Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bringing the music back

Have you ever lost something and not realized it was gone until it came back? Since finishing university and moving downtown over a year ago I stopped using my pocket pc /mp3 player in favor of my lg chocolate phone. Now lets be clear the lg chocolate is a total piece of garbage and it's much vaunted music playing abilities were highly overrated. That combined with the fact the telus cripples all of the useful bluetooth connectivity options so you have to use their data cord means the thing is effectively useless. Eventually i stopped using it at all unless it was during a workout and even then the thing caused more trouble that it was worth, that combined with the fact that I managed to loose my mini sd port-card meant I have been stuck with the same 60 songs for the last 6 months.

All that has changed since I got my zune a week or so ago. I now am listening to music all the time rediscovering old songs I loved and new bands I have dl'ed and not had a chance to give a solid listen to.

I am in love all over again with music. So far my new favs are Shiny toy guns and Nicky Van She.

So far my experience with the zune has been really positive (I even have it running on my mac through parallels I will do a how to post a little later) i think my fav thing so far however is being able to take my music (and the latest Venture Brothers episodes along with me) everywhere.

Music how i missed you!

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