Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ch ch ch changes

Ryan got the job on friday at about 4. I was already at the western Canadian Pride campout (which was a fantastic but mildly chilly time, pictures to come soon). By the time i was home on Monday he was already moved out (well sorta as he still hast ons of stuff around).

I have never lived alone before so this is going to be an interesting experience for sure. The place is gonna be very quiet and boring I am thinking. This all happened so fast.

I have decided to put off finding a new roomate till after xmas. I wanna see how the whole living on my own thing goes for a while.


Anonymous said...

living on your own can be a very liberating experience.. but you are right in saying that it is going to be boring and lonely at times.
i would recommend always having something turned on.. tv, radio anything that creates noise to give the illusion of someone else there.
However if you start talking to yourself or to inanimate objects... thats when its time to find a roomie.. and dont listen to the DVD player he always lies...


Torrie said...

If things get to boring, you can always call me and we can have a showcase night

Your Boss said...

why are you updating your blog on the job... GET TO WORK!

Allan S. said...

I think that is a very smart way to go. I've done it myself and found it to be a learning experience. You can learn a lot about yourself.

BTW, what is a showcase night? Sounds like it involves drinking.

Aaron said...

Thanks everyone for the comments.

Allan Showcase is a channel here in Canada that shows racy explicit shows and movies on friday nights. We play a game where for every womans nipple you you see you have one drink. Assess are one drink. Genetailia is 2 drinks. There are some shows where you can get pissed just watching the opening credits.

Your Boss, the only thing funnier than you thinking that my Bosses know what a blog is, is that you think they would be able to find this one.

Additionally since I am the one who wrote up our policies relating to net use, blogging is allowed during break periods. I could be like some people I know and troll news stories all day to amuse myself or like the guy i replaced watch episodes of sopranos all day.

Allan S. said...

Booze and soft-porn. You see Aaron, you and I can hang.