Monday, June 23, 2008

Well that is a kick in the nuts

I apologize for not posting. I was waiting to get my camera back so I could post pride and Bar golf pics before i head to the gay rodeo at the end of the week. Last week work was crazy so I would have not be able to post anyway.

Pretty much all that was getting me through last week was the knowledge that the rodeo (and my one real vacation of the summer) was coming in a few days.

Then i started noticing my back tooth hurting. In the 4 days since it started to hurt it has turned into a full blown infection. It hurts almost as much as when I got two of my wisdom teeth out. I cant open my jaw much and sleeping and eating has been difficult. I managed to talk my way into a 1 pm appt with a dentist in my building this afternoon. I just want my mouth to feel better so i can be 100% for the rodeo. I hope to god they don't have to pull it out.

Expect more posts this week.

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