Monday, August 18, 2008

Getting from point A to B

I had a friend's birthday brunch to go to across town yesterday morning. Greg and I thought it would be fun to take the edmonton street car to whyte ave. I have been meaning to take a ride on the car for a long time.

Basically we got screwed: the car didnt run till later, the store we wanted to get a gift certificate at stopped selling them and the other store did not open till much too late. One road we wanted to use to get over the river was closed and the other one was backed up because of a marathon then we could not find parking.

After that things went much smoother. We went to the fringe festival but couldn't find a show that would work with our schedual.

The fella and I had a pretty serious conversation about him moving to Edmonton. It is getting tougher and tougher on both of us when he leaves on sundays. I just worry as I don't want him quitting a job he really likes just to move closer to me.


Allan S. said...

Marcos and I did the long-distance thing for a year. I remember Sundays being really rough. Good luck to you guys in figuring out the best next step.

Joie Mayfield said...

I wish you the best. :( Long-distance relationships are very tough. Mine didn't go so well. But, it's case by case, I'm sure of it. I think you guys can do it. I'm thinking of you. :)


Aaron said...

Thanks Guys. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Greg said...

Well, you could say I really like my job in comparison to other jobs... and it definitely beats standing in the unemployment line and eating cat food.


I don't spend every day away from my job thinking about it (like I do with you)

I don't get excited halfway through the weekend, because I know I'll get to go back to my job soon (like I do with you)

At the end of the day, I don't get sad about leaving work (like I do with you)

I think I see a pattern emerging... ;)

Don't worry, when I move it'll be because I think it's the right time for both of us... and I think that time is getting closer and closer. And in the meantime, I'll just keep enjoying the time we do get to spend together.