Monday, September 22, 2008

Blah blah blah

Sorry I have not been posting here is an update in point form:
  • The conservatives are buying another Canadian election and that terrifies me.
  • Work has been less painful (may have a new software version by the end of the week which makes me very happy).
  • I have started drawing again (i have not done hand drawing in what seems like years) I am very out of practice.
  • I am trying hard to be motivated about something, anything at this point and am finding it very hard.
  • Its even my birthday on the 29th and I am not that excited. Last year I had a massive party and it was a great time. This year it seems that most people are going to be out of town for it. I think a more low key affair is appropriate at this point.
  • I think i am going to turn Ryan's room into a work out room/zen meditation room rather than buy a gym membership.
  • My car is still broken, I am going to see how long i can put off fixing it at least until i get some birthday money.
  • I have not been sleeping well these last few weeks and it is starting to wear me down.


Luis Blasini said...

Hey, Aaron - been secretly reading your blog for some time - thought I'd finally say hello.



Aaron said...

Thanks for the comment Luis