Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Officially a fan.

I have pretty much be trying to avoid this years Olympics coverage. I really don't approve of the Chinese gov't and I think awarding them the games is the wrong message to send. It has been hard to avoid it with all the media coverage but i have been doing well so far.

That was until friday night. Thats where I saw the future Mr. Granley. His name is Dylan Armstrong. He is a Canadian shotputter and possibly the sexiest man alive. Poor guy missed a bronze medal this year by 1 cm. I have never followed shotput before but i will be now. Greg and I have decided that he can take one of the swimmers and I can take this one. Seems like a fair deal to me.


Allan S. said...

Oh wow, he's like man-candy. Dude, tonight is wrestling. I've seen some preview clips and pics. It's going to be awesome.

I want an Olympian for Christmas. Marcos, better start saving up.

Greg said...

Glad to see you found some good pics of him... I was trying to show some to a couple friends and all I could find were grunty-face pics of him about to throw a shot-put like this one here

Neither of them could figure out why you were attracted to him... :oP

Joie Mayfield said...

He really was sexy. I've seen a bunch of man-candy this time around... I love the slow motion shots of men's running. ;)

MySecretSelf said...

I was avoiding the Olympics too for many reasons, mostly because I hate sports.
But, the whole switching out the child during the opening ceremony was pretty sick I thought. Just because she wasn't pretty enough.