Thursday, July 17, 2008

Work it covergirl!

I went in to get my stomach xrays today.

Now i know how those girls in top model feel. They ask you to wear ridiculous outfits ( hospital gown that took me 10 min to figure out) and then put you into multiple hilariously uncomfortable positions and make you hold them while they take pictures.

It was pretty comical. I didn't realize i would be wearing a gown so i didn't bother to wear underwear when i went. I spent most of the time on the table attempting to make sure my bits weren't dangling out.

Ill know my results some time next week.


Allan S. said...

Sending you healing vibes. Hey, did you do the whole "smile with your eyes" trick that Tyra always teaches the girls she tortures on America's Next Top Model.?

Aaron said...

Thanks Allan! I totally forgot about that Tyra would have kicked my fuzzy ass.