Thursday, April 10, 2008

When one Miracle isn't enough

Some of you have been asking me what ever happened to my co-worker from my A Christmas Miracle post. Unfortunately her husband passed away late last week 6 months to the day that he first went in complaining of dizzyness.

It has been weighing heavy on my mind the hell my co-worker has been going through these last 6 months. She is such a strong lady and i admire her endlessly for the poise and strength she has shown watching and caring for the love of her life as he slipped away. At the funeral she looked almost relieved.

She told me something a few weeks ago when she was taking a break from care taking. After asking how she was doing she looked me straight in the eye and told me to live life to the fullest and treasure the good moments because they are what will get you through the bad ones. Its something that is commonly said when someone has passed away but the way she said it the pain in her eyes really struck me to the core. So go out and kiss someone you love today and do something you never have before. Time is shorter than we all expect.

I hope that if I am ever placed in her position that I show half the character she did.


Anonymous said...

You are a good and thoughtful man cubby. I am proud to know you.

Aaron said...

Biffy is that you gracing my blog??