Thursday, May 08, 2008

Just let go...

It has been a bit of a shitty week. Last night I started pulling up my year old hardwood floor in my closet that was damaged by that leak I had a few weeks ago. What I thought would be a few floorboards that needed replacing turned into this:

There was heavy duty mold extending almost 6 feet from the leak. You can see the difference in the subfloor colour. I was wearing a mask when i pulled things up but I still can't stop coughing.

This was really depressing. Nick is coming on friday morning to help me fix it. I just felt like nothing i did yesterday went according to plan.

I did watch a documentary about this Scottish guy who decides to fulfill his lifelong dream of living off the land in Alaska for a year. I have to admit i have always had a bit of a thing for survivalist stories and shows. There is something really appealing to me to living off the land and letting go of all this materialist crap that we all buy into. There has always been this part of me that wanted to just let it all go and be on my own in the woods. People are often surprised at how self sufficient I am when we are out and about on road trips and camping. I try and pick up what i can from the various documentaries and from growing up at my families cabin. Part of me believes I could really make a good go of it out there and another part of me thinks that I couldn't handle it.

I guess when the global economy collapses in 10 years I will get to find out.