Monday, March 31, 2008

You should read this

Now over the last year or so it has become a bit of a past time for the roomie and myself to giggle at hilariously lame or contradictory profiles on hookup sites.
The blog lurid diggs takes it to a whole new level. Its catty but oh so damn funny.

Also i have been reading this other blog stuffwhitepeoplelike.
Big update coming tommorow!


Greg said...

Can I take this opportunity to share my favorite craigslist ad ever? Sadly it's not online anymore, but thought it was funny enough to save as a Word document. I promise it doesn't have a virus lurking inside.

Dont forget to be CHILL!

Allan S. said...

I felt compelled to share this blog source with my readers. You done good kid!

I lauged my ass off. And, realize I should do some redecorating.