Wednesday, May 28, 2008

An Open Letter to the Entertainment News Media

Dear Entertainment News Media,
I am going to keep this short as I feel this subject has been discussed FAR too much.
I do not want to hear anymore about:
How fabulous the 4 ladies are
How fashionable and trendy they are
How beutiful and expensive their clothes are
How every gay man loves the show
How New York it is

The show wasn't even that good.

So from now on you will substitute the above statements with the following.
How vacuous and tragic the content of the show was
How unrealistic and unrepresentative of real relationships the show was
How Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a manhorse (that would be what a man looks like if he was half horse) This can be substituted with a version of "hot tranny mess"
How overblown and bad the movie is going to be

Thank you.



Dave said...

ok, I'm not gonna lie. I do in fact want to see the movie. BUT, I will say this, as I said this all the years that the show was on the air.

New York is NOT like an episode of Sex and The City. Thank you for at least recognizing that fact, Aaron.

(New York is sooo much better! LOL!)

Aaron said...

I wont judge anyone for wanting to see the movie especially as I have had my own fanboy event movies that I knew I had to go despite quality concerns (x-men 3 anyone?)

I would love to visit new york sometime it would be an amazing experience. I am thinking of going in the fall in fact.