Thursday, October 23, 2008

Find Daltyn

I received this email today. I briefly met Daltyn this summer and marveled at his budget barbie trailer.

On Monday morning, Oct 20th, at 8:02, my friend DALTYN called his office from home to say that he was heading downtown to pick up a copy of his Teaching Certificate from Alberta Education located at 10044 108 Street and that
he would be right in to work afterwards. He never made it to AB Ed and has not been seen since then. Daltyns' vehicle is also missing. It is a BRIGHT YELLOW FORD ESCAPE SUV , Alberta Lic Plate BAB 737. It has a
rainbow cowboy on the back windshield and a little yellow happy ball cowboy ball on the antenna. The police are investigating his disappearance and has stated that if they do not find Daltyn within the first 48 hours, any chances of finding him are slim. They do suspect foul play. The police have a Canada wide all points bulletin on
his vehicle.
Our only chance of aiding this investigation is finding Daltyn's vehicle. At least it would be a start in locating him or the animals who did something to him. Please ask people to keep an eye out for his vehicle. Should anyone locate the vehicle, DO NOT APPROACH, BUT DIAL 911. I would hate to have yet someone else put themselves in harms way.
Please, if you could check the streets, alleys, parking lots, parkades, that you come across in your travels. Some people have even suggested that his vehicle could already be outside of Alberta. Also, if you could please pass this email on to everyone you know. The more eyes looking for this vehicle, the better!
Thank you for any assistance you can provide for all of Daltyns friends who miss him and are hoping for his safe return to us.

Lori Sitar
If any of my albertan readers know anything or see anything please contact the police as soon as possible.

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