Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Flaming Chef

Things have finally warmed up in edmonton. It was plus 18 yesterday and I was definitly feeling the urge to go sit and drink on a patio. Alas Edmonton restaurants do not usually open their patios until sometime in may.

As a plan B i decided to do a little BBQ pork on my balcony. Last fall the roomie and I found this little charcoal BBQ set at Jysk. Now much is to be said for Jysk's low prices and horrifically bad quality. Really i see them as the wal-mart of the ikea set (except less evil of course). I picked up a bag of charcoal and some lighter fluid ready to get cooking.

The first time i tried the thing a couple of weeks ago it took over 2 hours to cook 3 chicken breasts. The charcoal took forever to get going. So this time i thought that more lighter fluid = easier and faster cooking.

What i didn't know is i should have be more worried about the more lighter fluid + inexperienced cook = fireball of death equation.

Not 3 seconds after i told the roomie's boyfriend that "i dont think this BBQ thing is a good idea" i went to see that the flame was out so i went and lifted up the lid. The fireball that engulfed my arm and the lid im sure could have been seen down the block.

Like seriously who fucking cooks like this anymore!??! I would have been better slamming a couple of rocks together and praying to some heathen deity. Damn thing burnt my favorite hoodie. Not to mention it made the whole place smell like burning chemicals. This isnt the 16 hundreds so why the heck are they even selling these things to people anymore?

Needless to say I am now in the market for a small propane grill.


Ryan said...

We too po' to afford a propane BBQ.

Dave said...

two words. george foreman.

they make a large one for outdoor grilling. and it's electric, so you don't have to worry about fireballs.