Sunday, September 07, 2008

Thank god for editors

So my interview in Gay Calgary & Edmonton magazine is out online. The interviewer did a fantastic job of cleaning up my rambling. Here is an excerpt
It was a long time coming. After years of having nary a bear-related group or event in Edmonton, ... put things into motion to create a night out for furry men of Alberta. In March 2008, the first Beef Bear Bash took place at Boots Bar and Lounge, and it has been smooth sailing ever since.

“We were at Boots complaining how nobody comes out, everyone in Edmonton seems to stay home. Everywhere else in Canada seems to have bear events, including smaller cities, so we decided to have our own,” recalled Granley. “We were totally elated that people showed up, and the feedback we got was so amazing. People were asking why it had taken so long for it to happen. It was... Continue to full article
I am so happy with the way it turned out. This next BEEF party is going to be huge. We are looking at getting the bar to capacity (270) for the first time all year. Also check out the beefy stud on the cover that is my co-organizer Daren.


Anonymous said...

the article turned out great...
nice undies too by the way


Dave said...

Aaron, that article is awesome! Way to go!!!

(Now if only I lived a little closer to Edmonton, I would be able to actually check out one of these events, hehe) ;-)

Torrie said...

Congrats, the article looked good