Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My adventures out of the closet number 102

I went out for lunch with my parents 2 weeks ago right before pride. My folks asked what i was doing on the weekend and for the first time ever i was able to tell them that I would be going to the parade. They were intrigued and asking a ton of questions. Most were pretty standard until my Mom promptly stuck both here feet directly into her mouth.

We were talking about who was going to go to the parade and my Mom asked "so will there.. will there like be, you know, normal people there?"
You could tell the second the word left her lips she knew what a retarded thing she just said. Her and my Dad immediately turned bright red. She began apologizing profusely while my dad scolded her by saying that is a stupid thing that he would expect to say and she should be smarter. She asked me not to tell anyone but how could I not!??!

Speaking about what i had shoved in my mouth today

Now i am going to stop you right now if you think this is about hot oral sex I performed today. This is actually an accounting of how it came to be that I can not perform oral sex of any kind for at least the next week or two. So zip up and continue reading or unzip and go here for hot oral action!

I had my second dentist appointment in 2 days today. Now as some of you know i have a lot of anxiety tied into the dentist. Here is a good formula for hating going to the dentist

(1 After a bad experience getting a filling+ excruciating pain + 9 year old boy+ dad having an absolute panic attack in the middle of a root canal)= 10 year moratorium on dentist visits

10 year moratorium on dentist visits= 2 bloody one hour cleaning sessions + 6 fillings

(2 bloody one hour cleaning sessions + 6 fillings) + wisdom tooth extraction that goes horribly wrong due to freezing that does not work + a near trip to hospital due to damage caused by the surgery + not being able to eat anything for almost 2 weeks= HATING going to the dentist

I kind of hate how nervous I get when I go into those dens of pain.

My appointment yesterday went well. It was with a new dentist in my building. The dentist was an old guy with an awesome bedside manner i almost immediately liked him. This in itself is strange because for the most part i feel that dentists as a species should be feared more than the love child of the Satan + Joan Rivers. They gave me some meds for my infected wisdom tooth. The meds are already working great and I can almost start opening my jaw again without pain (yay for solid food!). They suggested I come back for a cleaning since it had been 2 years since my last visit to a dentist.

The cleaning went fantastically well and they said that other than my wisdom tooth needing removal my mouth is in great shape!

Its taken almost 25 years but i finally had a good experience at the dentist.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Well that is a kick in the nuts

I apologize for not posting. I was waiting to get my camera back so I could post pride and Bar golf pics before i head to the gay rodeo at the end of the week. Last week work was crazy so I would have not be able to post anyway.

Pretty much all that was getting me through last week was the knowledge that the rodeo (and my one real vacation of the summer) was coming in a few days.

Then i started noticing my back tooth hurting. In the 4 days since it started to hurt it has turned into a full blown infection. It hurts almost as much as when I got two of my wisdom teeth out. I cant open my jaw much and sleeping and eating has been difficult. I managed to talk my way into a 1 pm appt with a dentist in my building this afternoon. I just want my mouth to feel better so i can be 100% for the rodeo. I hope to god they don't have to pull it out.

Expect more posts this week.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Reality is creepy and depressing

The news has been getting me down lately. Between the copyright reforms to oil spills in Alberta to the discovery that the government is giving away whole lakes to mining companies with no public consultation it has kinda been one depressing thing after another.

Then I stumble across this article. We live in a very strange creepy world. The comments under the article are pretty hilarious though.

Why isn't anyone more concerned that random severed feet are showing up in isolated places throughout BC???

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hello Big Brother

Not 20 min after posting my last post I received a propaganda email from Ministers Prentice and Verner extolling the virtues of the copyright legislation.
They conveniently leave out the fascist things that it implements.

Yes ladies and Gents big brother is watching and i think for once we have them worried. Though I must admit I am a little creeped out by how fast their email came its not like this blog is getting thousands of hits a day. I think I need to put up more gay porn to fuck with the conservative douchebags that are probably reading this right now.

Please please use the links in the post below to fight for your privacy and rights as a Canadian. I have included some content from Michael Geist's blog to help expose some of the finer details of this bill and how it will affect you.
1. As expected, Prentice has provided a series of attention-grabbing provisions to consumers including time shifting, private copying of music (transfering a song to your iPod), and format shifting (changing format from analog to digital). These are good provisions that did not exist in the delayed December bill. However, check the fine print since the rules are subject to a host of strict limitations and, more importantly, undermined by the digital lock provisions. The effect of the digital lock provisions is to render these rights virtually meaningless in the digital environment because anything that is locked down (ie. copy-controlled CD, no-copy mandate on a digital television broadcast) cannot be copied. As for every day activities like transferring a DVD to your iPod - those are infringing too. Indeed, the law makes it an infringement to circumvent the locks for these purposes.

