Monday, May 12, 2008

Unexpectedly Evil

For those of you that once called a vagina home you should have been in some way celebrating Mother's day this weekend. I spent it with the whole family yesterday. Now I am in a pretty good position these days for extra family brownie points as my brother and his girlfriend have moved to Scotland.

I had talked to them about what they were going to do for mothers day before they left. Toddy wasn't sure if they were going to be doing anything for it. I took this inaction as the perfect opportunity to cement my role as favorite son.

I went all out i bought my mom 2 great gifts and her favorite meal for lunch tomorrow (KFC its gross but she loves it (just like my brother LOL)). I get to my parents place expecting a heroes welcome only to find my mother gushing with joy.

How is this possible if I had just arrived?!?! I ask my Mom what is happening and she tells me that Toddy and Nessa called and want to get her and my dad plane tickets to come visit them this summer for mothers and fathers day.

I was pissed. First they didn't tell me they were going to up my 2 awesome gifts with the perfect gift. Second they knew my mother would never allow them to buy her and dad tickets so all they had to do was offer with no real intent.

I'm impressed though I didn't think those two were this clever.

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Greg said...

Wow, that IS impressive. Pure evil genius, in fact!