small stuff anymore.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A big gay update

Having a day to reflect on comming out to my Dad I have a few updates.
1. My mom and dad both kept mentioning that they would like me to find a "mate". They used this word repeatedly and I find it totally strange. I know they were looking for a gender neutral word but i thought the pc brigade had already come up with partner. Mate just sounds so "wild africa". I must remeber next time to ask them to use some other term. Let the awkward questions begin.

2. My dad called yesterday eveneing to apologise for being such a raging, red-neck, douchebag, asshole all of these years. He seemed really genuine and I can tell he is beating himself up a lot about it. I was pretty happy to get the apology. It has been more than a long time coming. Unfortunatly this means my dad is going to be fairly emotionally needy over the next few weeks.

3. He called again today to tell me that i was missing out on my mother's chicken balls. Coming out is a lot of work.

4. It wouldn't be a big gay update if I didn't mention the bits of the grammy's I watched. The Daft Punk, Kanye West performance was great as was Kanye's tribute to his mother. I think this is why he is such an engaging performer; bobastic and egomaniacle one moment and totally vulnerable and fragile the next. I almost teared up during the tribute when he paused to prevent from crying. This may be proof that this weekends emotional turmoil has lowered my emotional barriers somewhat.

5. I have loved Tina Turner since i was 3 years old. My parents used to play her music all the time becuase I loved her so much (how they didnt know i was gay is beyond me). Seeing her on stage looking like a million bucks was great. Not many women her age would be caught dead in skintight silver standing next to beyonce. Fuck that woman kicks ass.

Now i have to go watch the super sexy Jason Statham kick Jet Li's ass.
mmmmmmmmmm Statham

Saturday, February 09, 2008

My adventures in the closet: Episode 100304 the final frontier

I came out to my dad today.

It was pretty easy. They both just kept saying how they just want me to be happy and live my life to the fullest.

I am pretty happy right now. All that effort I put into worrying I can now put into other things. I mean I still have the rest of my family to come out to. But really I am not too worried anymore.

It was almost too easy.

I think I am going to celebrate tonight!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

The high price of not so fine art

Greg and I went out shopping after dim sum today. Its been exactly six months since we met at the gay campout. It's weird how fast time goes by. I am so glad to have him in my life. The long distance thing sucks but i guess that is the way things have to be right now.

We then went and did some shopping. I really want to do some custom art for my walls which admittedly are fairly barren. I picked up some canvases and paint and got raped on the purchase of 2 small brushes that I thought were on clearance (cost me 14 bucks each!!).

All in all it may have been cheaper to buy a print especially because I have no idea how any of this is going to turn out. I will keep you posted on how my first ever painted canvas goes!


Saturday, February 02, 2008

Where did that bottle of Vodka go?

This is more candid than i usually am on here but I feel it is necessary to record this for the future. I felt like i should celebrate. What started as "I am going out for one pint" turned into "where did that bottle of vodka go?". Of course I had "earned it" (this will be my last use of quotation in this post i promise).

I just spent the last 20 min (felt like 3 hours) cleaning puke up from the bathroom.

It was like a fucking episode of csi.

I didn't make it in time.

I either have: A. really bad aim, B. a drinking problem, C. both. I think I am choosing option C.

Now i dont subscribe to that whole AA " i have a disease lord save me" (Damn it i lied about the quotes) bullshit. It has always struck me as a pseudo cultish cop out and an easy way to blame your actions on something else(its easy to take responsibility for something when you can blame a disease).

This is a learned coping method that has long since become obsolete. What started out as a simple and easy way to medicate the pain and depression I felt in highschool quickly became a social tool for me to break through my issues with social anxiety and OCD. I went from charming to drunk to messy tragedy in a blink of an eye. Its pretty much common knowledge that I have trouble establishing when to stop... when to know when I have reached that point. My ex phil always thought I had some sort of problem and I think part of the problem is I don't want the fun to end so bad that I end up ruining the fun.

So unhealthy coping method I just need to go about unlearning you. Its what any good behavioral psychologist would do. I am changing so much in my life right now there is no reason I can't change this.

On the plus side my bathroom has never been cleaner.