Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thats the worst kind of fame

I hate to admit it to myself or anyone else but I know I am a bit of a famewhore. I think its a natural part of the human condition to want to be known.

In Alberta we have a free gay publication called GayCalgary. It reports on all that is gay in the area. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with the mag. I have been in it four or five times in the event photos section.

On the one hand I love that I am in a magazine. The famewhore in me eats that shit up.

On the other hand they have never posted a flattering photo of me ever. Usually they come around after the beer has been flowing for a few hours to catch me at my least attractive. Attractiveness and drunkenness usually run on an inverse scale to each other. Or the catch me at a really bad angle making it look like i am 50 pounds heavier or a small asian twink.
This wouldn't be a problem if every gay I knew didn't read the damn mag.

I knew they were going to be at BEEF! so i had been planning ahead. One of the reasons I was working out was to look fierce for the pictures. Little did I know my face had different plans of the non fierce kind.

Seriously what the fuck is that face! I look like a stroke victim.

I suppose there is always next party. No booze till after the pics!!!

1 comment:

Allan S. said...

I like it. You look naughty and up to no good. And, when you wearing a harness that is how one is suppoe to look. Also the hair is rocking.