Friday, October 03, 2008

The Macbook Brick mystery

Since very other apple fanboy has been throwing around his opinions in regards to the teasing clues about the new macbooks being all about the "brick".

These hints have been dealt out by one of my fav apple blogs 9to5mac.

Clue number 1. MacBook update event in a few weeks 'all about the Brick'
Clue number 2. This picture featuring a laser:

Clue number 3. A picture of a solid brick of aluminum.
So there are like a million rumors floating around about wireless docks, wireless power and all sorts of other nonsense. Unfortunately the solution to the riddle is much simpler. The new macbook chassis will be etched out of a solid single piece of aluminum eliminating seems screws and a whole bunch of waste and will possibly feature laser etching customization.

Just my prediction.

I think this makes me a tragic fanboy.

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