Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Selling out or buying in?

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a Canadian marketing company that works in viral marketing campaigns. We had discussed them a few times some of my marketing classes. It was pretty cutting edge concepts a few years ago. Basically what they do is instead of spending millions of dollars on ad campaigns they give the product to people with large social networks and influence and get them talking about the product. I admit I am a sucker for alternative/viral marketing. I find it fascinating just from a marketing theory perspective. It is pretty brilliant in fact as who doesn't want to feel like the are popular/special and talk about some free swag they got. The cool thing about the program is that you don't even have to say positive things about the product just give your honest feedback about what people are saying about it and what you think about it.

So the company contacted me through this here blog and asked if i would be interested in participating in one of the campaigns. I had a bit of a dilemma should I participate get my free swag and sell out or should I just keep trucking along as if nothing happened. My curiosity about the program and my love of free gadgets got the better of me this time.

As of last Thursday I am a proud owner of a brand spankin new 8 gig microsoft zune mp3 player.

This works out well for me as it matches my new black macbook perfectly and gives me an alternative to using the god awful itunes application. It is about the same size as an older version of the ipod nano the but the colour screen is bigger. The other bonus is i can avoid joining the ipod cult.

I am still running it through its paces and deciding what I like (integrated radio fm tuner) and what I don't like I will be giving a full review on the whole thing later in the week.

One of the components of the program is to see how conversations spread. If you go here enter this code 102 986 0048 and fill out a short survey you can get $5 donated to a charity or have a chance to win up to $500 in electronic gift certificates to Amazon (so even if you don't like marketing surveys its a great chance to get some money donated to some kick ass causes).


April said...

you should give you favoite cousin that. and by favoite cousin i do mean myself.

Aaron said...

LOL you already have enough shiny gadgets missy. This one if for moi!