Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Adventures in web hosting hell part one of a 43 part series

I have been designing and setting up a few websites over the last few months. I had been using my previously reliable hosting company to register and setup all of these accounts. As of last Friday however I have been having random problems.

One site wont resolve the website name and the IP address. One would think this is a dns issue but it seems to be localized to the Edmonton area. So that makes it an ISP issue doesn't it?

Another site seems to be working off of two different servers so if one enters in www before the address it gets sent to a different page. Without the www it gets sent to an older version of the site that I thought had been lost 3 months ago. This doesn't happen every time though and I have no idea how it is even possible for this to be happening.

Another site is exhibiting random database connection failures.

Now i would email to complain but I don't even know how some of this could possibly be happening aaand I am not sure how they would even fix it. I was emailing back and forth to tech support yesterday for about 3 hours (dealing with just the first site). I'm a little concerned as many of these sites have been paid up for 1-2 years.

*grumble bitch moan whine*

Computers are evil


turnipHed said...

OK have you tried a tracert to see where the hickup is happening?

As well did you try an nslookup?

You might want to try using a Public DNS to see if it might be happening globally as well....

Just a couple ideas...

turnipHed said...

I forgot to add the link to some Public DNS