2. The digital lock provisions are worse than the DMCA. Yes - worse. The law creates a blanket prohibition on circumvention with very limited exceptions and creates a ban against distributing the tools that can be used to circumvent. While Prentice could have adopted a more balanced approach (as New Zealand and Canada's Bill C-60 did), the effect of these provisions will be to make Canadians infringers for a host of activities that are common today including watching out-of-region-coded DVDs, copying and pasting materials from a DRM'd book, or even unlocking a cellphone. The liability for picking the digital lock is up to $20,000 per infringement.

While that is the similar to the U.S. law, the exceptions are worse. The Canadian law includes a few limited exceptions for privacy and security, yet Canadians can't actually use these exceptions since the tools needed to pick the digital lock in order to protect their privacy are banned. In other words, check the fine print again - you can protect your privacy but the tools to do so are now illegal. Dig deeper and it gets worse. Under the U.S. law, there is mandatory review process every three years to identify new exceptions. Under the Canadian law, its up to the government to introduce new exceptions if it thinks it is needed. Overall, these anti-circumvention provisions go far beyond what is needed to comply with the WIPO Internet treaties and represents an astonishing abdication of the principles of copyright balance that have guided Canadian policy for many years.

3. The other headline grabber is the $500 fine for private use infringement. This will be heralded as a reasonable compromise, but check the fine print. Canadian law already allows a court to order damages below $500 per infringement, so the change may not be as dramatic as expected. Moreover, the $500 fine may well be offset by the new sources of much larger liability as Canadians face $20,000 per infringement for transferring music from a copy-protected CD to their iPod. Finally, it is already arguably legal to download sound recordings in Canada. Under the proposal, there are exceptions for uploading or posting music online (ie. making available) and even the suggestion that posting a copyright-protected work to YouTube could result in the larger $20,000 per infringement damage award.

4. The ISP provisions are precisely as expected with a statutory notice-and-notice system. However, check the fine print. The role of the ISP may be undermined by the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, which the government trumpets in its press release.

5. The education community received several provisions that are largely gutted by the fine print. For example, library materials can be distributed in electronic form, but must not extend beyond five days. In other words, it turns librarians into locksmiths. Moreover, there is an Internet exception that educators wanted but it does not apply for any works that are either password protected or include a notification that they cannot be used. In other words, online materials that are available under a Creative Commons license are fair game (as they are already), but most everything else is still potentially subject to a restriction. This was precisely what many feared - rather than pursuing the far superior expansion of fair dealing, the education community got a provision that does little to enhance classroom learning.

I'll have more to say soon, but the takeaway is that the DMCA provisions are worse than the U.S. and the consumer exceptions riddled with limitations as the government promotes a strategy of locking down content and launching lawsuits against Internet users.

Scary times we live in. If anyone needs a sample letter to send to an MP email me and I can provide one for you.

Welcome to Facist Canada

A while back I posted about the conservative governments attempts at creating new copyright legislation based on what the United States Government wanted. They created this new legislation with no consultation to the Canadian public and based it mostly on what the US lobby groups have asked for.

For a long time it looked like they were going to repeal the legislation. Now it looks like they are trying to slip it in. This CBC article gives a good summary of the current situation.

I strongly suggest that any of you who have ever downloaded anything please write to your local MP about how bad this legislation is for Canadians. Here are some resources I got from the facebook group (which is 41000 strong).
There will be considerable work in the weeks and months ahead. The starting point, however, is to write immediately to Industry Minister Jim Prentice and your local MP to let them know that Canadians won’t be deceived by attempts to tinker with a few new consumer rights while leaving the DMCA provisions intact. A quick email or letter (no stamp needed) is all it takes:

Industry Minister Jim Prentice - Prentice.J@parl.gc.ca, Minister.Industry@ic.gc.ca

Prime Minister Stephen Harper - pm@pm.gc.ca

Finding Your Local MP - <http://www2.parl.gc.ca/Parlinfo/Compilations/HouseOfCommons/MemberByPostalCode.aspx?Menu=HOC>

