Friday, May 30, 2008

Tom lukiwski the hateful Homophobe: A follow up

A little while back a member of the conservative party was exposed in a 16 year old party tape saying hateful homophobic things about gays (for full details please read this post). This guy pissed me off. More so than I have been pissed off in a long time. He apologised for his comments and then promised to try and make up for them.
Here are some excerpts from a fantastic article from the Hill Times:
"[Mr. Lukiwski] stated he is going to spend the rest of his life making amends, well when does that kick in? It's been quite a long time [since we sent the letter] and we still have received nothing. He says the only explanation is that it was stupid, thoughtless and insensitive, well I would say isn't it thoughtless and insensitive not to engage the community after you've received an invitation to?"

Another group, the GBLUR Centre for Sexuality and Gender Diversity, which is a student-based gay-advocacy organization at the University of Regina, held a media conference where gay groups alongside Christian groups publicly accepted Mr. Lukiwski's apologies for the remarks he made in 1991 in which he referred to "homosexual faggots with dirt under their fingernails who transmit diseases."
"[Reaching out] was an important part of what needed to be done after Mr. Lukiwski's comments came to light. His apology was one piece of that but all along I've said that he needed to be meeting with members of the GLBT community in Regina to have a conversation and to see what further steps would be necessary. I think it's extremely disappointing that he hasn't responded to that invitation or that request from the community," said Mr. Siksay."

So typical of this conservative government to give lip service to a real problem and then hope it goes away. This is what the harper conservatives have done on the environment, and all the other scandals that they are going through.

Man i wish the liberals had a decent leader.

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Allan S. said...

I'm having the same feelings about a leader a bit south of where you are buddy.