Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My adventures out of the closet number 102

I went out for lunch with my parents 2 weeks ago right before pride. My folks asked what i was doing on the weekend and for the first time ever i was able to tell them that I would be going to the parade. They were intrigued and asking a ton of questions. Most were pretty standard until my Mom promptly stuck both here feet directly into her mouth.

We were talking about who was going to go to the parade and my Mom asked "so will there.. will there like be, you know, normal people there?"
You could tell the second the word left her lips she knew what a retarded thing she just said. Her and my Dad immediately turned bright red. She began apologizing profusely while my dad scolded her by saying that is a stupid thing that he would expect to say and she should be smarter. She asked me not to tell anyone but how could I not!??!

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Allan S. said...

Ohhhh mom. Baby steps. I'm guessing she lost her desire for dessert.