Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Today's lesson on something most people already know

I have been doing kick ass awesome on my workouts the last few weeks. I havent lost a single pound but i have dropped a belt notch (almost 2). I feel a lot better as well tighter somehow (I just know that last scentance is going to be cannon fodder for all you dirty minded boys out there) like my body is getting rid of this fat that has engulfed me and turning it into muscle.

Today after a lovely pita pizza supper I started working out. Towards the end of the workout I was doing reverse situps.

I was at number 14 when i realized something wasn't right. In fact something was very wrong.

I totally almost resurfaced my newly mopped floor.

So todays lesson (which also happens to be similar to this lesson). Everything in moderation Aaron, that is going to be my motto this year. Also don't eat immediatly before a workout.

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