Thursday, June 12, 2008

Welcome to Facist Canada

A while back I posted about the conservative governments attempts at creating new copyright legislation based on what the United States Government wanted. They created this new legislation with no consultation to the Canadian public and based it mostly on what the US lobby groups have asked for.

For a long time it looked like they were going to repeal the legislation. Now it looks like they are trying to slip it in. This CBC article gives a good summary of the current situation.

I strongly suggest that any of you who have ever downloaded anything please write to your local MP about how bad this legislation is for Canadians. Here are some resources I got from the facebook group (which is 41000 strong).
There will be considerable work in the weeks and months ahead. The starting point, however, is to write immediately to Industry Minister Jim Prentice and your local MP to let them know that Canadians won’t be deceived by attempts to tinker with a few new consumer rights while leaving the DMCA provisions intact. A quick email or letter (no stamp needed) is all it takes:

Industry Minister Jim Prentice -,

Prime Minister Stephen Harper -

Finding Your Local MP - <>

More details on the government’s plans at

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