Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My adventures in the closet: Number 43939

Last week was insane. So insane in fact I was breaking out and literally loosing my hair. As such my promise to catch up with my blogging fell through. My apologies.

This Saturday is my dads 50th birthday. There is going to be a big party and I am going to be seeing my dads side of the family which I am not very close with at all. Before the party we are having a big dinner with this side of the family.

A few weeks ago my parents got to meet Greg. It was a little weird for all of us involved because in 25 years I had never had to introduce them to anyone I was dating. I guess i had put it off for long enough lol. Things went really well. They were very nice to Greg. Ryan still thinks my Mom was drunk but I doubt it (she was apparently way too relaxed). They were even worried how they did after.

My mom invited Greg to Easter dinner despite the fact that she doesn't want me coming out to the family yet. She said he could come as my friend. I told her that deal didn't interest me and we left it at that.

Now there has been an invite to my dads birthday with the same deal. I think its fair not to come out on someone else's bday I shouldn't be stealing anyone's thunder. Still I am just not at a point in my life where I am interested in lying about who I care about


Allan S. said...

Hmm, that's a interesting situation you have there. Hey call a truce, go with your "friend" and celebrate with your family.

One of the main reasons you came out to them was to so that you could all be more involved and open in each other's lives. Unfortunately, this time around is not so open. Just let them know they get this one pass.

Most of the folks at the party you will never see again, so to hell with them. Make this about being with your parents and letting your boyfriend see some of the characters in the story of your life.

Hey you might even find a cool second cousin of somebody that is also in the life. You be surprise to see how much fruit your family's tree has.

Aaron said...

Lol my family tree is a little barren when it comes to the fruit. crazy we have in boatloads but very little fruit.

It turns out Greg has a going away party he must attend so the whole thing is moot anyway