Sunday, April 20, 2008

The long road home

I went down to Red Deer this weekend despite many people telling me that roads were too poor to drive on. The drive down was intense whiteout conditions along many parts of the highway but I made it safe and sound. Had a great night at a hilarious redneck bar watching the UFC fight. Lots of hot burly oil workers who were totally shitfaced.
I met Greg's family today and it went really well. His parents were super nice.

The ride home sucked. The roads were horrendous the worst I have ever driven on. Just outside of Nisku the car in the lane to my right started to loose control and spin into my lane. In order to avoid it i ended up spinning out of control and into the ditch. I also tapped another car into the ditch. This was my first accident ever. The other car is fine just a little bit of paint transfer.

The roads were so bad that the RCMP put on a tow truck ban in order to prevent people from getting hurt trying the pull one of the hundreds of cars out of the ditch. So me and the guy i hit had to cab it back into the city. That ended up costing me 100 bucks.

I am feeling pretty miserable right now.
here are some pics from the trip back.

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