Wednesday, September 24, 2008

You get back what you put out...

I feel bad for gay conservatives. It seems much more an issue in the US but we should not forget that the Harper government here in Canada is no friend to the glbt community (or to women, artists or immigrants for that matter). I feel that claims of log cabin republicans and other conservative gay groups that sexuality only makes up a small part of their personal politics is complete and utter bullshit. Because of the way society is set up being gay is as much political as it is sexual. To say otherwise is to stick your head in the ground ass up and wait to be fucked like a party bottom at pride by mainstream society.

I can see why being conservative is alluring to many gays. To be conservative in many ways is a fight for the status quo, for normalcy. Being normal and fitting is almost hardwired into the human brain. Of course to those of us attracted by the siren call of traditionalism are usually the ones that cant find that sense of normalcy in the gltb community. These are also in my mind the people that talk disparagingly about feminine guys and transgendered individuals.

Is is some sort of self loathing? A need to be better than others to prevent yourself from being a victim? Or just plain ignorance to the reality around us? I don't know and i doubt I ever will.

I bring this all up becuase of the growing scandal surrounding Toronto conservative candidate Chris Reid. For those of you who don't know about the story, Chris was forced to resign his candidacy after some really offensive remarks were recovered from his blog (click here for a the full story).

I have unfortunately had contact numerous times with Chris through a few political facebook groups. Rest assured the quotes in the article are not even his most offensive work. You see Chris is one of the sad trolls that hops from group to group (usually pro gay or anti conservative groups) to explain to everyone in the most condescending inflammatory way possible that ultra conservatism will be what saves the gays.

Chis is whats called ironically enough a "flamer (see item number 2 in the definition)". I almost doubt he is actually gay but more likely a conservative robot (conbot) sent from the a fascist future. You know the kind that spouts off misquoted facts from studies that do not exist or were not peer reviewed in order to prove his point. Chis is fantastically good at being a flamer (which is really what the conservatives are great at) and that's changing a political non-partisan debate into an argument about right and left policies.

Despite all of this I do feel bad for Chris in a way. I don't think a conbot like him will every be happy with himself or find acceptance anywhere truly until he realizes that the normalcy he is looking for will never be found in the grounds of conservatism. Maybe in another 50 years what he is searing for will be possible. Until that time however if your gay i can't see how you can be anything other than a radical, a liberal or an agent of change.

I think while we have had it better than we ever had the gay community is quickly forgetting the fight it took to get us here. Take Chris as an example, dont be a flamer be an activist for yourself and your community.

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