Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Speaking about what i had shoved in my mouth today

Now i am going to stop you right now if you think this is about hot oral sex I performed today. This is actually an accounting of how it came to be that I can not perform oral sex of any kind for at least the next week or two. So zip up and continue reading or unzip and go here for hot oral action!

I had my second dentist appointment in 2 days today. Now as some of you know i have a lot of anxiety tied into the dentist. Here is a good formula for hating going to the dentist

(1 After a bad experience getting a filling+ excruciating pain + 9 year old boy+ dad having an absolute panic attack in the middle of a root canal)= 10 year moratorium on dentist visits

10 year moratorium on dentist visits= 2 bloody one hour cleaning sessions + 6 fillings

(2 bloody one hour cleaning sessions + 6 fillings) + wisdom tooth extraction that goes horribly wrong due to freezing that does not work + a near trip to hospital due to damage caused by the surgery + not being able to eat anything for almost 2 weeks= HATING going to the dentist

I kind of hate how nervous I get when I go into those dens of pain.

My appointment yesterday went well. It was with a new dentist in my building. The dentist was an old guy with an awesome bedside manner i almost immediately liked him. This in itself is strange because for the most part i feel that dentists as a species should be feared more than the love child of the Satan + Joan Rivers. They gave me some meds for my infected wisdom tooth. The meds are already working great and I can almost start opening my jaw again without pain (yay for solid food!). They suggested I come back for a cleaning since it had been 2 years since my last visit to a dentist.

The cleaning went fantastically well and they said that other than my wisdom tooth needing removal my mouth is in great shape!

Its taken almost 25 years but i finally had a good experience at the dentist.

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Allan S. said...

I've been wrapped up in life stuff lately. It was very enjoyable to come back to the world of Aaron way up north. Blog on brother!