Thursday, April 03, 2008

Rain on the parade

Tuesday marked my 1 year in the condo. I had planned to put together a funny "welcome to my home" style tour of my place with multiple costume changes and hilarious dubbing. In preparation for the big show I had been putting up artwork and closet doors.
Monday night I went to put up some shelving in my bedroom closet.

This is what i found behind my Rubbermaid filing cabinet:I took these pictures after I cut out the moldy drywall and bleached the whole area. You can see the discolouration on my formerly pristine bamboo flooring. The leak was small no more than a drip but it managed to do a ton of damage.

It has taken 4 days (of not being able to shower) to get the plumber in to fix the faulty section of pipe.

Monday overall was not a very good day. My folks came over to help fix my couch that a certain renowned gay playwright broke after sitting on it (in his defence Ryan did some damage a few months before). After opening up the couch we found out it was built with the same quality of wood that they make packing crates with but thinner. Needless to say the whole frame was cracked in about 8 places and the particle board sides were splintered and separating. It only figures that the company that sold me the couch is out of business. So mom and I went to Leon's and got a new couch that will ship in 2 to 8 weeks (thank god for having an ok credit rating). I managed to catch a bit of a flu on Monday night as well.

So the tour will have to wait for now these two pics of my bedroom that looks like a crazy packrat is living in it (its amazing how much crap fits in a closet), will have to do.

Welcome to my home: Warts and all

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