Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The concert was fantastic. Not only did Bloc Party play but my fav dance band Edmonton's own Shout out out out out opened as a surprise guest (i would have paid 30 bucks just to see them live).
Both groups played some wicked new stuff.
The lead singer for Bloc party was cheeky charismatic and spot on with his vocals (despite the edmonton events center's shitty sound system). He even went along with it when a random guy stormed the stage and sang the chorus with him b4 he was tackled by security.

The night was exactly what i needed. Very cathartic to just get out there and rock out. All the tension i had from work and shit the last 2 weeks is gone. I feel refreshed and energized.

I was at the rail in front of the stage to the left and it was way too packed to get a good picture in the throbbing dancing moshing crowd. Since my pictures turned out like crap here are some video clips from last nights concert. Both are of new Shout out out out out songs.


Allan S. said...

See how cute your life is. A few post back I was concerned for you. Party on papito.

Simon Thibault said...

playlist? i'm seeing them on sunday.