Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Welcome to DAS BOOT

I am back blogging after much activity Expect a post or two every day this week.

A couple of fridays ago Eoin had a poker night. I won at poker legitimately and drank from a real Das BOOT. Anyone who has seen beerfest knows they make a big deal out of being able to drink from the boot without '"Dee Bubble" blinding you.

I survived the bubble while drinking it but when i went to put the boot down the splashback blinded me.

Ladies and gentelmen there are a few things you shouldn't put in your eye: salt, lemonade, cum, Anne Coultier, sticks and beer.

That shit burns.

Heres some pics of the debauchery:

1 comment:

Allan S. said...

Hey! No fair! That boot had a high heel on it.