Thursday, May 15, 2008

Webcrimes: Case 1 The time machine

Sometimes you find a site that is just soooo bad you must share it with others. This one is courtesy of the fella.

With its lime green text and hyper pixelated gifs it is like stepping back into a time machine to 1997. I was a pimply faced youth listening to the dulcet melodies of Aqua's Dr. Jones and wishing that i was as cool as Will Smith in men in black (man how times change). While I still love Aqua (albeit much more discreetly) Mr. Smith is infinitely less cool that he used to be and the colour choices of this site are horrific. Being an Internet service provider one would think that they would make their website a bit more of a priority. Click here to explore the full site. in all of its dancing gif glory!


Greg said...

My apologies to your Faithful Readers for unleashing this on them.

Ruby said...

Aqua?! Dr. Jones? Aaron, that's almost scarier than the neon green webpage.

Aaron said...

Oh Ruby come on no one can deny how catchy that tune is! We all have our guilty pleasures im sure you have yours. Nsync maybe? Some Avril Lavigne perhaps or some classic O town :P

Greg said...

I was going to show this webcrime to the guys at work today, but they've re-done their site! Oh noes!

The new site is still pretty terrible looking but a vast improvement over the original horror.