More details on the government’s plans at http://www.michaelgeist.ca/content/view/2942/125/

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bringing the music back

Have you ever lost something and not realized it was gone until it came back? Since finishing university and moving downtown over a year ago I stopped using my pocket pc /mp3 player in favor of my lg chocolate phone. Now lets be clear the lg chocolate is a total piece of garbage and it's much vaunted music playing abilities were highly overrated. That combined with the fact the telus cripples all of the useful bluetooth connectivity options so you have to use their data cord means the thing is effectively useless. Eventually i stopped using it at all unless it was during a workout and even then the thing caused more trouble that it was worth, that combined with the fact that I managed to loose my mini sd port-card meant I have been stuck with the same 60 songs for the last 6 months.

All that has changed since I got my zune a week or so ago. I now am listening to music all the time rediscovering old songs I loved and new bands I have dl'ed and not had a chance to give a solid listen to.

I am in love all over again with music. So far my new favs are Shiny toy guns and Nicky Van She.

So far my experience with the zune has been really positive (I even have it running on my mac through parallels I will do a how to post a little later) i think my fav thing so far however is being able to take my music (and the latest Venture Brothers episodes along with me) everywhere.

Music how i missed you!

Since I am still participating in the marketing program and one of the components of the program is to see how conversations spread. Please go here enter this code 102 986 0048 and fill out a short survey you can get $5 donated to a charity or have a chance to win up to $500 in electronic gift certificates to Amazon (so even if you don't like marketing surveys its a great chance to get some money donated to some kick ass causes).

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


You know what I am tired of? Being told I look like I'm exhausted by people.

Yes I am tired, works been crazy.

Thank god the gay rodeo is coming up on the 27th. I can not wait for it.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Is it wrong that this turns me on a bit?

While watching episode 2 of the third season of the Venture Brothers (which is off to fantastically hilarious start) i got mildly turned on by a cartoon.
Specifically the original Doctor Venture:Hes hot tho right? I'm not a freak am I? I have heard of straight guys being turned on by Jessica Rabbit this is just the same thing, right?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


After spending today in technical support hell (spent 30 trying to get a woman to copy files from a cd over the phone, 20 min getting a woman to plug in her keyboard into a different port and other general bullshittery) I decided that I deserved to veg out tonight.
I made an awesome homemade peanut satay stirfry ate fudgescicles (yes thats plural) and watched the season premier of The Venture Brothers and episode 14 and 15 of Avatar. Both were totally fantastic and work the month and months and months I have been waiting for episodes. Amazing one liners and action.

Now the roomie and I are watching so you think you can dance.
Mission couch potatoe accomplished!

Selling out or buying in?

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a Canadian marketing company that works in viral marketing campaigns. We had discussed them a few times some of my marketing classes. It was pretty cutting edge concepts a few years ago. Basically what they do is instead of spending millions of dollars on ad campaigns they give the product to people with large social networks and influence and get them talking about the product. I admit I am a sucker for alternative/viral marketing. I find it fascinating just from a marketing theory perspective. It is pretty brilliant in fact as who doesn't want to feel like the are popular/special and talk about some free swag they got. The cool thing about the program is that you don't even have to say positive things about the product just give your honest feedback about what people are saying about it and what you think about it.

So the company contacted me through this here blog and asked if i would be interested in participating in one of the campaigns. I had a bit of a dilemma should I participate get my free swag and sell out or should I just keep trucking along as if nothing happened. My curiosity about the program and my love of free gadgets got the better of me this time.

As of last Thursday I am a proud owner of a brand spankin new 8 gig microsoft zune mp3 player.

This works out well for me as it matches my new black macbook perfectly and gives me an alternative to using the god awful itunes application. It is about the same size as an older version of the ipod nano the but the colour screen is bigger. The other bonus is i can avoid joining the ipod cult.

I am still running it through its paces and deciding what I like (integrated radio fm tuner) and what I don't like I will be giving a full review on the whole thing later in the week.

One of the components of the program is to see how conversations spread. If you go here enter this code 102 986 0048 and fill out a short survey you can get $5 donated to a charity or have a chance to win up to $500 in electronic gift certificates to Amazon (so even if you don't like marketing surveys its a great chance to get some money donated to some kick ass causes).

Monday, June 02, 2008

Not a good sign

On my way to work today I was pooped on by a bird.
This does not bode well for how this week is going to go.
It almost hit my eye.