Monday, May 26, 2008

Where was I? Macbook review

I apologize for being MIA the last week or so. My old laptop died and I was forced to get a new one. In the ensuing mad dash to get myself back up and running I have not had much time for blogging.

The reason it has taken me longer than usual to restore things is that I have officially moved from a pc to a mac. This is my first post on my black macbook (white laptops are for 12 year old girls :P).

Having never really used a mac before I have to admit there was definitely a learning curve. Here is the review of my experience with it so far.

May 19, 12 pm: It's official my old laptop is dead.
May 19, 3 pm: Oooo even the styrofoam packaging is pretty. Definitely the simplest cleanest unboxing I have ever had.
May 19, 3:30 pm: Oooo more pretty graphics I am flying through an incredibly well rendered 3d space with welcome signs flying at me. This sure beats vista's ugly yellow bee bar and random screen shutdowns.
May 19, 3:35 pm: The built in webcamera is not exactly the best quality and i realize I am way overdue for a shave.
- I take a break to hang out at my parents place -
May 19, 7pm to 1 AM: Why is the backspace button called delete and where is the forward delete??
- Grrr must use command button instead of control to copy and paste things
- Indian Jones and the lost arc looks wicked good playing on my macbook onto my tv. The settings for dual screens are hard to find however.
- Itunes blows- long live Songbird now i just need them to create a visualization plugin for it
- Wow thats all it takes to install programs!??! drag and drop into the applications folder!??!? You have to be kidding that was way too easy!
- Spaces is awesome ( have been using a similar program with xp for a year or so now) totally indispensable. Spaces is a definite step up from that program.
- Dancing application icons are adorable.
-I have discovered the dual touch capabilities of the touchpad. Dual touch is definitely going to change the way we deal with computers i just wish there were more than a couple of features activated.
-Can't seem to find outlook for macs
-parallels is a sweet must have program
- too tired must continue exploring tomorrow.

May 20 9 AM: Bring macbook to work (decide i need to name it)
- Printing to the office printer is definitly not working (it prints out 40 pages of junk) I knew Ricoh would have shitty driver support for macs but i didn't think it would be this bad
-It takes me the rest of the day to sort out the printing and get my email set up. I find out that Microsoft has no pst import options for its office for mac. I need to find away to get my 3000 emails into my mac. I get pissed off that microsoft is still making my life difficult.
May 20 6 pm: I try and play around with boot camp. It partitions the drive and I install windows. When the computer starts up again i get a white page with a folder and a blinking question mark. I begin to worry. I call mikey and eventually have to call apple techsupport.
They are super friendly but the girl explains that I have done a great job trying to fix the problem but it looks like my particular problem is likely due to a bad hard drive because she has never seen the symptoms my system had before.
I take the macbook back to futureshop for a replacement.

Macbook Round 2
May 20 8 pm: - I get everything reinstalled and find a program called o2m to convert my pst into .mbox files that can be imported by pretty much any email program. The conversion takes about 3 hours on my old laptop.
May 21 9am: - Time machine is the coolest, prettiest backup utility ever. I am beginning to fall in love.

Current Thoughts: I do really love my mac I am still learning to adjust to some of the silly keyboard commands. I must say i found OSx much easier to pick up than i found vista to be. The really cool features really do make up for the learning curve. I am a bit worried about the reliability of the hardware it is running but so far I love the software side of things. I turfed boot camp and now use parallels exclusively (i find it runs much faster).


or.saeros said...

Gooo Mikey!!!! :D

Anyway, I love my WHITE macbook... and I'm not a 12 year old GIRL.

fucking guy.

ian said...

Just wait until you figure out how much easier it is to switch windows under exposé, I get mad at work when I can't just move my cursor to a corner to see the desktop or flip through windows. Not to mention how easy it is to do accents on an English keyboard, (i.e. option-e to add the ´ accent instead of a whole number string)

As for the crtl ->  key switch, basically it's just a move from using one command key for another, the letters are all the same. In regards to the whole Office port issue, Microsoft is doing it's part to make life harder for mac users (i.e. dropping support for VBA in the new version, no version of access, I mean wtf? even if those are hugely obtuse, you still need it for legacy support)

The hardware issue you shouldn't be worried about, in the 3 years I've had my MBP I've only had to bring it in to the Apple Store twice, the first time to upgrade the memory (I don't trust myself with laptop upgrades) and the second time to fix the keyboard after I spilled some... let's call it «water» on the keyboard :P