Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Things Fall apart...

I am still feeling pretty gross. In fact sleeping last night sucked hardcore.

I got some news yesterday when i got home from work. Ryan my roomie just found out he has a job interview in Calgary for teaching on thursday. If that goes well Ryan will be moving out of the condo on the weekend. Part of me wants to be happy for him finding a job but there is another part of me that wants him to stay.

Not only will I be loosing a great roomate. But him leaving will financially cripple me as I wont be able to replace him anytime soon with someone I can trust to live with. I may get a part time job that I already don't have time for to deal with that tho.

The big fear for me is that I will be loosing my best friend and social coordinator. I think we have a pretty good/fun life here and all that will go when he leaves. Mostly because if he leaves it wont be for 6 months it will likley be forever. In many ways ryan is like a hubby, we live together nag and argue with eachother and have no sex (sounds like marriage to me).

I know nothing good lasts forever but i was hoping it would last a little longer at least.


Allan S. said...

Oh man dude...last few days have been sucking big time. Keep the faith and keep on keeping on.

April said...

awwwe Aaron if i wasn't preggo I would definatley move in with you