Monday, March 17, 2008

It's my party and I will wear a leather harness if I want to.

This last weekend was pretty quiet Greg and I spent most of it doing a Battlestar Galactica marathon in prep for the new season coming out soon.

So instead of yet another post about how awesome Battlestar is this will be about BEEF!

BEEF! the bear party Daren and I had been planning for months happend a few weekends ago. Edmonton has never had a bear party before so we had no idea how receptive the community would be to it. Add that to the fact that the bar double booked our party with some sort of Imperial Soveriegn court of the wild rose function. Now I confess I had no idea what these court people were all about. I had seen them out and about at pride parades in their sashes and tiaras and to be honest I really don't get it. I think its great the fundrasing work that they do, but honestly I think I missed the boat on it it just seems very silly to me. Needless to say I was more than worried about these two very different groups being thrown together in the same bar. Luckily the court cancelled their event becuase we had our posters up first. I am certain this is not the last we will here of the court however. I have never known drag queens not to hold a grudge.

The turn out was great we were expecting 40 to 60 and ended up with roughly over 140 people.
I of course whored myself out selling shooters and then procedded to get messy drunk. All in all it was a massive success. We are planning the next one for may 3 I think. Here are the pics:

It took me about 3 days to recover from beef and a whole week to feel totally human again. Luckily I had my website projects to keep me focused. Also I think I am going to buy a macbook and then load windows xp on it. You know just to piss off both sides of the mac/pc debate. Thoughts?


Allan S. said...

You go boy! Wear that harness with pride.

Aaron said...

Thanks Allan, As always you rock!