Thursday, September 11, 2008

Accessing a smb XP network share with leopard 10.5.2 error code 6602

So yesterday afternoon i attempted to access one of my work computer's shared drive from my mac. I had been able to do this no problem for two months now. A few clicks and the network drive mounts on my mac.

Yesterday however when i tried to load the share I got unexpected error 6602 from my mac saying basically it could not connect to the server share. Now random error code's are rare (for me at least) on macs so i started doing some research. Apparently a lot of people are having the same problem accessing SMB shares from the OSX. I tried the various workarounds posted and none of them worked at all.

Then i remembered that I had installed norton (symantec) ghost on my xp system yesterday while trying to create a bootable backup thumbdrive. I figured symantec being the peice of shit company that they are had something to do with the random loss of share access.

I did a system restore to Monday and voila! My shares are fully accessible. Now I am not sure how many people with will help but I know if fixed my problems
Fuck you symantec!


Greg said...

I really need to find a "Fuck You, Symantec!" tee shirt...

Greg said...

Actually, that reminds me of the Chronicles of George. I hope he's still working on that anti-Norton virus from the first page!

or.saeros said...

Macs rule, windows drool!!