Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A good place

I just had my parents my two aunts and an uncle over for a huge Taco dinner (which was super tasty). They came to pick up my very broken sofa as my new one is coming on Thursday.

They were loud, hungry, thirsty and overall fairly pleasant. They left a little while ago. Leaving no sign of their presence but some good laughs and a slightly emptier beer fridge.

It was raining for a little bit (first one this year!) and there is a cool breeze coming through my window that smells sweet and the birds are chirping.

Its quiet in my condo and I can't help but feel something truly sublime just happened.

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Allan S. said...

Cherish that moment. And, good for you for blogging about it. When you are ever in doubt on how lovely life can be, revisit this post.