Saturday, March 29, 2008

Swift Karmic Retribution

Today was my Dad's 50th birthday party. It was filled with fun food and lots of family.

In order to torment the old man a bit extra for this milestone April and I were recruited to toliet paper and silly string the front yard. I had to be at a restaurant to meet up with my folks and my dad's side at 4 so i went out early and hid down the street waiting for my parents to leave the house. Within minute of them leaving April and I were toilet papering and silly stringing everything in sight. (the best part is i used my parents own toliet paper to do thier place)
So we can now add vandalism to my list of sins.

Now the funny thing is we didn't get busted at the party for doing this. Everyone thought it was my aunt and uncle. No one even suspected the two of us. My mom and dad were mildly pissed about it

I leave the party at about 12:30am to find that my car has been egged. Now i have worked it out and there is no way anyone at the party could have done it and no one could have connected me to my car as it was parked about 8 houses down the street. So this was indeed a random act.
Karma can be such a bitch.
I can't even be pissed off.

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